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How Can I Create Prepaid myPack?

Sir/Ma’am, to create your own pack, please visit www.airtel.in/mypack (from desktop or type in your mobile browser) and select create pack or Dial *129*4# or 1294 from your airtel mobile.
Post dialing the number, please select “Create Pack” and follow the menu to create your pack.


What all Benefits will be available in these categories?

Sir/Ma’am, You can enjoy Calling, SMS, 2G and 3G Internet benefits. You may opt for combo benefits of Calls and SMS or Call, Internet and SMS as per your usage.

Can I select more than one benefit in any category?

Yes, Sir/Ma’am, you can avail more than one benefit in any category up to two benefits. This option is available for call types only.

Is it mandatory to select the validity?

Yes Sir/Ma’am, it is mandatory to select validity to proceed for benefit selection.

What is the significance of these benefits?

Sir/Ma’am, charging of your pack will be as per the rate for the selected validity.
Minutes – You will be given free minutes as per the offer selected for the opted validity. Charging of your pack will be done on per minute basis.
Seconds - You will be given free seconds as per the offer selected for the opted validity. Charging of your pack will be done on per second basis.

How the total price of my pack will be calculated?

Sir/Ma’am, The pack price will be a sum total of the price of benefits selected. The total price of the product will be visible in the menu.

I have created a pack but do not want to activate now. Is there any option?

Yes, Sir/Ma’am, You can choose “save” in the activation menu to save the pack for future activation.

How many packs can be created?

Sir/Ma’am, a total of 20 packs can be created which will be a combination of active and inactive packs.

I have created some packs. Where can I view these packs?

Sir/Ma’am, Packs created (both active and inactive) can be viewed in the My Account option. Please select my packs from my account option.

What are inactive packs?

Sir/Ma’am, The packs which are not activated or the validity has expired are inactive packs.

What benefit will I get on activation of FTT pack?

Sir/Ma’am, if you subscribe to a Full Talktime pack, you will get full talk time on next recharges through Retailer as per the details mentioned in the pack.

What is a budget pack?

Sir/Ma’am, These packs are the best available packs as per your budget. You can select your budget first and subscribe to a pack according to your requirements.

What are active packs?

Sir/Ma’am, The packs which are within validity are active packs.

My pack activation has failed due to balance issue How can I activate it?

Sir/Ma’am, Please recharge with the pack amount and your pack will be activated in one hour. Alternatively you can go select the pack from My Pack option and activate the pack.

What is a HOT pack?

Sir/Ma’am, These are the bestselling packs for your circle. You can activate the pack as per your requirements.

I have already subscribed to some benefits If I subscribe same benefits through MY Pack what will happen to my old benefits left?

Sir/Ma’am, the benefits of your existing pack will be added to the benefits of your current myPack and you can use the left benefits till your old pack validity or myPack validity whichever is higher.

I have already created a myPack. But I want to change the benefits. How I can change?

Sir/Ma’am, You can go to Edit Pack (Menu) and select the pack for which the benefits are to be changed.

What all changes can be done to already created myPack?

Sir/Ma’am, You can change the benefits of your pack without changing the validity of your pack. However you cannot remove all the benefits of your pack.

I have edited myPack. From when will it be applicable?

Sir/Ma’am, in case you have made changes to an inactive pack, it can be activated immediately.
In case you have made changes to an active pack, you will have to re-activate the pack from myPack option.
In case you have made changes to a renewable pack, it will be applicable from next renewal date.

I have subscribed to an auto renewal pack. When will the renewal happen?

Sir/Ma’am, Pack will be renewed on the night of pack expiry day. You will get a confirmation message once renewal is successfully done.

I am not able to understand the details in English. Can I get a menu as per my regional language?

Sir/Ma’am, You can select your preferred language on IVR. You can browse the packs in your regional language. Please select the required language from Language option in menu to view details as your preferred language.

Can I select and activate packs created by others?

Yes, Sir/Ma’am, for activating packs created by others, you can select search packs option from the menu. Alternatively if you remember the exact name you can send a message, MYPACK <packname> to 129 for getting the details and activating the packs.

Why is the price different for different region?

Sir/Ma’am, The price of benefits can vary from region to region. The price shown to you is according to price applicable for your region.

How I can check the balance left of my benefits?

Sir/Ma’am, You can check the balance and validity left of your benefits from Account Balance option in myPack. In addition to this you can also check the balance of recharges done through other modes.

I do not have the option to rename or edit myPacks on IVR?


Sir/Ma’am, there is no option to rename or edit packs on the IVR. In case you wish to rename or edit, please dial *129*4# or visit www.airtel.in/mypack on desktop or from your mobile.