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partner performance management


    bharti airtel's requirement with respect to Partner Performance Management. Partner performance is a key factor in bharti airtel's performance and ability to satisfy its customers. Partner's performance would determine to a large extent their future business relationship with bharti airtel.

    The partner's performance management is carried in two methods:

    • Partner Score Card
    • Partner Audit

  • partner score card
  • bharti airtel will issue a six monthly Partner Score Card to selected partners. This score card will provide feedback to the partner about their performance in the following areas Quality

    • Quality Status at Receipt
    • Quality Status during installation
    • Quality status post Installation
    • Life of item, product or service

    • On-time-in-full (OTIF) deliveries against the released schedules / PO's
    • Consistent adherence to schedules / PO's
    • Timely support during exigencies and requirements fluctuations

    continuous improvement
    • Development of technology (Time-to-market & Go to market approach)
    • Innovation & New Technology (Asses R&D capabilities by Value Enhancement, Innovative items, products or services & Commitment in R&D)
    • Responsiveness (Response for meeting challenges, speed of response & flexibility)
    • Competitive Advantage (Best market prices offer)

    system & processes
    • Innovative business Model
    • Improvement focus
    • Regulatory Compliances
    • Quality Certifications

    On a periodic basis, bharti airtel would also provide feedback on these additional areas:

    • Price: comparison to market, deflation
    • Lead time: comparison to market, responsiveness to schedule

    Partners who consistently have poor performance could be notified of bharti airtel's intention to re-evaluate the partner and potentially place the partner on a "conditional" status until performance improvement is demonstrated. Partners would be required to provide a documented action plan for corrective action. Failure to improve performance within the time required by bharti airtel would lead to a partner's ineligibility to quote new business, removal from bharti airtel's approved partner list, and/or being resourced on their current business.

    bharti airtel expects that the partners would incorporate the partner score card into their customer satisfaction and management review processes


    action guidelines

    Monitor performance towards sustenance  
    Partners to present the improvement plan to bharti airtel  
    No new Business
    Partner’s audit to be done
    Supply Chain council decides the course of action


    Suspend all Businesses for a period decided by the subject matter expert
    Once supply chain team is convinced on the improvement done by the partner, Partner needs to start from the registration process again

  • partner audit
  • This process checks the effectiveness and compliance of systems & processes running at the partner's premises. The process would be carried out by supply chain team with help from functional users (technical aspects) and governance team.

    Partners shall carry out self assessment audit as per the form provided and submit it to bharti airtel. Supply Chain team would make an audit calendar and circulate it to all concerned functions and partners.

    A particular Audit could also be triggered by

    • Drastic drop in score card rating
    • Gradual deterioration of score card rating

    The audit panel would have representation from Supply Chain, Business Excellence and relevant functions. Partner Audit Form (PAF), refer annexure, would be used for conducting an audit.

    An audit would cover the following areas

    Management Systems

    • Management reviews
    • Change management
    • Labor management
    • Environment, health and Safety management systems

    Quality System

    • Compliance to quality certifications
    • Technical documentation
    • Management of equipments - calibration
    • Incoming quality control
    • In process control
    • Change control mechanism
    • Failure Mode Effect Analysis(FMEA) for process and design
    • Implementation of preventive and corrective action mechanism
    • Change Management
    • Rejection Control Mechanism

    Production Capability

    • Factory infrastructure, layout and location
    • Equipment machinery
    • Production Planning
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Spare parts Management
    • Partner's Management
    • Inventory Control
    • Warehouse management
    • Identification and traceability

    Research and Development

    • Innovation
    • Design capability
    • Design Structure
    • Financial back up for R&D
    • Training

    The audit score and findings would be tabulated by the audit team. Key findings of the audit and summary report would be discussed with the partner's management team. The partners shall submit a time bound action plan for areas of improvement and report completion of the improvement activities. bharti airtel could decide for a follow-up audit to check compliance level of the actions as per its discretion.

  • contract review process
  • This process is applicable to all regular supply items. The contracts for such items would be reviewed by a forum consisting of members from bharti airtel (Heads of Supply chain Governance Head, Costing & Pricing, Partner Approval and User Owner) along-with the Partner.

    The list of contracts selected would be send in advance to the panel members who would meet once a month to review

    • Achievements during the period
    • Delivery against the agreements
    • Service levels against the contract
    • Score Card and Audit Scores if applicable
    • Status against previous minutes of meeting
    • How to enhance the value
    • Highligh issues

    The proceedings of the meeting would be recorded and monitored by the governance team. In case an issue is not resolved in two meetings, it would be escalated to the relevant functional director.