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    bharti airtel's requirements with respect to planning, scheduling, and execution. When a contract or purchase order is executed between bharti airtel and a partner, one of the obligations of the partner is to provide the ordered products or services when agreed upon, as defined in the purchase order.

  • planning
  • Planning for items/services is done at different time horizons

    • Long Term Planning
    • Annual Planning
    • Quarterly / Monthly Planning
    • Daily Planning

  • long term planning
  • The time horizon is three years and it is strategic in nature. Strategic / privileged partners would be a part of the planning process and the long term plans would be communicated to all partners. These plans would help partners to align their vision and business model with bharti airtel and covers areas of business model, market drivers, supply chain alignment, technology and emerging trends

  • annual planning
  • The time horizon is one year and it is tactical in nature. Strategic / privileged partners would be a part of the planning process and the Annual plans would be communicated to all partners. These plans would help partners to provide for resources in their business plan to support the requirements of bharti airtel.

  • quarterly/monthly planning
  • Quarterly / Monthly plans are operational in nature. The plans would cover tentative requirement of a quarter and confirmed requirements for a shorter period of time (generally a month). These plans would include inventory levels, demand forecast and replenishment requirements. These plans would help partners to plan their operations.

  • daily planning
  • Daily plans are at the execution level and would capture changes in the earlier planning cycles. Partners need to adhere to the daily plans and make adjustment to their long term / short term plans as per the changes communicated from time to time.

  • scheduling
  • bharti airtel's Purchase Orders (PO's) and Schedules are formal communications mechanism for requesting products and/or services from partners. PO's and schedules are legally binding documents. Partners who perform services based only on a verbal commitment put themselves at risk of non-acceptance and/or non-payment.

  • schedule / po release
  • bharti airtel's purchase orders / schedules for products and/or services permit the unrestricted release of material for specified periods of time at agreed upon prices and quantities. Information printed includes

    • Contract reference on all terms and conditions including the price
    • Quantity required
    • Required Delivery Date
    • Delivery Place and address Partners are required to adhere to the schedules which forms a part of partners performance score card.

  • partner acknowledgement
  • Upon receipt of any purchasing document from bharti airtel (PO, Schedules etc.), it is the partner's responsibility to ensure that it accurately reflects all of the terms and conditions that were agreed to during negotiations. In the event that a discrepancy is discovered, the partner must immediately notify the SCM team member. Delivery against a PO / Schedule shall constitute acceptance of the PO and its attachments.

  • execution
  • The partner shall execute the schedule / PO as per the requirements and conditions mentioned therein.

  • imports
  • It is mandatory for overseas partners to submit the following documents required by statutory agencied
    Performa Invoice - A replica of actual Invoice, required for Custom clearance and by other licensing agencies.

    Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)
    In-transit visibility of consignment. An ASN shall have the following

    • Ref. of the Schedule / PO
    • Item number, name, schedule date and quantity
    • Actual date and quantity
    • Date of actual shipment
    • Transporter details
    • Port of shipment and arrival
    • Expected date of arrival
    • Packing List

  • physical shipment
  • The Purchase order is the main document that will indicate any specific requirements related to packaging, preparation such as labeling, and shipping, including the use of bharti airtel's logistics & warehousing partners. Any conflicts to this must be brought up to the supply chain representative for resolution.

    Key success factors to achieve operational excellence

    • Compliance to all terms and conditions
    • Synchronization between planning, scheduling and execution processes
    • Defect free execution
    • Speed
    • Collaborative approach