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partner selection


    bharti airtel's requirement with respect to evaluating and selecting partners that would be used to supply product and services. Before approving a partner, or ordering products or services, the partner would be evaluated on their ability to meet contract and quality system requirements.

    Partner selection is a seven step process comprising of

    • Partner Identification
    • Request for Information (RFI)
    • Request for quotation (RFQ)
    • Partner Evaluation
    • Sample Evaluation
    • Negotiations
    • Award of Business

    A partner may not require to go through all the seven steps depending on the nature of items/products/services and business needs. This decision is solely rests with the bharti airtel.  

  • partner identification
  • The process starts with receiving the business need from the functions. Based on the requirement, the proposed partners are selected from bharti airtel's partner base. The list is then scrutinized and short listing done by an evaluation team consisting of user owner, supply chain subject matter experts and members from business divisions.

    Exclusion: bharti airtel does not recognize any liasoning agent as partner. Distributors or authorized dealers of the manufacturers are recognized only if the manufacturers recommend them.

  • request for information (RFI)
  • RFI form would be send to short-listed partners, only if

    • Partner is new and item is new
    • Partner is new and item is existing
    • Partner is existing and item is new

      Partners should submit the filled-in RFI within the stipulated time period to be considered for the business opportunity. The RFI's received are analyzed by evaluation team consisting of user owner and supply chain subject matter experts.

      RFI would requires information on the following areas
    • Capability to meet demand
    • Technology/product specifications
    • Certifications/ statutory requirements
    • Systems- Quality, production , sub contracting
    • Product differentiators
    • Product Innovations
    • Facilities - R&D, testing, warehousing, logistics
    • After sales support

  • request for quotation (RFQ)
  • RFQ would be send to all short-listed Partners for getting a technical and commercial offer. Contents of RFQ



      Financials Quality System Certifications  
      Production Capacity Installation Failure Rate  
      Logistics Warranty Failure Rate  
      Geographic Locations    
      Plant and Equipment    



      Delivery Performance Compliance to Specification  
    Delivery Lead Times
    Scalability and Modularity  
    Adherence to Transactional Systems of bharti airtel
    Redundancy and Reliability  
      Price variance  Warranty/AMC terms   
      Low-Cost Sourcing SLA (Uptime/Downtime)  
    Response Time  
    Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
    Resolution Time  
        Service Locations  
        Preventative Maintenance  
    terms and conditions
    innovation and r&d  
      Payment Terms  Percentage of Revenue invested in innovation  
    Statutory Terms
    Percentage of Revenue invested in R&D  
    Commercial T&C

  • RFQ evaluation mechanism
  • RFQ responses would be evaluated based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) framework which considers all aspects of service, quality, delivery, terms and conditions, technology and price. The selected list of partners would then be released by the evaluation team.

  • partner evaluation
  • This process evaluates partners in line with bharti airtel's requirements of capability, competency, culture and compliance. Partner Evaluation would be done by . Meeting with Partner Management . Visit to Operations . Verification of Credentials submitted Any one or more than one of the above can be adopted for the evaluation based on the business needs.

  • sample evaluation
  • Sample evaluation would be done using the following criteria

    • Compliance to specifications
    • Functionality tests
    • Product or item performance
    • Factory test reports
    • Certifications

    Partners need to send the samples as well as supporting documents, as per the RFQ. The outcome of sample evaluation is one of the key factors for final partner selection.

  • negotiation

  •   Three types of negotiation methods are normally practiced
    • In-Person Negotiation
    • e-Sourcing (reverse auction)
    • Sealed Bids / Tenders

    The type of negotiation method to be adopted would be solely decided by bharti airtel.

  • in-person negotiation
    • Two or more members from bharti airtel would participate
    • Partners' team should includes key decision making representatives
    • bharti airtel would record the negotiations details for future reference.

  • e-sourcing(reverse auction)
    • Negotiation through interactive web portal
    • Name of partners participating would be kept confidential.
    • Decision would be based on cost ranking only.

  • tendering/sealed bids
    • Closed bids / tenders would be used for one-time non-iterative quotes.
    • Confidentiality would be maintained on quotes

  • award of business
  • Business would be awarded through the issue of contract for regular requirements or purchase orders for one time requirements. The contracts would state Item / service, specifications, terms and conditions, price and validity. It is the partner's responsibility to ensure that the contract accurately reflects all of the terms and conditions that were agreed to during negotiations. In the event that a discrepancy is discovered, the partner must immediately notify the SCM team member. Contracts would be classified based geographical supply scope

    • International
    • National
    • Regional
    • State

    bharti airtel has the following policy for number of partners & business share.


    present partners

    recommended share

      2 nos. 67 % & 33%  
      3 nos. 60% , 30% & 10%  

    empanelled partners*
    6~8 nos.

    *Empanelled partners consist of both the typers -- registered and existing

    Exceptions could be based on the following factors
    • Category requires national, international, zonal, circle or city specific partners
    • Peak Business needs cannot be fulfilled by the above numbers
    • Sufficient Partners are not there in the requirement category
    • Business compulsions
    The exceptions would be approved in advance by the Partner Approval team.

    Potential partners who are awarded business would be referred to as "Present Partners", would have a permanent partner code and would be entitled to
    • Business from bharti airtel, as per Share of Business
    • Addition in bharti airtel's approved partners list
    • Complete access rights in partners portal

  • share of business norms
  • The share of business would be reviewed along-with the contract every year. It would also be reviewed whenever there is addition / deletion of a partner. The overall performance of the partners which would be reviewed half yearly would also be considered for deciding the share of business from time to time at the sole discretion of bharti airtel.

    Change of share of business could also arise out of any of the following constraints

    • Capacity or Quality
    • Distribution costs

    Items having regional contracts like pantry, stationary, consumable etc. would not be consolidated at the national level.

  • approval life
  • Approval life would be determined by the following processes covered in the later sections of this manual

    • Partner Performance
    • Partner Audit feedback
    • Disengagements

    • To maintain an active approved status, a partner must
    • Update the profiles once every year
    • Have Good Performance Score
    • Respond to improvement and development action plans as per the audit score card.

    In cases where the partner is de-listed, the partner needs to undergo the complete registration and evaluation process again to be considered for business opportunities with bharti airtel.

    All these processes have specific timelines in which they need to be completed and adherence to these timelines is mandatory from all the stakeholders involved.