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partner disengagement


    bharti airtel's requirement with respect Partner Disengegement. In cases where seperation becomes inevitable a structured approach is followed to ensure the smooth transitioning.

  • types of disengagement
  • Disengagements are classified based on the nature of separation

    • Permanent or Temporary
    • Phased or Immediate

  • permanent disengagement
  • The business relationships is terminated permanently for reasons such as code of conduct violations, Partner bankruptcy and Partner discontinuing their bussiness.

  • temporary disengagement
  • The relationship is disengaged on a temporary basis for reasons arising out of Partner performance where the partner may be inducted again in the future.

  • phased disengagement
  • The partners are disengaged in a phased manner when Partner want to discontinue the bussiness with bharti airtel or based on Partner rationalisation decisions.

  • immediete disengagement
  • Partner are disengaged immediately due to reasons such as code of conduct violations. All bussiness relations will be terminated with immedeite effect in such cases.

  • guidelines for disengagement

  • reasons


      Integrity or Ethical Practice of Partner. Permanent - Immediate  
      Business Code of Conduct Violations. Permanent - Immediate  
      Partner Rationalization. Permanent - Phased  
      Partner Not Interested in Business Relations with bharti airtel. Permanent - Phased  
      Partner Performance Issues. Temporary - Immediate  
      Partner Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Ownership Transfer, Joint Venture Permanent - Phased  


  • decision matrix
  • Based on the category of the Partner, the disengagement recommendation is approved as per the matrix below.

    partner category

    decision By

      Startegic Partners Chairman/President  
      Partners Supply Chain Council  


  • partner rationalization
  • As a first mover in the field, bharti airtel has made multiple short term relationships with large number of partners for the rollout of its operation. This has lead to the exceptionally large partner base impacting both partners and bharti airtel. As a part of its supply chain philosophy, bharti airtel is committed to long term relationships with a few strategic partners, which is the driving force behind the partner rationalization program within bharti airtel.

    Major responsibility for the rationalization would be with the Costing and the Pricing team. Partner deselected based on the rationalization plan would follow the Permanent - Phased model of disengagement to ensure smooth transition of business.