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What details do I need to verify when I call customer support?
You should have your proof of identity (given during registration / upgrade) when you call Customer Care at 400.
What details are required if I call regarding a particular transaction?
You should have the transaction ID related to that transaction and provide that to the Customer Care representative.
After I enter my mPIN, I get a message "Your mPIN has expired, please change it before doing any transaction" What should I do?
You need to change your default mPIN before making any transaction. Go to the 'my account' section in Airtel Money menu to change the mPIN.
What happens when I lose the mobile phone signal while using airtel money?
If this happens, the payment may or may not have been processed. To confirm, wait for a few seconds, and then check your account balance and activity history. If you are still unsure of the status of your payment, kindly call Customer Care.
I got supplementary service error while using *400#. What does this mean?
Normally, this error occurs when your session times out due to inactivity. To avoid this, you should reply to all menu options within one minute.
What do I do if my account gets locked?
Call Customer Care to have them unlock it for you. You will need to provide authentication information before your account can be unlocked.
What happens if I make wrong mPIN attempts?
After three incorrect mPIN attempts, your account will automatically be locked by the system for security reasons. You need to contact Customer Care to unlock it. After necessary verification you will be send a new mPIN to resume service.
What if I forget my mPIN?
Call Customer Care to have them reset it for you. You will need to provide authentication information before your mPIN can be reset. You will get an SMS with a temporary mPIN which you need to change it when you next use the service.
What if I lose my mobile phone?
Even if you lose your mobile phone, no one will be able to access your Airtel Money Account without knowing your personal mPIN. Since the mPIN is not stored on the phone, your money is safe. Inform Airtel Money by calling Customer Care, so that we can block your account for further security.
What do I do if I buy a new phone?
The Airtel Money application is linked to your mobile number and not your handset. So you can change as many phones as you want and  you will still be able to use uninterrupted service..
What happens if my mobile number is reissued to someone else?
You must always inform Customer Care of the change in mobile number so that your account can be delinked from your old number and linked to your new one. In case you forget to do so, and your old mobile number is reissued to somebody else, the new customer will not be able to access your account since he/she does not have your mPIN.
I want to deactivate my airtel money account. How do I get my balance back?
Refund of account balance is not possible, so we suggest you use the entire amount before getting the account deactivated.
I am not able to use airtel money on my handset?
Some handsets do not support USSD service and you may not be able to use few or all the features of airtel money . You are requested to verify the same by dialing *400# before signing up for the service . Few identified handset ( not limited to ) having this issue are- Nokia Lumia 710 , Nokia Lumia 800 , Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 , Samsung Galaxy Ace(R Series) , Samsung Galaxy S2 , HTC Wildfire, G5,Onion, Lemon, Sigmatel FXD T99i, Elitex 8502 / X6012 / X6011, GTQ 718, SIMTEL Zt 6199, GD 910, Cromozome, Samsung GT – S5360
What is KYC (Know Your Client) ?
KYC is an acronym for "Know Your Customer", a term used for customer identification process. The basis of this is to make reasonable efforts for determining true identity and beneficial ownership of accounts and reasonableness of operations in an account. The objective of the KYC guidelines is to prevent banks/ NBFC's being used, intentionally or unintentionally by criminal elements for money laundering and other illegal activities including global terrorism. Compliance to KYC is a mandatory requirement.
What is KYC Policy?
As per RBI guidelines issued vide their circular dated 29/11/2004, All banks are required to formulate a KYC policy with the approval of their boards. The KYC policy consists of Customer Acceptance Policy (CAP), Customer Identification Procedure (CIP), monitoring of transactions and risk management. This is in line with Prevention of Money Laundering Act passed by parliament in 2002 and amendment from time to time.
Who is a customer for Airtel Payments Banks?
Anyone who applies for a Semi Closed Stored Value Wallet (SCW) of Airtel Payments Bank Limited is considered to be its customer. The merchants, retailers and distributors of Airtel Payments Bank Limited are also treated as customers for the purpose of KYC.
What is Customer Acceptance Policy?
Customer Acceptance Policy refers to the general guidelines followed by financial institutions while opening accounts. It is an obligation of financial institutions to ensure that no account is opened in anonymous or fictitious names or where identity of the customer matches with the identity of a banned individual/ entities. Airtel Payments Bank Limited is committed to this policy.
What is Customer Identification Procedure?
Customer Identification Procedure intends to verify the customer and his identity through reliable documents. Airtel Payments Bank Limited exercises sufficient diligence while opening accounts.
What are the consequences of KYC Non compliance?
Accounts for customer/ retailer/ distributor/ merchant will not be activated if they are found deficient on KYC requirements. To know what documents are collected under KYC, please visit "Types of Accounts and Registration" link under FAQ's
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