Amazon Prime Recharge Plans

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Amazon Prime
Subscription for 30 days
100MB Data

Unlimited Calling Packs

Amazon Prime
Subscription for 28 days
2.5GB/day for 28 days

30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition is only available with Airtel Prepaid recharge packs. Offer subject to change. Terms and Conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prime Video Mobile Edition (PVME)?

Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition (hereafter referred as “PVME”) is a stand-alone offering from Amazon that offers customers access to Amazon Prime Video's entire catalogue of movies and TV shows at an affordable price on a mobile device. It is a single user, mobile only, SD quality plan to watch enjoy blockbuster entertainment anywhere, anytime!

What is the Airtel – PVME offer?

a. With the Airtel – PVME offer, any Airtel Thanks Prepaid customer can avail 30 days of PVME subscription free of cost via their Airtel Thanks app

b. To check whether you are an Airtel Thanks member, simply download the Airtel Thanks app and login via your Airtel number

How can I avail this offer?

a. Download the Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone, simply head over to the “Discover #airtelThanks” section, therein you’ll see the “PVME” tile, tap on it and follow the steps to claim your offer.

b. In order to avail this offer you will need to be a #airtelThanks member

c. To check whether you are an Airtel Thanks member, simply download the Airtel Thanks app and login via your Airtel number

How many times can I claim this offer?

a. You can claim this offer only once for every eligible Prepaid number that you have

b. You will also need to have an Amazon account to watch shows and movies on PVME

Can this offer be availed through any mode or channel like Paytm, Amazon Pay, PhonePe, Google Pay etc.?

While you can recharge with eligible plans from any of offline or online mode including the above mentioned methods, you cannot claim the offer from these modes. In order to claim your offer, you can do one of the following:

  • Go to Airtel Thanks app -> click on Discover #airtelThanks icon on top right corner of the home page -> Click on PVME tile on Thanks page -> complete Amazon sign-up/sign-in to claim the offer
  • Post recharge of an eligible pack, you will receive an SMS with the link to activate your 30 day PVME free trial.
I recharged with a 28 day pack on 1st but signed up for PVME offer on 10th , what will be the validity of PVME?

You will get 30 days of PVME free trial irrespective of your recharge validity, as long as you are an Airtel Thanks Prepaid customer. Thus, you will enjoy PVME offer till 10th of next month.

What if I port out of Airtel or downgrade? Will my PVME subscription continue?

a. In case you downgrade your plan out of Airtel Thanks your PVME subscription will still continue till its 30-day validity period

b. However, in case you port out of Airtel to any competition operator your PVME subscription will cease immediately

If I already have an existing Amazon Prime subscription, can I still avail the offer?

No, in case your Prepaid number is linked to an active Amazon Prime subscription then you will not be able to claim PVME through that number

Can I take this offer on multiple devices using same phone number?

No. You can take the offer only once for a single Prepaid number

How do I continue with PVME after the offer period is over?

We hope you had a great month of entertainment with the Airtel PVME offer - Once your 30 days subscription is over you can purchase the following “Airtel Amazon PVME packs” as per your need, and if you want the full Amazon Prime experience that has blockbuster entertainment, free-fast shipping, we’ve got your covered there too:

Airtel Prepaid packs with PVME subscription Airtel Prepaid packs with full Amazon Prime subscription
Rs. 89 – 6GB data + PVME subscription
Rs. 299 – Unlimited calls, 1.5GB per day + PVME subscription, 28 days validity
Rs. 131 – 100MB data + Amazon Prime subscription, 30 days validity
Rs. 349 – Unlimited calls, 2GB per day + Amazon Prime subscription, 28 days validity
How will I know the status like validity, expiry date etc. of my PVME subscription?

You can simply check these details on "Discover #airtelThanks” section of your Airtel Thanks app

What is the difference between PVME and Amazon Prime?

a. PVME provides you with entertainment on only a single mobile device, vs. Amazon Prime membership can be used on 3 devices simultaneously and on larger screens such as tablets, PCs and TV

b. Additionally, with PVME you are restricted to SD quality (vs HD/UHD on Prime Video)

c. There is no difference in the movies/shows catalogue: you can watch the same shows on PVME as on Amazon Prime

d. Amazon Prime membership also includes exclusive deals on shopping, free fast delivery. ad-free music, and more.

How can I watch Amazon Prime Video content after taking this offer?

You can download Amazon Prime Video app from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store to stream all movies and shows on Prime Video.

Will I be required to complete PVME/Prime activation journey every time I recharge with a PVME / Prime pack?

No, once activated, you can enjoy PVME/Amazon Prime benefits without re-reactivation, as long as you are recharging with one of the above recharge packs within 90 days from the date of expiry of PVME/Prime packs or the FT offer. In case, you recharge with the next PVME/Prime recharge packs after 90 days of the previous recharge, re-activation is required, and you will have to follow the full PVME/Amazon Prime activation journey.

I do not have an Amazon account. Can I still avail this offer?

a. Yes, you can avail this offer. Simply create a new Amazon account by visiting “”