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Your airtel money wallet is completely safe and secure. Your wallet account is protected by a mPIN. The money remains safe even if you lose your mobile phone. Enclosed are some do's and don'ts to help you safeguard your interests.

best practices

  • Do not set mPin's which can be guessed easily (like your house number/ year of birth/ 1111 etc) since every transaction in your account is authenticated by this mPin. Do not store your mPIN or other sensitive information on your mobile phone as it may be misused by fraudsters. Keep your mPIN secret and do not disclose it to anyone, including, employees of AMSL.
  • Do not handover your account to anyone else for use. Any transaction originating from your account is your responsibility and liability.
  • Do not lend your identity/ address documents to anyone. These documents can be misused.
  • Do not disclose your mPIN while surfing internet on cellphone. Do not download content from unauthorized websites after furnishing details of your account/ mPin.
  • Do not get lured by offers which are hard to believe like big, prize money, increase in account limit or balances etc. There can be instances that such fraudsters may call you asking your personal details like your name, address, mPin, parent details, transaction details, bank account numbers etc. Airtel money is not involved into any such lottery scheme and account customers are requested not to disclose their confidential details including their account number and mPin's to anyone for any reason (including airtel money employees). If you receive any such call or come across any such incidence, you are requested to immediately inform airtel money at your helpline numbers or by writing to us at 121@airtelmoney.in
  • Please change your mPIN immediately after activation of your account.
  • Exercise due caution while entering destination mobile number (merchant or customer) while initiating a transaction. Once you make a payment, there is no way to reverse it.
  • Your transaction history, balance etc can be checked through airtel money application by dialing *400# or by checking in your sim. Always keep a track of your transactions by accessing this utility.
  • Change you mPIN on regular basis.
  • Call your airtel money helpline in case you identify any fraud/ suspicious activity regarding your account.
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