At Airtel, we firmly believe that the digital world should be open to everyone and are therefore, committed to reducing the digital gap and thus creating a platform where no person, service or information is too remote.;

Our highly efficient and dense network infrastructure and far reaching distribution form the backbone of our digital inclusion strategy. Ongoing investments in innovative technologies and applications backed by products and solutions that create added value for customers, society and the environment are the key pillars of this area.

  1. Create data adaptability and increase internet penetration with a focus towards rural India
  2. Robust and far reaching Network and Distribution presence
  3. Provision of basic life services like health, education and financial inclusion digitally
  1. Largest deployment of network infrastructure in the history of India
  2. Deploy 1,60,000 base stations in three years
  3. Increase broadband coverage to over 5,00,000 villages in three years
  4. Modernize the existing networks massively by using more compact & efficient technologies
  5. Modernize over 3 Mn strong home broadband network


At Airtel, for us, serving our customers is at the heart of everything we do and enriching their lives is core to our business. To build an enduring relationship with the customers, we constantly remain concerned about our network quality, resilience and augmentation, enhanced customer service and communication. We ensure our customers continue to experience a world-class seamless network for voice and data services. Through a wide variety of cutting-edge and innovative products and services tailored to emerging market needs, we strive to bring further sustainable benefits and help improve our customers’ lives. We aim to provide our customers with rich and simplified service channel and process through innovative self-care initiatives in multiple ways and across many platforms.

  1. Enhancing customer experience through digitisation and seamless network coverage and technologies
  2. Improving customer experience through innovative serv self-care
  3. Delivering exemplary customer service
  4. Protecting customer interests, privacy and data security

Improve customer experience by deploying more compact and efficient technologies and tools, to enable customers, individuals and business both, to experience excellent internet, network, broadband and wireless access network.


Environmental and climate protection form an integral part of our sustainability strategy. It is our continuous endeavor to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations. The energy-efficient designing in our networks, facilities and data centers, increased use of renewable energy, and the preservation of raw materials through optimized recycling and reuse are core of our ecological responsibility.

  1. Deployment of Energy-Efficient Technologies
  2. Promotion of Renewable Energy
  3. Innovative services that reduce environment impact
  4. Waste Management and Resource Optimization

Reduction in CO2 emissions from our network infrastructure by around 70% per terabyte in next three years, by deploying renewable energy solutions and efficient technologies.


Our business strategy has a critical pillar called "Win with people" which is anchored on three people-related strategic aspects:

• Building a high performance culture
• Building employee capabilities to deliver and grow
• Enabling effective cross-functional work culture

Identifying and developing our critical talent through iconic learning programs covering functional expertise, leadership and business insight, a balanced performance management system backed by rewards and recognitions and promotion of equality and diversity by being an equal opportunity employer have been some of our key focus areas to meet this objective.

  1. Talent Development
  2. Promotion of Gender Diversity
  3. Employee Engagement and Retention
  4. Fostering an ethical work culture
  5. Developing a safe and healthy workplace
  1. Create a high performance culture through embedding Talent First
  2. Grow talent through strong learning, mentoring and succession planning