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Now send money to friends & family through your mobile. Just use your airtel money account to send money to bank accounts , airtel money accounts and other mobiles.

send money to bank instantly!*

Express, Power and Super customers can now send money to bank accounts instantly.

  • Select the receiver’s bank
  • Specify the amount and confirm with your mPIN
  • Money will be received in the account instantly, even after banking hours and also on bank holidays*

*Click here to see the list of banks for which this facility is available.

Terms & conditions:

  • 1. This service is available only for sending money to select banks. Please click here to view complete list of banks. (attach the same list as above).
  • 2. The actual time to credit beneficiary account will depend on the time taken by the beneficiary bank to process the same; AMSL will not be held responsible in case the beneficiary bank does not process the crediting of beneficiary account in time.
  • 3. Kindly ensure beneficiary details (including beneficiary holder account number and phone number) are entered correctly; AMSL will not validate and be held responsible for the money transfer to an unintended recipient. Retrieval of money transferred to an unintended recipient is out of the control of AMSL.
  • 4. AMSL is not responsible for any charges levied by the beneficiary's bank.
  • 5. AMSL will attempt to send confirmation message to the beneficiary phone number, however will not be held responsible in case of non- delivery of the message.
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send to airtel money account

Express, Power and Super customers can now send money to other airtel money accounts instantly

  • Enter the mobile number of an airtel money customer
  • Specify the amount & confirm with your mPIN
  • Money will be sent to his/her account instantly
send to any mobile

Super customers can send money to any mobile.

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airtel money services are offered by Airtel M-Commerce Services Limited (AMSL).