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   introduction to supply chain management
bharti airtel understands the importance of partners to remain competitive in a dynamic business environment. As a step in that direction, the Supply Chain (SCM) function has been created with a mandate to develop partner relationships to maximize mutual opportunities for growth and profitability. The SCM organization has a central core team of supply chain subject mater experts and execution teams operating under different business divisions across the country.

supply chain philosophy
At the center of bharti airtel's Supply Chain Philosophy is partnership and collaboration. The Supply Chain characteristics have therefore been defined using the same approach, shown in the table below.

Supply Chain Characteristics bharti airtel Approach
  Number & Structure Fewer; Clustered  
  Procurement personnel Limited  
  Outsourcing Strategic  
  Nature of Interactions Cooperative, positive-sum  
  Relationship focus Mutually-beneficial  
  Relationship focus Performance  
  Contract length Long-term  
  Pricing practices Target costing  
  Price Changes Downward  
  Quality Designed-in  
  Delivery Smaller Quantities (JIT)  
  Inventory buffers Minimized, eliminated  
  Communication Extensive; multi-level  
  Communication Collaborative; two-way  
  Role in development Substantial  
  Production flexibility High  
  Technology sharing Extensive  
  Dedicated investments Substantial  
  Mutual commitment High  
  Governance Self-governing  
  Future Expectations Considerable