Rs 6000 Cashback Offer and Free Screen Replacement – FAQ

Who all are eligible for the Smartphone Cashback Offer?

Any Airtel Prepaid customer who upgrades to a new smartphone as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions is an eligible customer.

What is the Smartphone Cashback Offer from Airtel?

Under the Smartphone Cashback offer, customers who upgrade to an eligible new smartphone on Airtel network can get a cashback worth Rs. 6000: Rs.2000 after 18 months & Rs.4000 after 36 months.

How can I become eligible for the Cashback?

Eligible customers need to do an eligible recharge within the first 30 days of upgrading to new 4G handset, as per T&Cs. Eligible recharge is any Airtel Unlimited recharge of Rs.249 or more (with 1GB /day data and above) which needs to be continuously done for 36 months. Only customers who stay on the same smartphone purchased as part of the offer for 18 months will qualify for the 1st cashback. Any customer who is not eligible or does not claim the first cashback will not be eligible for the second cashback.

What recharges are applicable for the Cashback?

Unlimited Bundle Packs that are Rs.249 or more providing 1GB /day data and above are eligible, as defined in the Terms & Conditions. Eligible Recharge Plans are subject to changes from time to time and shall be solely the discretion of Airtel. Additionally, equivalent benefits of current eligible recharges may change to a different price point. Currently, Eligible recharge Plans include the following plans only: Rs. 265, 299, 359, 479, 549, 599, 666, 699, 719, 839, 2999 and 3359.

Is this offer available for prepaid and postpaid both?

The offer is available for Airtel Prepaid customers only.

If I migrate from Prepaid to Postpaid or Postpaid to Prepaid during the tenure of the program, will I be eligible for the Offer?

No, the offer can only be availed on the type of connection it was claimed on. Customers changing the connection type from prepaid to postpaid will not be eligible for the cashback.

How will I get the cashback?

Eligible customers will get the cashback in their Airtel Payments Bank Account after opting in for the same. This will be credited in two tranches- 1st Cashback of Rs. 2000 in 18 months and 2nd Cashback of Rs.4000 in 36 months.

If I change the handset after upgrading to a smartphone, will I be eligible to the Cashback on my new device?

No. The Cashback offer can only be redeemed by a customer whose mobile number is used in the eligible handset you purchased. You will not be able to get the 1st Cashback if you change your handset model within 18 months.

I have an older version of Airtel Thanks App. I am an eligible customer but not seeing the offer.

You need to have the latest version on the Airtel Thanks App to be able to see the offer. You can update the app version from app/play store.

I have already got the offer once? Will I be eligible for the offer again?

The offer can only be availed once per Mobile handset and Mobile number.

Free Screen Replacement FAQs

1. What is Free Screen Replacement Program?

Free Screen Replacement program insures your phone’s screen upto 1 year from claim date. Under this offer, if your phone’s screen is accidently damaged, you can get the same replaced free of cost.

2. Is it valid for all Airtel customers?

This is valid for all Airtel Prepaid customers that are eligible for Smartphone Cashback Offer, subject to the eligibility criteria met in #3 below.

3. What is the eligibility criteria for this offer?

Here’s the eligibility criteria:

a. Customer owns a smartphone of supported brand (As mentioned in #4 below)

b. Customer should do an eligible recharge within 30 days of upgrading to a new 4G handset and can claim the free screen replacement benefit within 90 days from the first eligible recharge

c. Customer should be on Rs.249 or above unlimited recharge pack (Voice & Data) with benefits of 1GB / day date or more continuously from Claim Date

d. Device launch date should be less than 3 years at the time of enrolment

e. Device Price should be up to Rs.12000, as defined by Servify. Servify’s decision will be final and binding in defining device price.

f. Servify’s decision will be final and binding in the selection of models applicable for free screen replacement. Ineligible models will be displayed a message communicating the ineligibility if they get applied for enrollment.

Offer is Applicable once for each IMEI & number

4. What is the validity of the plan coverage?

The Plan will be valid for a period of 1 year from the plan activation date subject to customer meeting eligibility criteria as highlighted in FAQ 3 above.

5. Which smartphone brands are supported under this offer?

Here are the supported handsets:

• Samsung

• Xiaomi

• Oppo

• Realme

• Nokia

• Motorola

• Lenovo

• Vivo

6. What kind of damage is covered under this program?

The program covers the accidental damage to your smartphone’s screen post enrolment. Cost of any additional damage shall be borne by customer.

7. How do I enroll for Free Screen Replacement on my device?

Here are the steps to enroll for the offer:

a. Open/download Airtel Thanks App

b. Click on ‘Discover Airtel Thanks‘ option

c. Select Free Screen Replacement offer


• Only for Airtel Prepaid mobile users

• Device launch date should be less than 3 years at the time of enrolment

• Customer should be > 18 yrs at the time of enrolment

• Smartphone (Android) that has been purchased in India

• All Unlimited Recharge packs (Voice & Data) of 249 or above with benefits of 1GB / day date or more are valid for this program

8. Who is Servify?

Servify is our partner who will be managing Free Screen Replacement program.

9. What all benefits are offered with this Program?

This plan offers:

Free Screen Replacement in case of accidental damage

Door step pickup and delivery

10. Can I select any recharge above Rs. 249 to continue my policy?

All Unlimited Recharge packs (Voice & Data) of 249 or above with benefits of 1GB/day data or more are valid for this program.

11. How many days do I get to recharge once the pack validity expires?

You need to be on Eligible Recharge Plans continuously after the claim / enrolment date. You will not be able to enrol again for the free screen replacement if the above continuous recharge criteria is not met.

12. What is in-app diagnostic / mirror test?

This diagnostic requires you to verify that there isn’t any existing damage to your phone screen at the time of enrolment. The test requires you to be near a mirror on which you can conduct the mirror test.

Basic Checklist of successful Mirror Test:

• Mirror should not be damaged

• Clear Mirror

• Remove Tempered Glass, if damaged

• Adequate Lighting

• Mirror Size should be atleast twice the size of your phone

13. How many times can I attempt mirror test?

You are allowed 3 unsuccessful attempts after which test is blocked for 72 hours.

14. I bought my device from a location outside India. How can I avail Free Screen Replacement?

Free Screen Replacement offer is available only for devices which are bought in India via authorized sales channels.

15. When can I claim damage protection under this Plan?
You will be eligible for a claim after your cooling period of 21 days from date of enrolment is over.

16. What if my device damaged during the cooling off period? Can I claim the benefit since my policy is active?

Claim cannot be filed during the cooling period and any damage to the device during this period would not be covered.

17. How much time does it take to evaluate my claim?

Servify will evaluate your claim and revert within 12 business hours. For any queries related to claim, you can reach out to Servify customer support at 1800-123-333-888 (Mon-Sun, 9am-9pm) or write to

18. When should I file a claim if my phone is accidentally damaged?
You can file the claim within 48 hrs from date of damage by logging on to or Airtel Thanks App

In case you are not able to file the claim online, please reach out to Servify customer support at 1800-123-333-888 (Mon-Sun, 9am-9pm) or write to within 48 hours to intimate the same.

19. I broke my device’s screen accidently. Do I need to pay for the repair?
If you are an active subscriber (active monthly recharge for the program) then you need not worry about repair. Servify will get it repaired (subject to approval) from an authorized service center and deliver it back to you. You will only be required to pay handling charges as per the terms & condition of the Plan.

20. What are the pickup & delivery charges?

This is minimal amount of Rs. 599 is charged towards processing your repair.

21. How much is the excess amount that I need to pay and how?

You will be required to pay Rs.599 as pickup & delivery charges. Once your claim is approved you will get the payment details and link on the Airtel Thanks App.

22. I have paid the handling charges and have now incurred courier charges? Is there any reimbursement

Yes. Servify will reimburse the courier charges on providing tracking number, invoice and bank details. Servify team will connect with you to collect this information. Maximum reimbursement amount will be Rs.200 and same shall be processed within 3 working days. For any queries related to this you can reach out to Servify customer support at 1800-123-333-888 (Mon-Sun, 9am-9pm) or write to

Please note that courier charges reimbursement is only for customers who are informed to courier device to the authorized service center. For all other locations Servify shall pick up the device from customer’s address.

23. Do I have to courier my device to authorised service center?

As per your pin code eligibility, you will be informed whether device will be picked from your doorstep or you have to courier it to the authorized service center.

24. Do I have to update details once I have sent the package to authorised center?

In case of self-courier, you would be required to update the courier details like name and tracking number on the Airtel Thanks App.

25. Will the device be delivered to my doorstep post repair?

Yes. Post repair your device will be delivered to your doorstep irrespective of your pin code.

26. I bought a new device. Can I transfer my Free Screen Replacement to my new device?

No. This service is non-transferable

27. What is my screen coverage amount?

One screen replacement will be allowed, without any capping.

28. How many claims can I raise during my membership tenure?

You can raise maximum of one successful claim during your membership tenure. However, if the claim is rejected on fraudulent grounds then you cannot raise the claim again.

29. What is Beyond Economic Repair?

Beyond Economic Repair (BER) is a case where repair estimate is greater than the covered value.

30. Along with screen my other parts of the device are also damaged. Would it be also repaired along with screen?

Once your claim is approved and device reaches authorized service center (ASC) it will be diagnosed for all damages. Post that you will be contacted by Servify team to inform you about the additional damage, if any. Under the program, screen replacement will be free of cost but you will have to pay for additional damages.

31. What if I do not opt to pay for the additional repair cost?

In this case device will be returned without the repairs.

32. I have raised a claim for Free Screen Replacement. Where do I need to submit my device for repair?

Once you have successfully raised the claim, Servify team will call you to collect the device & duly signed forms from your doorstep if required.

In case doorstep service is not available in your area, you would need to courier the device to specified address. Servify will then reimburse the courier cost to you basis the scanned invoice that you will need to share with us.

33. How much time does it take for repair?

Repair depends upon extent of damage / availability of spare parts and any other repair requirement. Servify team will keep you informed about the timelines and for any queries you can reach out to Servify customer support at 1800-123-333-888 (Mon-Sun, 9am-9pm) or write to

34. My device is stolen. Can I claim it under Free Screen Replacement?

Free Screen Replacement does not cover theft and loss. It only provides coverage against accidental damage.

35. Which all documents am I required to provide while filling claim?

No documents are required. You just need to mention the damage description and file the claim.

36. What happens if I want to convert from Prepaid to Postpaid?

Your Free Screen Replacement plan will lapse and cannot be reactivated if you convert from Prepaid to Postpaid. This offer is available only for Airtel Prepaid mobile users.

37. What happens if my claim gets rejected? Can I reapply?

If the claim is rejected, you can’t re-raise the claim. You would need to get it repaired from authorized service center. However, your one claim for the year remains intact. Please note if the claim is rejected on fraudulent grounds then you cannot raise the claim again.

38. What happens to my personal data which is there in the device? How will you ensure the same is not misused?

Please take back up of your personal data and format your device before you hand over the device as during repair it could be formatted.

39. Do I handover the device to the courier agent who has come to collect the device? How do I check if he is an authorized service representative?

You will receive the details of authorized service representative once pick up is scheduled

40. How can I track the repair status?

You can track status on the Airtel Thanks App, or or reach out to Servify at 1800-123-333-888 (Mon-Sun, 9am-9pm) or write to

41. How can I check the status of my claim, in Airtel Thanks App?

You can check the status of your claim on Airtel Thanks App > Discover Airtel Thanks section > Free Screen Replacement’s Manage section

42. Can I change SIM on my insured device and avail the benefit?

To continue the device cover, you would need to continue recharging your number registered with the program irrespective of device you are using.