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partner relationship management


    bharti airtel's requirements with respect to Partner Relationship Management. bharti airtel partner engagement strategies focus on selecting the most capable partners worldwide and continuously working with them to enhance their capabilities of providing conforming goods or services, on time. The fundamental criterion for selecting and developing a long-term relationship with our partners is Best Value. Best Value applies not only to product cost, but also to costs and risks of acquisition and materials handling. Best Value, therefore includes the partner's service level, contribution to initiatives, and conformance to quality on all the requirements outlined in this manual.

    bharti airtel's PRM Process comprises of the following steps

    • Categorization
    • Rewards & recognition
    • Satisfaction level
    • Communication
    • Grievances

  • categorization
  • Partner categorization is done on the following parameters

    • Business Size
    • Business Impact
    • Business Model
    • Type of product/item/service
    • Type of Technology & Domain knowledge
    • Performance status

    Partner Categories are

    • Privileged Partners - Registered, Approved, have contracts, currently supplying and Delight us on every aspect of business engagement.
    • Preferred Partners - Registered, Approved, Have contracts, supplying with satisfactory performance
    • Present Partners - Registered, Approved, Have contracts and currently supplying
    • Potential Partners - Registered & Approved but no contract with them

    Partner categorization is decided by the panel of experts from costing and pricing vertical
    of SCM function. Based on the category type, following privileges are given to partners


    privileged partners
    preferred partners present partners
    potential partner
    Strategic Partner
    Strategic Partnership can done --- --- ---
    airtel Facilities for Partners
    Office space, Canteen, Parking --- --- ---
    Risk Sharing --- --- ---
    Max. 5% of the buying within a fiscal and recovery in 12 equal installments requirement justification --- ---
    Engagement Meetings
    High Medium Need Based ---
      New Business opportunities Preferred


    Considered over potential Considered over non registered

  • rewards and recognition
  • Consistent performance is the basis for rewarding and recognising Partners. The reward and recognition criteraia is partner performance score card. The performance is analysed for different partner categories.

  • paramters
  • The list of paramters and their weightages are


    ranking parameters

      1 Cost 25
      2 Quality 15
      3 Delivery 15
      4 Development / Innovation / New Technology 10
      5 After Sales service / SLA 15
      6 Responsiveness / Flexibility 10
      7 BACKWARD Compatibility / Scalability 5
      8 Systems and Processes 5

  • differentiators
  • Key differentiators for the parameters are



    key differentiators
      1 Cost Beating Inflation  
    Alternate Sourcing
    Value Engineering
    Continuous Cost Reduction Y-on-Y
      2 Quality Minimum Failure on Receipt  
    No infant Failure
    First time Acceptance
    Quality Certification
    Consistent Quality in long run
    Quality Culture initiatives
    Minimum Outage
    Eco Friendliness
      3 Delivery On Time, as required  
    Handling Challenges
    Delivery in Exigency
      4 Development / Innovation / New Technology Value Engineering  
    Time to Market
    Competitive advantage
    Value for Money / Value Added
    Focus on R & D
    Additional Revenue Stream
    Go to Market
      5 After Sales service / SLA No Outage  
    Spares Availability
    Meeting TAT
    Preventive Maintenance
    Response Time
    Resolution within SLA
    Detect-ability of the defects - online monitoring
    24 X 7 Support
      6 Responsiveness / Flexibility Meeting Challenges  
    Speed of Response
    Willingness to raise the bar
    Understanding Customer needs
      7 BACKWARD Compatibility / Scalability Product Life Cycle - integration with Technology  
    Timely Investments
    Breadth & Depth
    Alignment with airtel 's Strategy
      8 Systems and Processes Proactive Regulatory Compliance  
    Innovative Business Models implementation
    Improvement Focus

    Partners are selected based on the following criterias

    • Covers all major categories
    • Major share of business in the category

    The scoring of each partner is carried by a evaluation team consisting of key users. Scores are compiled and ranking is carried out.

  • award categories
  • The award categories are dynamic and primarily depend on airtel's Key thrust areas for the fiscal.

    • Product
    • Services
    • Special

  • award announcement
  • Awards are announced and presented during the annual partnership meets. Consistent & good performers are recognized whereas bad performances are warned and punitive actions taken, as required, from time to time.

  • partner satisfaction
  • Partner Satisfaction is considered as important tool by bharti airtel to improve and further develop its internal processes and external processes with partners in the supply chain network. Partner Satisfaction is considered

    • As an element of supply chain management including partnership, supply management and collaboration, quality management and reverse marketing
    • As an analogical element with customer satisfaction including marketing research
    • As analogical approach with 360° methodology

    In order to obtain an unbiased feedback, the surveys is conducted by an independent external agency. Survey parameters are jointly decided by partner approval team and the agency. These surveys are conducted once a year for selected Partners.

    The confidentiality of the survey data is maintained by the agency and is not disclosed to bharti airtel.

    The outcome of the survey would include

    • Area of improvements
    • Internal Benchmarks
    • Competition Benchmarking
    • Best Practices

    The results and feedback received from the partner satisfaction survey would be used to improve partner engagement processes at all levels of the organization. Partner touch-points would also be given feedbacks on their interaction & support effectiveness.

  • partner grievances
  • bharti airtel recognizes Partners as one of the key stakeholders of its business and hence it is important to address their grievances in transparent and structured manner. Issues related to ethics and integrity are handled by Ombudsman Process as per the bharti airtel Code of Conduct policy.

    All other grievances are monitored, reviewed and resolved by Supply Chain Council. This council comprises of senior members of the supply chain function.

    Partner identity is kept confidential in case of sensitive grievances like integrity issues.

  • types of grievances
  • Grievences are broadly classified in the following catagories

    • Payments
    • Dispute/Disagreement in bussiness
    • Unethical/Integrity/Code of Conduct violations

    There are different channels through which Partners can register their grievances

    • Partner Portal (to be activated soon)
    • E-mails to helpdesk

    Overview of Partner grievances handling process is given below

      partner grievance handling stages


      Partner registers grievance through available channels


      Receive the grievance and forward to respective teams.


      Analysis on the grievance and come out with action plan. Implementation of the action plan.


      Partners are communicated with action taken



  • partner communication
  • This section outlines bharti airtel requirements with respect to Partner Communication. bharti airtel believes that Communiaction is the nerve line for any partnership and focuses on establishing a transparent, two-way and trusting relationship with all partners.

    Communication with partners is done at different levels

    • Functional Directors - Conceptualization of requirement, delivery timing and KPI's
    • User Owner - Delivery as per specification, timeline and usage requirement
    • Supply Chain Team - Commercial and Contractual Agreements
    • Governance Team - Code of Conduct, Contractal Obligations and Ethical Issues

    Three types of communications are considered

    • Strategic
    • Operational
    • Need Based