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Telecommunication continues to be a highly exciting and transformational arena globally. More so, in the emerging parts of the world, where extensive rollout of 3G and 4G data networks, unprecedented rise in smartphone penetration and fast proliferating mobile applications are shaping a highly integrated digital society. Amid this sweeping rate of change, the consumer is the biggest beneficiary. The consumer now has the most empowering device in his or her hand to stay ahead of the curve.

In India, during the year, the industry saw rapid growth, disruption and consolidation at the same time. At Bharti Airtel, we navigated the challenges, with well thought out strategies and sheer resilience. The result is that we managed to increase our revenue market share, which reached a lifetime high.

At the same time, we continued our aggressive network transformation programme under ‘Project Leap’. With 180,000 mobile sites rolled out in the preceding two years, this is one of the largest network rollouts globally. During the year, we also emerged as the only industry player in India, with both 3G and 4G services in all 22 circles.

With the launch of Airtel Payments Bank, we became the first among the licensees to go live in the country. Our wide and deep distribution network will enable us to emerge as a pre-eminent driver of financial inclusion and mobile banking in the country in the coming years.

On the African front, we gained further momentum during the year as Airtel Africa turned Profit before Tax (PBT) positive for the first time. Our strategic initiatives in the continent focused on optimising distribution, elevating network experience for customers and building a rational cost structure. The result was an encouraging financial performance.

Across the countries of our presence, we continue to improve our offerings, systems and processes to provide our customers an experience that is best-in-class. At the same time, our focus on community and sustainability initiatives remains unwavering.

We are competing strongly in the fourth industrial era across parts of the world, while driving progress and prosperity for millions of people.

With smart network and smarter experiences.



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