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FAQs for blackberry personal mail
What is BlackBerry Personal Mail?
BlackBerry Personal Mail is a new version of the current BIS (Prosumer) service. It is a service from airtel that allows customers to
  • Send and receive Unlimited emails
  • Configure up to 10 POP3 /IMAP enabled accounts like hotmail, gmail, rediffmail, yahoo mail, etc. Also configure company email accounts which are POP3/IMAP enabled
  • Use internet messenger - BlackBerry, yahoo, google & windows live messenger (not applicable for connect handsets)
  • Attachment viewing including native attachments
What is the rental for this service?
  • Postpaid: Rs. 299 per month
  • Prepaid: Rs 299 for 30 days & Rs 80 for 7 days
Will I get charged for accessing my emails and chatting on messenger through BlackBerry Smartphone?
No, you get unlimited access for emails and messenger
Will I get charged additionally for downloading attachments?
Can I also configure my company emails through this service?
If your company email ID is POP3/IMAP enabled, then they can be configured. Your IT/Admin team can confirm to you if your company email ID is POP3/IMAP enabled or not.
What do I need to take this service?
An airtel PostPaid Number and an BlackBerry Smartphone or Connect Smartphone
Does this service work on BlackBerry compatible connect devices?
Does this service work on unlocked BlackBerry Smartphone?
What is the key difference between BlackBerry Personal Mail and the current BlackBerry Service?
In BlackBerry Personal Mail, Internet access is restricted on BlackBerry.


Can I take GPRS/Edge as a separate plan with BlackBerry Personal Mail?
  • No
  • If you need internet access on your BlackBerry Smartphones you can take BlackBerry Internet services from the various plans available –details on website


Will airtel Live work if I take this service?
For BlackBerry smartphones -airtel Live will work for applications which do not require an internet connectivity for BlackBerry
For Connect handsets- airtel Live will work normally


I have got the device and an airtel postpaid mobile number, now how can I activate this service?
For postpaid there are three ways in which you can activate this service

  • You can either visit your nearest ARC or
  • You can write a email to bb.support@airtel.in mentioning your mobile number and willingness to activate BlackBerry Personal Mail
  • Call 121
For prepaid users:
You can sms to 121


What is the support for BlackBerry?
It is supported by 24x7 call center. The number is 7070 from your airtel

FAQs for blackberry internet services
What is BlackBerry Internet service?
BlackBerry® Internet Service is an easy affordable way for individuals or small businesses to start using BlackBerry devices.
BlackBerry push technology lets you receive your email effortlessly because messages are automatically pushed to your device.
With BlackBerry you can:
  • Access up to 10 work and personal email accounts(POP3/IMAP enabled), plus an optional, new BlackBerry email address that comes with your BlackBerry device
  • Browse websites and instant message on your BlackBerry device just as you would on your desktop browser
  • Stay organized with access to your latest calendar, address book, task and memo pad information and easily import the contacts from your existing desktop organizer software to your BlackBerry device — you don’t have to re-enter information!


How much will I be charged for the service?
For Postpaid:
  • Rs. 899 rental - unlimited

For prepaid :
  • Rs. 399 for 30days- unlimited
  • Rs. 100 for 7days - unlimited
Which BlackBerry devices are available with airtel?
Does BlackBerry Internet Service work on Non Blackberry devices?
For Postpaid : Yes it works on BlackBerry connect handsets.

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For Prepaid : No
Who do I contact for support?
It is supported by 24x7 call center. The number is 7070 from your airtel Mobile