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When you use your mobile indoors, sometimes you face signal problems as the mobile waves are unable to penetrate deep inside buildings. Our network understands this. Which is why we have launched Platinum 3G in Punjab. It has lower frequency signals which are able to travel into deep interiors, providing stronger indoor voice and data coverage.


When you browse the internet, the speed which you get is dependent on the spectrum of your network provider. When spectrum becomes wider you get more data bandwidth. Which is why we have launched Platinum 3G which will ensure faster downloads, uploads and browsing speeds.

Airtel's Platinum 3G is a superior service of voice and data as the same is being provided on 900MHz spectrum which is tested and proven to have enhanced propagation characteristics in comparison with 3G voice and data service being provided on any other frequency. Further details pertaining to same can be accessed from the below relevant internal benchmarking reports and white paper.

How to Change Settings to experience Platinum 3G

Step 1: Open Network settings in your phone.
Step 2: Change your Network Settings on your phone to WCDMA/GSM or Prefer 3G or 3G/2G.
Step 3: Enable Data.
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