Himani Bhatnagar

General Manager- Customer Experience

Believe in yourself

I was born in Jamshedpur, my father is a mining engineer and had a transferrable job thus I did my primary schooling at Ranchi in Jharkhand and Singrauli at MP/UP border. The latter part of my schooling was in Delhi. After getting graduated from IHM, Chandigarh, I joined Taj Hotels as a management trainee. My early influencers were my teachers and my mother. My mother was a guiding force and wanted me to be financial independent.

In 1996, I got married and subsequently moved to Jaipur. Hexacom India was establishing its services as a telecom operator in Rajasthan. Since, I always wanted to enter the corporate world, my husband suggested me to give a shot. Consequently, Hexacom became part of Bharti Airtel and my Bharti Airtel journey started.

Airtel & I

Telecom and Airtel both grew by leaps & bounds, and helped me grow as an individual & professional. I was an introvert and to see myself this confident, leading a team, becoming function head is an achievement. I owe it to the culture that we have here at Airtel.

Colleagues have become family to me. Airtel offers an environment where people start meaning a lot to you. By becoming a part of the ‘WE (women empowered)’ gang, you get to know and discuss common interests and things like managing home, family, children and office. The WE members have become mentors and influencers.

Harmeen our Global CIO is one woman leader who has demonstrated that if you have the correct intent, things fall in place. If u do not feel that there is a glass ceiling, there is nothing that will stop you.

On motherhood

My advice to millennial mothers is to enjoy motherhood. Stop trying to be perfect. Somewhere down the line each stage is important. So, let it go - stop fretting and stressing. Also, there is no mantra for work life balance. You need to know when and what priorities are and both the company and our families will provide us the flexibility to deftly manage work and home.

Advice to young professionals

Women entering workforce and mid management should not join with preconceived notions. Each of our journey is unique. One should try to identify the strength and weakness and work on them. Don’t let stress pull you down, let go off the excess baggage, rejuvenate and continue to enjoy life while giving it your best shot.

In current times as a company, we are leading the change. So, it is imperative to be well-read and well-aware of the world at large. Read books which increases your understanding about how organization grows and how we as an individual fit in it.