Airtel Secure FAQS

Q1. What kind of damage is covered under the Airtel Secure plan?

We cover accidental and liquid damage .Please do go through the video to understand what constitutes accidental and liquid damage and what kind of damages are not covered.

Q2. Can I change the device after taking Airtel Secure Plan?

Yes, you can change the device, however, the charges may change

Q3. What all benefits are offered with Airtel Secure Plan?

Airtel Secure Plan offers

  1. Mobile repairs in case of accidental damage
  2. Door step pick-up and Delivery

Q4. How do I activate Airtel Secure Plan on my device?

To activate Airtel Secure Plan open/ download My Airtel App. Click on the Airtel Secure banner & follow the instructions to activate.


  • Airtel Postpaid (Retail / CoIP only excluding child / data card)
  • Device age should be less than 1 years (invoice date will be considered)
  • > 18 Yr at the time of enrollment
  • Smartphone (Android and iOS)

Q5. What is the validity of Airtel Secure Plan?

The validity of the damage protection is for a year from enrollment however rental is charged on monthly basis. Your membership terms and other benefits will be applicable post charging of monthly rental.

Q6. Which all device brands are eligible for Airtel Secure Plan?

Airtel Secure Plan is available for all major mobile brands which are serviced and repaired in INDIA or brands that have Authorized Service center in INDIA. Some of the brands are below mentioned:

Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, HTC, Sony, Google, Micromax, Xolo, Lenovo, Motorola, Asus, LETV, Nokia, Microsoft, OnePlus, Meizu and Gionee.

Q7. I bought my device from a location outside INDIA, how can I protect it under Airtel Secure Plan?

Airtel Secure Plan is available only for devices which are bought in INDIA via authorized sales channels.

Q8. When can I claim damage protection under Airtel Secure Plan?

You will be eligible for a claim after 15 days of activation of your membership.

Devices that have undergone unauthorized repair and contain non genuine parts will be rejected for claim.

Q9. When should I file a claim if my phone is accidentally damaged?

You can file the claim within 48hrs of discovering the damage by logging on to

In case you are not able to file the claim, please call Airtel Customer Care at 121 within 48 hours to intimate else the same will not be admissible by the Insurance Partner.

Q10. I am 13 years old, can I subscribe for Airtel Secure Plan?

This plan is applicable only for Indian Citizen above 18 years of age.

Q11. I broke my device accidently do I need to pay for the repair?

If you are an active subscriber (paid monthly rental for Airtel secure plan) then you need not worry about repair. OneAssist will arrange to pick up the device from your doorstep, get it repaired from an authorized service center and deliver it back to you. You will only be required to pay very minimal excess charge i.e. 10% of insured charges as per the terms & condition of the Plan.

Q12. I bought a new device, can I transfer my Airtel Secure Plan membership to my new device?

Yes, you can transfer your membership to your new device via My Airtel App. However, plan cover and monthly charges may vary based on your device details.

Q13. How can I cancel my monthly membership of Airtel Secure Plan?

You can cancel your membership anytime via My Airtel App (Manage section of Airtel Secure) or by sending SMS >STOP< to 121, or by calling 155223

Q14. How is my device coverage amount arrived at?

Your device coverage is calculated basis the device details like make and model of your device and device price. Amount will be advised at the time of plan activation.

Q15 (a). How many claims can I raise during my membership tenure?

You can raise maximum one claim during your membership tenure as per the Terms & Condition of the plan, provided your claim is not a total loss or BER (Beyond Economic Repair) claim.

Q15 (b)What is Beyond Economic Repair?

BER is a case where device is damaged to an extent where repair is not possible.

Q16. My device is accidentally broken, how can I raise the claim?

You need to file for the claim on My Airtel App or logon to

Following are the documents you will require for filing the claim online

  1. Duly filled and signed claim Form
  2. Any Govt. ID proof (Self attested)
  3. Pictures of Damaged device
  4. Device Purchase invoice

Q17. I have raised the claim, where do I need to submit my device for repair?

Once you successfully raised the claim with all required documents on , OneAssist team will call you to collect the device & duly signed forms from your doorstep.

In case doorstep service is not available in your area, OneAssist will arrange it to be picked via their courier partner from your doorstep. In case we are not able to send our courier partner to your location, you will need to courier the device to our address. We will reimburse the courier cost to you basis the scanned invoice that you will need to share with us.

Please keep the below print outs ready to be handover / couriered to the OneAssist team

  1. Duly filled and signed claim Form
  2. Any Govt. ID proof (Self attested)
  3. Pictures of Damaged device
  4. Device Purchase invoice

>Information for an Apple customer<

In Case of claim for Apple Customer (De-active the device after signing in to the apple ID)
In case of Apple device it is mandatory for the customer to deactivate their Apple ID from device and relevant places before giving their device for repair/replacement. OneAssist may return the damaged device unrepaired in case Apple ID is not deactivated.

Q18. My device is stolen, can I claim it under Airtel Secure Plan?

Airtel Secure Plan does not cover theft and loss. It only provides coverage against accidental and liquid damage.

Q19. How can I check the status of my claim?

You can check the status of your claim on My Airtel App in the Manage section

Q20. How much is the excess amount that I need to pay and how?

You will be required to pay 10% of your Insured Value as an excess charge. Excess amount depends on your insured value or repair cost once the estimate is approved. Before sending the device for repair, One Assist will send you a link on your registered Email ID to make the payment.

Q21. Which all documents I am required to provide while filling claim?

You are required to provide the following documents:

  1. Duly filled and signed claim Form
  2. Any Govt. ID proof (Self attested)
  3. Pictures of Damaged device
  4. Device Purchase invoice

On case to case basis, Insurance Partner may ask for some additional document or information if deemed necessary.

Q22. How do I protect multiple devices?

You can opt for Airtel Secure Plan on 2 different mobile number and secure both the devices. There is only one plan per mobile number

Q23. What happens if I want to convert from postpaid to prepaid?

Your current Airtel Secure Plan will lapse and can't be reactivated.

Q24. Does the monthly payment get auto debited or do I need to recharge every month?

Rental will be charged in the monthly invoice for postpaid account.

Q25. What happens if my claim gets rejected? Can I reapply?

You can re-apply for the claim once in a year, however, for a different reason.

Q26. What happens to my personal data which is there in the device? How will you ensure the same is not misused?

Please take back up of your personal data before you hand over the device as during repair it could be formatted.

Q27. Will my plan benefit / coverage / charges be changed in mid-cycle?

Change of plan charges, if any, will be intimated to you by Airtel. Typically plan charges might change when you change your device.

Q28. Do I handover the device to the courier agent who has come to collect the device? Is he an authorized service representative of yours?

One Assist will call you to coordinate the pick-up and delivery of your device. You may hand over the device to the courier partner that they send to your location.

Q29. Is this full rental or pro-rate rental?

You will be charged full rental.

Q30. What will happen if I keep my mobile in safe custody or opt for MNP / Post to Pre / Pre to Post / Voluntary Churn?

If your device is in safe custody, then you will continue to pay monthly charge. In case of other options, subscription will be cancelled.

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