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    • user registration

      steps to create a new user:
      • If you receive an invitation from bharti, then respond to the invitation providing user profile information, such as name and contact details), or forward the invitation to another user in your company.
      • The user who responds can change any of the details except the name of the supplier company for whom he or she is registering.
      • If your buying company has multiple definitions for the same supplier, or if a supplier has multiple subsidiaries, your buying company may give you access to view information for multiple supplier definitions.
      • A bharti administrator will approve or reject the user's registration.
      • The user receives notification of the buyer administrator's actions. The notification includes the URL at which the user can access the network, plus any additional information such as the username and a system-generated password needed for initial login. (The user will be prompted to change this password after first login.)
      • If the buying company chooses to register a new user account directly, the user will receive an e-mail notification with the URL, username, and system-generated password. If additional people in your company need access to bharti Supplier Portal, they should contact the bharti administrator to request additional accounts.

    • how to view and respond to notifications:
      • Click on the linked subject to open the Notification Details page. This page provides complete notification details, as well as the appropriate action button.
      • After you select an action, the Notifications Summary page displays:
        You can continue to respond to any additional notifications you have.
        You can continue working by clicking any of the tabs

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