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What is the difference between Register/Pay Biller?
Once you have entered the STD code of the city where the service provider is located, you will see an option to Register/Pay Biller. Select this option in order to make an instant payment or register a biller. When you select one of the biller names, you will see two options:

Register: Register with the biller to get the bill notification on your mobile from your next bill cycle. (apart from the paper bill /e bill which you will receive) Each biller may require you to enter different details for registration.

Pay Bill: Select this option to see the unpaid bill amount and to pay instantaneously. Certain billers require you to register first in order to pay via airtel money, whereas in others you can make payment instantly.
What is a biller nickname?
When you add a biller, you can assign a nickname for easy reference. E.g. "BSES" for your electricity biller, "Mom Phone" for your mother's postpaid subscription with airtel mobile etc. This nickname will be used as reference & would be visible under "My Billers" section.
I have registered a biller, but did not receive any SMS if the registration was successful or not.
If the registration is successful, no SMS intimation will be sent. You will start getting SMS intimation of your new bill generation from your next bill cycle (next time when your bill is generated).

However, if your registration has failed, you will receive an SMS that your registration has failed and that you should try again.
What if I don't receiver the electricity bills for a particular month even after registration?
This could be because of a registration failure at the biller's end. Please confirm if you have completed the registration process. At the end of the registration process, you see a "Registration Successful" message on the screen. If you have seen that message, please raise a complaint at our call centre.
Can I pay for someone else's bills?
Yes, you can pay for others bills through airtel money. Incase if the biller requires registration first then you will have to register first and then pay from the next billing cycle.
By when should I make bill payments?
You need to pay the bills within the bill's actual due date as set by your utility board. We recommend bill payment 4 working days before the actual due date. After the due date, payment can still be made using airtel money but Late Payment charges (LPC) might be levied by the utility board as per the rules set by them. airtel money holds no responsibility for such LPC.
Is there any additional fee charged for bill payment?
There may be a fee charged for bill payments. Please look up our charges section for updated information.
Do I have to pay the entire bill amount?
There may be a fee charged for bill payments. Please look up our charges section for updated information.
You can make a payment in full or in part depending upon whether the biller provides you with that facility. The specific terms to each biller are clearly mentioned on the biller page where you submit your bill details. Please read them carefully and adhere to them strictly. If the biller is "Payment Only" type, part payment can be made.
Is there a limit on the size of payment I can make?
Other than the limits of Express and Power accounts, there are some billers who have restricted the size of the payment through alternate channels. This would vary from biller to biller.
What if I want a physical receipt (for reimbursement etc)?
On payment of bill through airtel money, you will only get a confirmation on your mobile screen & an SMS from airtel money stating your transaction ID. If you want a physical receipt, you will have to contact the respective utility board (electricity board, gas board). Please note that the payment is updated with the biller 4 days after the payment was made using airtel money.
I have received the hard copy of the bill at my residence, but did not receive the notification of the same on my airtel money mobile. What should I do?
  • There is a difference of 3-4 working days between the physical bill generation and the same bill being uploaded electronically at the biller's system. Since airtel money sources the bills from Billdesk's system, there is a delay at our end as well. Kindly wait for another 2-3 working days and you will be able to see the bill.
  • Sometimes, there is an error on the utility board's system or Billdesk's system and the bill is not presented. In such cases you can call Billdesk at (022)40920001 to enquire about your bill.
  • Registration failure happens because of entering incorrect details. You can try again by entering correct details when you receive a "registration failure" SMS. The biller generally takes 14-15 days for checking the registration data and sending a rejection SMS in case of failure.
I paid the bill through airtel money but my electricity connection still got disconnected. The electricity board is saying that they haven't received the bill payment yet. I want a refund.
In such a case, kindly raise an complaint with our call centre with the following bill payment details: Date on which payment was made, airtel money mobile number, airtel money transaction ID, Amount Paid, Name of the Utility Board, Due Date
What are the steps to make utility bill payment?
Central Power Distribution Company Of A.P   Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board
Bses Rajdhani   Best Undertaking
Bses Yamuna   Maharashtra State Electricity Board
North Delhi Power Limited   Reliance Energy Ltd
Indraprastha Gas Limited   Tata Power Company Limited
Torrent Power AEC Limited   Torrent Power Limited – Bhiwandi
Adani Energy Limited   Mahanagar Gas Limited
Bangalore Electicity Supply Company   M.P. State Electricity Board
Corporation of Chennai (COC)   CESC Limited
Is the booking SMS enough for me to enter the cinema?
After your booking is complete, you will receive an SMS from airtel money & the booking partner confirming the same. You can collect the paper tickets from the box office ticket counter by showing any of the above messages received.
I booked my tickets and got a transaction successful flash message, but did not receive any SMS from airtel money or the booking partner.
In such a case, kindly call our customer care centre at 400 from your airtel mobile or 88000-12121 (standard rates apply) from any other number.
Can the movie ticket be cancelled or modified or replaced or postponed or advanced?
As per Government regulation, once the booking of movie tickets has been confirmed, it can neither be changed nor canceled.
Can I choose my seats at the movie theatre?
No. A seat is allocated to the customer automatically on "Best seat available" Logic. The seat which is farthest from the screen is allocated first. If you don't like the seat allocated to you, you have to restart the booking process as new seats would be allotted.
How many tickets can I book at a time?
You are allowed to book a maximum of 10 tickets per transaction in each seating category of the cinema.
Does airtel money charge extra fees for booking?
Kindly refer to the charges section for details.
How much time before the show do I have to collect the tickets?
Since the ticket is already paid for, it is available for collection at the theatre ticket counter at any time before the show. However, we recommend collecting the ticket 10-15 minutes earlier in case of a queue at the counter.
I tried booking a movie ticket 30 minutes prior to the show time, but I got an error message. Why?
You can book movie tickets on airtel money up to a maximum of 1 hour prior to the show. Even if the show timing is visible, the ticket booking will not be processed and you will see an error.
Which denominations can I recharge my prepaid mobile with using airtel money?
You can recharge for all denominations that are available for talk time in the market. Values of recharges are governed by terms and conditions of respective service provider. Please contact the service providers' care helpline or website for the details terms and conditions governing these recharge services.

In addition, there are often special talk time plans available exclusively on airtel money. Log on to our website (www.airtel.in/money) or call our customer care (400) to know more about airtel money specific offer.
Is there additional fee charged for recharge?
Kindly refer to the limits & charges section for further details.
Is there additional fee charged for recharge?
Yes. You can recharge any airtel prepaid connection in any city of India. The talk time received will depend on the plan that that mobile number is eligible for.
There is a special offer running in Pune (for example) on recharging airtel prepaid connection with Rs.97 (for example). If I recharge my friend's Pune airtel prepaid number with Rs.97 using my Delhi airtel money number, would he get that special off
Yes. The recipient would get the offers that are running in the city to which his airtel prepaid number belongs to. In the above example, his number belongs to Pune city (Maharashtra circle) and he would get the benefits/offers available in Maharashtra circle only.
Is there a limit on the size of recharge I can make?
Kindly refer to the charges & limits section
I do not have sufficient balance to pay my full postpaid fixed line bill Can I make a part payment using airtel money?
Yes. When you go to "Postpaid/Landline Bill" section in airtel money menu, there is an option of "Pay Self". Under that option, there are two sub-options:

  • Pay current due amount
  • Pay any amount

If you choose the "Pay any amount" option, you can make part payment towards your bill.
I do not know my airtel postpaid/landline bill amount. How do I pay my bill?
When you go to "Postpaid/Landline Bill" section in airtel money menu, there is an option of "Pay Self". Under that option, there are two sub-options –

  • Pay current due amount
  • Pay any amount

If you choose the "Pay current due amount" option, it will show you the amount of your unpaid last bill. You can then pay your bill for that amount using airtel money
Can I make the postpaid fixed line bill payment for any amount?
Yes, subject to the limits applicable for your airtel money account.
My account has been debited but I didnt make this transaction.
Every transaction is confirmed by an mPIN followed by OTP which is sent via SMS on the airtel money mobile number. Thus, a transaction can only be authorized by a customer who has the access to mPIN and OTP. For further details on such concerns, kindly contact the merchant. Please do not disclose your mPIn to anyone.
I did not receive the goods I ordered from the merchant. What should I do?
The responsibility for fulfilling your order lies solely with the merchant. We request you to please contact the merchant for all such queries.
I cancelled a purchase I made at an online merchant using airtel money. When will the due amount be credited back to my account?
Reversal of amount will be initiated by the merchant. The due amount (calculated basis cancellation charges levied by the merchant & airtel money charges for reversal) will be credited to your airtel money account within 3 working days post reversal initiation by the merchant In case you do not see the refund in 3 working days post cancellation, please contact your merchant
I entered the OTP correctly, but I got disconnected from the internet while being redirected to the merchant website. What do I do?
Kindly check your airtel money account to see if the amount was deducted from your account. If it was deducted, contact the merchant to check the status of your order, as the transaction may have been successfully completed.
I paid the merchant but he says he did not receive my payment. What should I do?
Show him the SMS receipt that you received from airtel money, which will have details of his Merchant ID. If there is still a problem, call customer support with the transaction ID that you received on making the payment.
Are there any charges which shall be levied by airtel money for cancelling a transaction?
Kindly refer to the limits & charges section for details. Please note that customer convenience charge if applied at the time of payment will not be refunded on cancellation. Merchants may charge cancellation fees as per their policy.
Can I make the payment for any postpaid/ fixed line number in the country?
How can I find merchants who can accept airtel money payments?
An updated list of all merchants that accept airtel money is present on our website. A merchant accepting airtel money will also prominently display "airtel money accepted here" signage at his store.
I made the payment to the wrong mobile number. Can I reverse it?
No. Once the payment is successful, there no way to reverse it. Kindly be careful while entering the mobile number.
What happens if I do not receive my one time password (OTP) in time?
While we have put in our best efforts to ensure a hassle-free experience for you, it might be possible that due to unforeseen conditions you have not received your OTP within 2 minutes. In such cases, we request you to please close the browser window and retry the transaction from the merchant website. We encourage you to write to us at 121@airtelmoney.in if you encounter such issues.
My transaction got declined on airtel money payment page. Why did this happen?
Your transaction can get declined due to insufficient balance or incorrect mPIN / OTP. Please refer to the error message which was displayed on the airtel money payment page where mobile number and mPIN were further details.
At which websites can I use airtel money to pay online
You can use airtel money to pay online for all merchants who have listed "airtel money" as a payment option on their websites. This list will also be updated on our website.
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