What is NETC FASTag

FASTag with Airtel Payments Bank is a simple to use, reloadable tag which enables automatic deduction of toll charges and lets you pass through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transaction. The tag employs Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology and is affixed on the vehicle’s windscreen after the tag account is active. This program is part of the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) initiative, rolled out by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) under the guidelines of National Highways Authority of India(NHAI) & and Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL). FASTag is a perfect solution for a hassle free trip on national highways. FASTag is presently operational at 400 toll plazas across national and state highways.

Benefits of FASTag

A FASTag is fixed on front windscreen of the vehicles which enables one to drive through toll plazas without stopping for cash transactions. FASTag has a validity period of five years which can be recharged as and when required after initial purchase once.

Save Fuel & Time with FASTag

FASTag is read by the tag reader at the plaza and the toll amount is deducted automatically, when the vehicle approaches the toll plaza. The vehicle with FASTag doesn’t need to stop at the toll plaza for the cash transaction

Prepaid Toll Pass

No need to carry cash. Customer doesn’t need to worry about carrying cash for the toll payments.

Manage FASTag option

Customer can access FASTag related transactions from app and internet banking.

SMS alerts for transactions

Customer will receive SMS on his registered mobile number for all transactions done with FASTag

Online Recharge FASTag

Customer may recharge his tag online through Credit Card/ Debit Card or Net Banking

Fees and Charges

The charges applicable on Airtel Payments Bank Tag are as follows:

Tag Joining Fee (One-time Fee)100/- ( including all applicable taxes)
Tag Re-issuance Fee (One-time Fee)100/- ( including all applicable taxes)
One-time Security Deposit Amount
Vehicle ClassTag ColorsDescriptionSecurity Deposit (in Rs.)Threshold Amount (in Rs.)
Car / Jeep / Van 200150
Light Commercial vehicle 2-axle200300
Bus– 3 axle 200500
Truck - 3 axle 200500
Bus 2 axle / Mini bus, Truck 2 axle 200500
Tractor / Tractor with trailer, Truck 4, 5 & 6 -axle 200500
Truck 7-axle and above 200500
Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machinery 200700
Please note:

- GST applicable from time to time, will be levied on the aforementioned charges

- Convenience fee will be applicable for online recharge.

- Charges mentioned above are subject to change.

- Threshold amount is the minimum recharge amount to be done at the time of tag activation

- The above mentioned tag deposit rates would be applicable as per your vehicle class and will be refunded to only KYC Customers at the time of FASTag account closure.

- Toll amount will be deducted as per the applicable amount, depending on the vehicle class and the plaza used. Charges mentioned above are subject to change.

Active toll plazas

Find here the list of toll plazas on NH-8 where FASTag is currently active. More toll plazas will be added to the FASTag program in the future.

Sl. No.Plaza CodePlaza NamePlaza CityPlaza StatePlaza Type
11002L&T VadodraVadodaraGujaratNational
22001IRB BoriachNavsariGujaratNational
32002IRB CharotiPalgharMaharashtraNational
42003IRB BhagwadaValsadGujaratNational
52004IRB ChoryasiSuratGujaratNational
62005Ahmedabad Toll PlazaAhmedabadGujaratNational
72006Ahmedabad (Ring Road) Toll PlazaAhmedabadGujaratNational
82007Nadiad Toll PlazaKhedaGujaratNational
92008Anand Toll PlazaAnandGujaratNational
102009Vadodara Toll PlazaVadodaraGujaratNational
158001Jaipur PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
168002Kishangarh PlazaAjmerRajasthanNational
179001Shahjahanpur Toll PlazaAlwarRajasthanNational
189002Manoharpura Toll plazaJaipurRajasthanNational
199003Daulatpura Toll PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
2010001Kavalias Toll PlazaBhilwaraRajasthanNational
2110003Rithola Toll PlazaChittaurgarhRajasthanNational
2210004Narayanpura Toll PlazaUdaipurRajasthanNational
2310008Kathpur Toll PlazaSabarkathaGujaratNational
2413001SriPerumbadurKanchipuramTamil NaduNational
2513002ChennasamaduramVelloreTamil NaduNational
2614001Ambala ChandigarhSahibzada Ajit Singh NagarPunjabNational
2915003ChillakalluKrishnaAndhra PradeshNational
3317001Karjeevanhally Toll PlazaTumkurKarnatakaNational
3417002Guilalu Toll PlazaChitradurgaKarnatakaNational
3518001Vikkravandi Toll PlazaVillupuramTamil NaduNational
3619001SENGURICHI TOLL PLAZAVillupuramTamil NaduNational
3719002THIRUMANDURAI TOLL PLAZAPerambalurTamil NaduNational
3821001Amakthadu toll plazaKurnoolAndhra PradeshNational
3921002Kasepalli toll plazaAnantapuramAndhra PradeshNational
4021003Marur toll plazaAnantapuramAndhra PradeshNational
4122001KappalurMaduraiTamil NaduNational
4222003SalaipudurThoothukudiTamil NaduNational
4323001Nandgaon Toll PlazaAmravatiMaharashtraNational
4424001MANSAR TOLL PLAZANagpurMaharashtraNational
4624003NAGPUR BYPASS CHECK TOLL PLAZANagpurMaharashtraNational
4724004BORKHEDI TOLL PLAZAWardhaMaharashtraNational
4825001Karanja Toll PlazaWardhaMaharashtraNational
4926001Korai Toll PlazaAgraUttar PradeshNational
5027001Khalghat Toll PlazaDharMadhya PradeshNational
5128001Barajore toll plazaKanpur DehatUttar PradeshNational
5228002Anantram Toll PlazaAuraiyaUttar PradeshNational
5331001Barkheda Toll PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
5431002Sonwa Toll PlazaTonkRajasthanNational
5533001Daffi Toll PlazaVaranasiUttar PradeshNational
5633002Mohania Toll PlazaKaimurBiharNational
5733003Sasaram Toll PlazaRohtasBiharNational
5834001Raikal Toll PlazaMahabubnagarTelanganaNational
5936001Samayapuram Toll PlazaTiruchirappalliTamil NaduNational
6039001L&T PANIPATPanipatHaryanaNational
6140001Khaniwade Toll PlazaPalgharMaharashtraNational
6242001Vijayamangalam Toll PlazaErodeTamil NaduNational
6344001TASAWADE TOLL PLAZASataraMaharashtraNational
6444002Kini Toll PlazaKolhapurMaharashtraNational
6545001Guduru Toll PlazaNalgondaTelanganaNational
6646001Bijapur Toll PlazaBijapurKarnatakaNational
6746002Nagarhalla Toll PlazaBagalkotKarnatakaNational
6847001Tatiawas Toll PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
6948001Sullurpet Plaza (NH- 16), (old NH-5)NelloreAndhra PradeshNational
7048002Budhanam Plaza (NH- 16),(old NH-5)NelloreAndhra PradeshNational
7148003Nellore Plaza (NH- 16), (old NH-5)NelloreAndhra PradeshNational
7248004Keesara Plaza (NH-65), (old NH-9)VijaywadaAndhra PradeshNational
7349001Kaza Toll Plaza MangalgiriGunturAndhra PradeshNational
7453001Gondkhairi PlazaNagpurMaharashtraNational
7554001Patas PlazaPuneMaharashtraNational
7654002Sardewadi PlazaRaigadMaharashtraNational
7755001Ponnambalapatti PlazaTiruchirappalliTamil NaduNational
7856001Kozhinjiipatti PlazaDindigulTamil NaduNational
7957001Rasampalayam PlazaNamakkalTamil NaduNational
8058001Mettupatti PlazaSalemTamil NaduNational
8158002Nathakkarai PlazaSalemTamil NaduNational
8259001Thiruparaithurai PlazaTiruchirappalliTamil NaduNational
8359002Manavasi PlazaKarurTamil NaduNational
8460001Krishnagiri PlazaKrishnagiriTamil NaduNational
8561001Anewadi Toll PlazaSataraMaharashtraNational
8661002Khed-Shivapur Toll PlazaPuneMaharashtraNational
8762001Srinagar Toll PlazaPalwalHaryanaNational
8862002Mahuvan Toll PlazaMathuraUttar PradeshNational
8963101BellupadaIcchapuramAndhra PradeshNational
9068001AgnampadiVishakhapatnamAndhra PradeshNational
9172002PottipaduKrishnaAndhra PradeshNational
9273001Bollapalli Toll PlazaPrakasamAndhra PradeshNational
9373002Tangatur Toll PlazaPrakasamAndhra PradeshNational
9473003Musunur Toll PlazaNelloreAndhra PradeshNational
9779001Sakapur Toll plazaMahabubnagarTelanganaNational
100104001Makrauli Kalan Toll PlazaRohtakHaryanaNational
101104002Dahar Toll PlazaPanipatHaryanaNational
102107002Ghanghri Toll PlazaGiridihJharkhandNational
104116001Plaza 1 @ Km 14+825Bangalore RuralKarnatakaNational
105116003Devanahalli Toll PlazaBangalore RuralKarnatakaNational
106120002Kadabhalli (Kirasave) Toll PlazaMandyaKarnatakaNational
107125002ChoundhaMorenaMadhya PradeshNational
108125003Baretha or JajauAgraUttar PradeshNational
109126001MehraGwaliorMadhya PradeshNational
110127003TitarpaniSagarMadhya PradeshNational
111127004BakoriDamohMadhya PradeshNational
112129001RamnagarShivpuriMadhya PradeshNational
113129002RakshaJhansiUttar PradeshNational
114130001GunaGunaMadhya PradeshNational
115131001Jamli Toll PllazaBarwaniMadhya PradeshNational
117138001Sendurwafa toll plazaBhandaraMaharashtraNational
120140001Chandwad toll plazaNashikMaharashtraNational
121140002Laling toll plazaDhuleMaharashtraNational
122142001Ghoti toll plazaNashikMaharashtraNational
123142002Arjunalli toll plazaThaneMaharashtraNational
124148001Manguli Toll PlazaCuttackOdishaNational
125152001Srirampur toll plazaJajpurOdishaNational
126154001Gharonda Toll PlazaKarnalHaryanaNational
127155001Chandimandir Toll PlazaPanchkulaHaryanaNational
128157001BSC-C&C Kurali Toll PlazaRupnagarPunjabNational
129158001Harsa Mansar Toll PlazaHoshiarpurPunjabNational
135164001Sikandra Toll PlazaDausaRajasthanNational
136164002Rajadhok Toll PlazaJaipurRajasthanNational
139167001Vaniyambadi Toll PlazaVelloreTamil NaduNational
140167002Pallikonda Toll PlazaVelloreTamil NaduNational
141169001L&T Krishnagiri Thopur Toll PlazaDharmapuriTamil NaduNational
142170001VelanchettiyurDindigulTamil NaduNational
143173001ParanurKanchipuramTamil NaduNational
144176001ValvanthankottaiTiruchirappalliTamil NaduNational
145176002ElliyarpathyVirudhunagarTamil NaduNational
146176003PudurpandiyapuramThoothukudiTamil NaduNational
147178001LembalakudiPudukkottaiTamil NaduNational
148178002LechchumanapattiPudukkottaiTamil NaduNational
149180001Tundla Toll PlazaFirozabadUttar PradeshNational
150180002Gurau (Formerly Semra Atikabad) Toll PlazaFirozabadUttar PradeshNational
151181002Vighakhet Toll PlazaLalitpurUttar PradeshNational
152188001Chamari Toll PlazaJalaunUttar PradeshNational
153189001AIT Toll PlazaJalaunUttar PradeshNational
154190001SEMRI Toll PlazaJhansiUttar PradeshNational
155191001Dasna Toll plazaGhaziabadUttar PradeshNational
156193001Brijghat Toll PlazaHapurUttar PradeshNational
157196001Itaunja Toll PlazaSitapurUttar PradeshNational
158197001Khairabad Toll PlazaSitapurUttar PradeshNational
159199001KOKHRAJ (Sirohi) Toll PlazaKaushambiUttar PradeshNational
160199002HANDIYA (Sujala ) Toll PlazaAllahabadUttar PradeshNational
161199003Nawabganj Toll PlazaAllahabadUttar PradeshNational
162199004SORAON Toll PlazaAllahabadUttar PradeshNational
163199005SAHSON Toll PlazaAllahabadUttar PradeshNational
164203001PalsitBardhamanWest BengalNational
165203002DankuniHooghlyWest BengalNational
166204001Rajchandrapur Toll PlazaHowrahWest BengalNational
167205001Jaladhulagori toll plazaHowrahWest BengalNational
168205002Debra toll plazaWest MedinipurWest BengalNational
169207001SurjapurUttar DinajpurWest BengalNational
170208001SonapetyaPurba MedinipurWest BengalNational
171210001Chandermore PlazaMurshidabadWest BengalNational
172210002Shibpur PlazaMurshidabadWest BengalNational
173211001Barsoni Toll PlazaPurniaBiharNational
174214002Milanpur Toll PlazaBetulMadhya PradeshNational
175216001Sivaya Toll PlazaMeerutUttar PradeshNational
176217002Mandal Toll PlazaTapiGujaratNational
177218001Dakhina Shekpur Toll PlazaRae BareliUttar PradeshNational
182230001IVRCL Chengapally Tollways LimitedTiruppurTamil NaduNational
183231001Methoon Toll PlazaJhalawarRajasthanNational
184233001Kishorepura Toll PlazaKotaRajasthanNational
185234002Chagalmarri Toll PlazaKurnoolAndhra PradeshNational
186235001Mandawara Toll PlazaRajsamandRajasthanNational
187235002Negadiya Toll PlazaRajsamandRajasthanNational
188238001ChikhalikalaBetulMadhya PradeshNational
190239100LUHARLI Toll plazaGautam Buddh NagarUttar PradeshNational
191239101GABHANA TollplazaAligarhUttar PradeshNational
192239300Unguturu Toll PlazaWest GodavariAndhra PradeshNational
193239500Surathkal Toll PlazaDakshina KannadaKarnatakaNational
194239700PamPamPallam Toll PlazaPalakkadKeralaNational
195239800Balgudar Toll PlazaLakhisaraiBiharNational
196240000Patanswangi Toll PlazaNagpurMaharashtraNational
197241200Bhiknoor Toll PlazaNizamabadTelanganaNational
198241300Runni Shaidpur Toll PlazaSitamarhiBiharNational
199241400Guabari Toll PlazaAlipurduarWest BengalNational
200241800Nuruddinpur toll plazaAmethiUttar PradeshNational
201241801KunwarpurJaunpurUttar PradeshNational
202241900Lakholi Toll PlazaRaipurChhattisgarhNational
203242000Madina Toll PlazaRohtakHaryanaNational
204242001Mayar Toll PlazaHisarHaryanaNational
205120001Shantigrama Toll PlazaHassanKarnatakaNational
206213001Gadoi Toll PlazaJunagadhGujaratNational
207213002Dari Toll PlazaGir SomnathGujaratNational
208217001Bhatia Toll PlazaSuratGujaratNational
209144001Diengpasoh Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
210237001Pahammawlein Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
211239600Nangli Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
212106001Bann Toll PlazaUdhampurJ&KNational
21324400018th Mile Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
214244001Gazole Toll PlazaRi-BhoiMeghalayaNational
2155001Shedung Toll PlazaShedungMaharashtraState
2165002Khalapur Toll PlazaKhalapurMaharashtraState
2175004Kusgaon Toll PlazaKusgaonMaharashtraState
2185005Talegaon Toll PlazaTalegaonMaharashtraState
219245001SONWAY Toll PlazaIndoreMadhya PradeshNational
230550011Pedda AmberpetHyderabadTelanganaState
232550013Ravi RyalHyderabadTelanganaState
236550017Rajendra NagarHyderabadTelanganaState
239320013ALEP Main Plaza 21FatehabadUttar PradeshState
240320014ALEP Ramp Plaza 27FatehabadUttar PradeshState
241320015ALEP Ramp Plaza 54ShikohabadUttar PradeshState
242320016ALEP Ramp Plaza 77EtawahUttar PradeshState
243320017ALEP Ramp Plaza 92SaifaiUttar PradeshState
244320018ALEP Ramp Plaza 108EtawahUttar PradeshState
245320019ALEP Ramp Plaza 116EtawahUttar PradeshState
246320020ALEP Ramp Plaza 154SaurikhUttar PradeshState
247320021ALEP Ramp Plaza 171Taki GramUttar PradeshState
248320022ALEP Ramp Plaza 193KannaujUttar PradeshState
249320023ALEP Ramp Plaza220KanpurUttar PradeshState
250320024ALEP Ramp Plaza 238UnnaoUttar PradeshState
251320025ALEP Main Plaza 290LucknowUttar PradeshState
2527001Manesar Toll PlazaGurgaonHaryana
2537002IGI Toll PlazaNew DelhiDelhi
25410002Jojro Ka Kheda Toll PlazaChittaurgarhRajasthan
25510005Paduna Toll PlazaUdaipurRajasthan
25610006Khandi Obri Toll PlazaUdaipurRajasthan
25710007Vantada Toll PlazaAravalliGujarat
25820001SURAPATTU TOLL PLAZATiruvallurTamil Nadu
25920002VANAGARAM TOLL PLAZATiruvallurTamil Nadu
26022002EtturvattamVirudhunagarTamil Nadu
26122004NanguneriTirunelveliTamil Nadu
26229001Laxamannath PlazaBangalore RuralKarnataka
26329002Rampura PlazaWest MedinipurWest Bengal
26430001LADPALWAN TOLL PLAZAPathankotPunjab
26530002WARYAM NANGAL TOLL PLAZAAmritsarPunjab
26632001Omalur Toll PlazaSalemTamil Nadu
26735001ELECTRONIC CITY Phase 1Bangalore UrbanKarnataka
26835002ATTIBELLEBangalore UrbanKarnataka
26937001BoothakudiPudukkottaiTamil Nadu
27037002ChittampattiMaduraiTamil Nadu
27138001Pithai Toll PlazaKhedaGujarat
27238002Vavadi Toll PlazaPanchmahalGujarat
27341001JATL Dhilwan Toll PlazaKapurthalaPunjab
27441002JATL Nijjerpura Toll PlazaAmritsarPunjab
27543001Vaiguntham Toll PlazaSalemTamil Nadu
27650001Niyamatpur Ekrotiya Toll PlazaMoradabadUttar Pradesh
27750002Thiriya Khetal Toll PlazaBareillyUttar Pradesh
27851001Sawaleshwar Toll PlazaSolapurMaharashtra
27951002Varwade Toll PlazaSolapurMaharashtra
28052001Pithadiya Toll PlazaRajkotGujarat
28152002Bharudi Toll PlazaRajkotGujarat
28258003Veeracholapuram PlazaVillupuramTamil Nadu
28363001Bhatwada Toll PlazaDahodGujarat
28464001Saukala Toll PlazaAurangabadBihar
28565001MadapamSrikakulamAndhra Pradesh
28666001ChilakpelamSrikakulamAndhra Pradesh
28767001NathavalasaVizianagaramAndhra Pradesh
28869001VempaduVishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
28970001KrishnavaramEast GodavariAndhra Pradesh
29072001KalaparruWest GodavariAndhra Pradesh
29581001Panchvati Colony(Vishakapatnam Port Connectivity)VishakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh
29682001Goshtani Gate of Navy(Vishakapatnam Port Connectivity)VishakapatnamAndhra Pradesh
29885001Asanpur Toll PlazaSupaulBihar
30088001Parsoni KhemPurvi ChamparanBihar
30291001Durg BypassDurgChhattisgarh
30392001Thakurtolla toll plazaRajnandgaonChhattisgarh
30494001KHEMANA TOLL PLAZABanaskanthaGujarat
30595001Varahi Toll PlazaPatanGujarat
30695002Makhel Toll PlazaKutchGujarat
30795003Bhiladi Toll PlazaBanaskanthaGujarat
30895004Bhalgam Toll PlazaBanaskanthaGujarat
30996001Surajbari Toll PlazaKutchGujarat
31097001Vaghasiya Toll PlazaMorbiGujarat
31198001Vanana Toll PlazaPorbandarGujarat
31299001Dhumiyani Toll PlazaRajkotGujarat
313102001UNDVARIYA TOLL PLAZASirohiRajasthan
314103001Jat Gangaicha Toll PlazaRewariHaryana
315103002Dighal Toll PlazaJhajjarHaryana
316107001Rasoiya Dhamna Toll PlazaHazaribaghJharkhand
317108001HAZARIBAGH-RANCHI EXPRESSWAY (Pundag)RanchiJharkhand
319111001Hirebgewadi toll plazaBelagaviKarnataka
323115001Kulumapalya toll plazaBangalore RuralKarnataka
324115002Chokkenahalli toll plazaTumkurKarnataka
325117001Bagepalli Toll PlazaChikballapurKarnataka
326118001Nelamangala Toll PlazaBangalore RuralKarnataka
327118002Bellur Toll PlazaMandyaKarnataka
328119001Hoskote Toll PlazaBangalore RuralKarnataka
329119002Mulbagal Toll PlazaKolarKarnataka
330121001BrahamarakotluDakshina KannadaKarnataka
331123001Paliyekkara Toll plazaThrissurKerala
332124001Kumbalam Toll PlazaErnakulamKerala
333127001MalthoneSagarMadhya Pradesh
334127002ChitoraSagarMadhya Pradesh
335128001AlloniaSeoniMadhya Pradesh
336132001IDTL Toll Plaza-AIndoreMadhya Pradesh
337132002IDTL Toll Plaza-BDewasMadhya Pradesh
340141001Baswant Toll PlazaNashikMaharashtra
341146001SERGARH TOLL PLAZABalasoreOdisha
342147001PANIKOILI TOLL PLAZAJajpurOdisha
343149001Gudipada or Gangapada Toll PlazaKhordhaOdisha
345151001Sambalpur Baragarh TollwaysBargarhOdisha
346154002Sambhu Toll PlazaAmbalaHaryana
347154003Ladowal Toll PlazaLudhianaPunjab
348156001Chiddan Toll PlazaAmritsarPunjab
349159001Chollang Toll PlazaHoshiarpurPunjab
352163001Ludhwai Toll PlazaBharatpurRajasthan
353163002Amoli Toll PlazaBharatpurRajasthan
354168001Nallur Toll PlazaTiruvallurTamil Nadu
355174001AthurKanchipuramTamil Nadu
356177001Pondicherry Tindivanam Toll PlazaVillupuramTamil Nadu
357178003VAGAIKULAM TOLL PLAZAThoothukudiTamil Nadu
358181001Babina Toll PlazaJhansiUttar Pradesh
359182001Salemgarh Toll PlazaKushinagarUttar Pradesh
360183001Muzaina Hetim Toll PlazaKushinagarUttar Pradesh
361184001Tendua Toll PlazaGorakhpurUttar Pradesh
362185001Chaukadi Toll PlazaBastiUttar Pradesh
363186001Mandawnagar Toll PlazaBastiUttar Pradesh
364187001Nawabganj Toll PlazaBareillyUttar Pradesh
365187002Ahmadpur Toll PlazaBarabankiUttar Pradesh
366187003Ronahi Toll PlazaFaizabadUttar Pradesh
367192001Naini Toll PlazaAllahabadUttar Pradesh
368194001Joya Toll PlazaAmrohaUttar Pradesh
369198001Katoghan Toll PlazaFatehpurUttar Pradesh
370200001Lalanagar Toll PlazaSant Ravidas NagarUttar Pradesh
371201001Madrak Toll PlazaAligarhUttar Pradesh
372201002Baros Toll PlazaHathrasUttar Pradesh
373202001Badauri Toll PlazaFatehpurUttar Pradesh
374206001Paschim MadatiDarjeelingWest Bengal
375209001Beliyad toll plazaDhanbadJharkhand
376212001LaxmipuramSrikakulamAndhra Pradesh
377214001Khambara Toll PlazaBetulMadhya Pradesh
378215001Aliyapur Toll PlazaKanpur NagarUttar Pradesh
379215002Khanna Toll PlazaHamirpurUttar Pradesh
380219001Mokha Toll PlazaKutchGujarat
381232001Pipili Toll PlazaPuriOdisha
382234001Palempalli Toll PlazaKadapaAndhra Pradesh
383238002FularaSeoniMadhya Pradesh
384238003JungawaniChhindwaraMadhya Pradesh
385238004JaitpurSeoniMadhya Pradesh
386239200S.V Puram Toll PlazaChittoorAndhra Pradesh
387239201Pattarai Toll PlazaTiruvallurTamil Nadu
388239301Eethakota at Km.946.300East GodavariAndhra Pradesh
389239400Rohad Toll PlazaRohtakHaryana
390239900Raje Toll Plaza (T-2)DarbhangaBihar
391241601Badarpur faridabad Toll plazaFaridabadHaryana
392241700Chhuhipali Toll PlazaMahasamundChhattisgarh
393241701Dhank Toll PlazaMahasamundChhattisgarh
394243000Rupakheda Toll PlazaChittaurgarhRajasthan
395243001Mujras Toll PlazaAhmedabadGujarat
396545001Fanda Toll PlazabhopalMadhya Pradesh
397545002Amlaha Toll PlazaSehoreMadhya Pradesh
398545003Bhourasa Toll PlazaDewasMadhya Pradesh
400284001Mahant ManiyariMuzaffarpurBihar
401375001HasanpurJaipur - KeonjharOdisha
405257001Sasthan Toll PlazaSasthanKarnataka
408312002Bado pattiBado pattiHaryana
411341401Hiwargaon pavasaAhmadnagarMaharashtra
412257003Talapady Toll PlazaTalapadyKarnataka
413257002Hejamadi Toll PlazaHejamadiKarnataka
414341101Chalakwadi  toll plazaPuneMaharashtra
417336001Mandva Toll Plaza (Narmada Bridge)AnkleshwarGujarat
418380002Saidpur PatedhaSaidpur Patedha (Sarai)Bihar
419313001Bhagan Toll PlazaSonipatHaryana
420370001Banskopa PlazaDurgapurWest Bengal
422330007Lambiya KalanJaipurRajasthan
426320001Raibha toll plazaAgraUttar Pradesh
427313002Landhari Toll PlazaHisarHaryana
430360003Palaya Gandharvakottai toll plazaPalaya Gandharvakottai Village Tamil Nadu    
431312005Khuian MalknaSirsaHaryana
433340001Nashik Sinner Tollways LimitedNashikMaharashtra
434318001Mada Fee PlazaMada & NashriJ&K
436340002Tamalwadi Toll PlazaSholapurMaharashtra
437340003Yedashi Toll PlazaOsmanabadMaharashtra
438392001Tand BalidihBokaroJharkhand
439330012Kota Bypass Toll PlazaKotaRajasthan
440312004Bhavdeen PlazaSirsaHaryana
441360002 Shenbagampettai toll plaza Shenbagampettai Village Tamil Nadu    

Is there any limit for recharging my prepaid mobile number through Airtel Payments Bank?

There is a nominal fee for transferring Money to a bank account using the Airtel Payments Bank App which depends on the transaction amount. Please refer below for the charges:

Slab ( in INR) <=5051-1000 1001-20002001-30003001-40004001-5000
Charges ( in INR)220406080100
Slab ( in INR)Charges ( in INR)
  • What are the charges applicable for transferring money to a bank account?
  • While using this app, what is the maximum amount allowed for a single transaction?
  • If I wish to recharge my prepaid mobile phone through Airtel Payments Bank, can I avail ongoing spec ...
  • How long does it take for money to reach my beneficiary?
  • How many days before the due date should I make a bill payment?
  • How do I know money has reached the beneficiary?
  • Is there any limit on the amount of money I can transfer through Airtel Payments Bank?
What is FASTag?

FASTag is a RFID enabled device that can be used to make electronic payments at tolls. It is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle and enables you to pass through the toll without waiting and paying by cash.

IHMCL Helpline Nos

We are pleased to inform that MoRTH/NHAI/IHMCL has launched 1033 helpline number for addressing FASTAG complaints at toll plaza level. Customer can simply dial 1033 from Mobile/Landline for the following issues:

  • Stopped at the plaza for Tag blacklist reason even through Tag is not blacklisted.
  • Plaza not accepting FASTag
  • Plaza is not able to read the Tag
  • Plaza is not supporting for monthly pass issuance
  • Any other applicable issue for FASTag

Terms & Conditons

Airtel Payments Bank FASTag (hereinafter referred as “FASTag”) is a simple and reusable tag based on radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) that can be affixed on vehicle’s windscreen. Each FASTag is linked to a registered Airtel Payments Bank Wallet / Account held with Airtel Payments Bank’s customer, having sufficient money balance to facilitate instant automatic deduction of toll charges. This program is part of the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) initiative rolled out by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) under the guidelines of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) & Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL). The below Terms and Conditions shall apply to the RFID enabled prepaid FASTag (“FASTag”) facility made available to you (“Customer”) by Airtel Payments Bank Limited (“Airtel Payments Bank”). Each customer is eligible for only one FASTag against one vehicle. In case customer approaches Airtel Payments Bank for issuance of new FASTag, customer shall ensure that earlier issued FASTag against the same vehicle are not in use/obsolete and accordingly destroyed or deactivated. Customer shall also inform for the said non-usage and destruction or deactivation of the FASTag to the Bank which has issued the earlier FASTag. In case the customer fails to destroy the previously issued FASTag, the Wallet or Account linked with the respective FASTag/s will continue to be charged for all the active FASTags, until one/previously issued FASTag/s out of all is destroyed/deactivated.

By submitting the application, the Customer shall be deemed to have agreed and accepted the Terms and Conditions contained herein. AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK may issue the Airtel Payments Bank FASTag only to Customers who are duly submitting this application for the FASTag and agreeing to the applicable terms and conditions in the form and manner prescribed by AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK from time to time. The FASTag shall be solely used for the purpose of making applicable toll payments at designated Toll plazas on the highway through the electronic toll collection (“ETC”) enabled lane. The list of designated toll plazas is made available at The Customer who wishes to avail the FASTag shall be required to have standard Airtel Payments Bank Wallet/Savings Account, within which money will be blocked for FASTag. FASTag Wallet shall have predefined monetary limits. Wallet/Savings Account holder may also get access to the FASTag transactions which will be a part of their Airtel Payments Bank Wallet/Savings Account and the maximum monetary limit as specified in the RBI guidelines and amendment from time to time shall apply to the combined limit.

Any charge levied by the establishment on the purchase made by the FASTag linked wallet/account holder using the linked Airtel Payments Bank wallet/Savings Account shall be settled by such Airtel Payments Bank FASTag holder with the establishment directly and AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK shall not be responsible for the same. All spends by Wallet/Account holder - for FASTag should be in compliance with the applicable laws. Wallet/Account holder agree that FASTag balance shall be used for the purpose of purchase of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) enabled toll tickets from relevant establishments who have agreed to redeem the amount from the FASTag Wallet section and have an arrangement with AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK in this regard. Airtel Payments Bank FASTag can also be purchased through E-commerce channel. Once customer provide the necessary details, FASTag to be sent to Customer through courier services at the address provided by the Customer. Based on the information provided by the customer through the online form, customer’s Airtel Payments Bank FASTag will be allocated to the Vehicle as per the detail provided by the Customer. Customer has to provide the original vehicle registration copy for tag issuance activity.

AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK may ask for other necessary details as in vehicle details, photograph of vehicle with FASTag affixed on it, as part of documents for Airtel Payments Bank FASTag activation in order to validate the documents. FASTag Wallet holder shall prior to availing the FASTag Wallet services from AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK obtain appropriate advice and shall familiarize himself with the associated risks and all the terms and conditions pertaining to the FASTag Wallet Service. FASTag Wallet holder further verify all facts and statutory provisions and seek appropriate professional advice including the relevant tax implications. The FASTag holder agrees that he/she will not use the Airtel Payments Bank FASTag for payment of any illegal/unlawful purchase/purposes. In case of termination/cancellation of single FASTag mapped under wallet having multiple FASTag issued, FASTag service will continue. The FASTag holder shall agree to submit all the documents with the AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK as directed from time to time, to meet KYC / KYV / KYB norms in compliance with the relevant extant guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India and National Payments Corporation of India.

The FASTag holder shall forthwith notify the AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK of any change in his/her address for communication as submitted with AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK at the time of activating Airtel Payments Bank FASTag. The responsibility shall be solely of the Customer who is holding FASTag to ensure that AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK has been informed of the correct address for communication. The FASTag holder shall act in good faith at all times in relation to all dealings with the AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK. The FASTag holder shall be fully responsible for any use or misuse of the Airtel Payments Bank FASTag. The FASTag holder shall indemnify AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK to make good any loss, damage, interest, or any other financial charge that AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK may incur and/or suffer, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of FASTag holder committing violations of these Terms and Conditions or breach of law or regulations. The FASTag holder shall indemnify and hold AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK harmless for any / all actions, proceedings, claims, liabilities (including statutory liability), penalties, demands and costs, awards, damages and losses arising out of wrongful use, violation of any law or regulations or cancellation (wrongful or otherwise) of Airtel Payments Bank FASTag Wallet Service.

The Customer, hereby is obliged to inform AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK of any loss or theft of AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK FASTag on immediate basis as and when such loss or theft occurs In case the Customer finds a lost or stolen FASTag, whomsoever it belongs, he or she shall inform AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK immediately. Any loss or theft of the FASTag shall be immediately report to AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK and the Customer stands liable to report the same to the near by Police station and lodge an FIR, if required. The AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK shall at no time be responsible for any liability arising out of or in relation to the lost or stolen FASTag or any misuse of the FASTag by any of the Customers or its representative. FASTag issued to the Customer shall at all times remain the property of AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK and shall be surrendered to AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK, as and when requested by AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK.. In case of any replacement of FASTag, Customer shall be charged with the requisite replacement fee. FASTag is non-transferable instrument but can be cancelled at any point of time as per the policies of AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK. Customer can enquire any concerns related to charges, fees for FASTag at AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK web page ( ) If at any stage Customer’s FASTag threshold balance gets exhausted due to frequent transactions done at the toll plazas and linked wallet/account reaches to a due balance state then such due balance shall be adjusted from the Customer’s security amount deposited at the time of FASTag issuance. Customer holds the right either to suspend or terminate the FASTag services either for the desired period or permanently respectively either by Airtel Payments Bank Customer Support or by web portal.

On termination of the FASTag or FASTag services, customer stands liable to pay any outstanding amount or charges incurred after termination along with the interest accrue thereon, whether reflected in the statement or not. Such amount or any charges payable shall be governed as per AIRTEL PAYEMTNS BANK policy/ process from time to time. The Customer shall continue to be fully liable for AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK for all the charges incurred on the FASTag prior to termination. Notice of termination or request to surrenderthe FASTag shall be deemed given when a notice shall be posted to the mailing address/email ID of the Customer, as per the records Of AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK is received by the Customer through ordinary post/email. The Customer hereby agrees to surrender the FASTag of AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK, whensoever AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK directs the customer to do so. Further, customer shall cease the use of FASTag on immediate effect after receiving the termination notice from AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK. AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK FASTag shall be valid in India only.

The FASTag issued by AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK to the Customer shall be mandatorily affixed on vehicle with the license plate number specified by the Customer in the application. The FASTag is not transferable and only be used for the specific vehicle on which the FASTag has been affixed by the authorized representative of the Bank. For all the online tag issuance request where the tag is dispatched through courier to the vehicle owner, the tag will be affixed by the vehicle owner or issuer’s authorized person. At the time of making the application for issuance of the FASTag, The Customer shall be required to pay a minimum amount (please see web page for information on FASTag charges – as FASTag fee plus applicable taxes, threshold amount and also the security deposit as per the type of the vehicle with a maximum limit of Rs.1, 00,000 (Rupees One Lakh only) at any given point of time or such other limit as may be specified by the AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK subject to Internal and Applicable regulatory and statutory guidelines. Security Deposit will be interest free. The FASTag shall be activated subject to approval of application by the AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK thereby loading the minimum amount in FASTag linked account/wallet by the customer. The said amount shall be loaded in the FASTag after deduction of applicable charges/fees etc., payable by the Customer to AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK for availing the FASTag.

Customer shall ensure to keep the safe custody of FASTag . The Customer shall be bound to comply with these terms and conditions and all the policies stipulated by AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK from time to time in relation to the FASTag. AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK may, at its sole discretion, refuse to accept the application and to issue the FASTag to the Customer. The AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK shall at no time be responsible for any surcharge levied and debits made at the Tolls. All transactions undertaken at a participating Toll plaza shall be conclusive proof that the charge is recorded or such requisition was properly incurred for the amount by Customer using the Airtel Payments Bank FASTag except where the FASTag has been lost, stolen or fraudulently misused, the burden of proof for which shall be on the Customer. Customer shall at no time exceed the expenditure at the toll plaza than the amount available in his or her FASTag linked wallet/account.

AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK reserves the right to bill the Customer for any due balance in its sole discretion. And customer stands liable to pay such bill without any failure. The Customer agrees to pay AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK promptly for the due balance. AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK also reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel/terminate the FASTag under the situation where Customer creates more than one due balance with FASTag. AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK reserves unto itself the absolute discretion to decline to honor the transaction requests on the FASTag, without assigning reason thereof. Customer reserves the right to cancel his/her account / wallet at any time after submitting such documents and information as may be required by the AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK and also return the FASTags. The balance amount (if any) remaining in the related to FASTag would be returned to Customer in his linked Airtel Payments Bank Wallet/Account.

AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK Customer care can be reached for any enquiries pertaining to the FASTag. Customers shall immediately inform the AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK in case they find any irregularities or discrepancies in any transaction undertaken with the FASTag. The Customer will be liable to pay AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK, upon demand, all amounts outstanding from the Customer to AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK. The holding and use of the FASTag will incur fees which will be debited to the balance available in the Airtel Payments Bank Wallet Account. FASTag issuance fee is non-refundable. Any Government charges, duty on debits, or tax payable as a result of the FASTag shall be the Customers responsibility and if such charges, duty on tax shall be imposed upon AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK (Either directly or indirectly), AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK shall debit such charges, duty on tax against the balance available on the FASTag. There will be separate service charges levied for such facilities as may be announced by the bank from time to time and deduct from the balance available on the FASTag. In the situation that the balance available on the FASTag is not sufficient to deduct such fees, the Bank reserves the right to deny in further transactions. The Customer also authorizes AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK to deduct from the balance available on his Airtel Payments Bank Wallet to balance out the FASTag minimum threshold balance, and indemnifies the AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK against any expenses it may occur in collecting money owed to it by the Customer in connection with the FASTag. (Including without limitation reasonable legal fees). AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK may levy services and other charges for use of the FASTag, which will be notified by the Customer from time to time by updating this terms and conditions. The Customer authorizes to recover all charges related to the FASTag as determined by AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK from time to time by debiting the balance available on the Airtel Payments Bank Wallet. Details of the applicable fees and charges as stipulated by AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK shall be displayed on the website.

The Customer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK against all and any claims, suits, liability , damages, losses , costs charges, proceedings, expenses, and actions of any nature whatsoever made or instituted against AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK or incurred by AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK on account of usage of the FASTag. “AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK may, at its sole discretion, utilize the services of external service provider/’s or agent/’s and on such terms as required or necessary, in relation to its products/services AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK shall also provide transactional alerts through short messaging system message on the registered mobile number for that FASTag with the Bank. Customer hereby, irrecoverably authorizes AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK to disclose, exchange, share or part with all the information relating to the Customer/’s details and payment history information and all information pertaining to and contained in the terms and conditions or as expressed in the application made for FASTag affiliates/banks/financial institutions/ credit bureaus/agencies/statutory bodies as may be required and undertakes not to hold AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK/Its affiliates/ the other group companies of AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK and their agents liable for use of the aforesaid information. AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK reserves the right in its absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the terms and conditions, features and benefits offered on the FASTag including, without any limitation to changes which further affect interest charges or rates and methods of calculation at any time. The balance available in the FASTag shall be further utilized for all charges incurred and other obligations under the revised terms and conditions. AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK shall notify/communicate the amended terms and conditions by hosting the same on the FASTag website or any other manner decided by AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK. The Customer shall be responsible for regularly viewing the terms and conditions, including amendments thereto as may be posted on the FASTag website and shall be deemed to have accepted the amended terms and conditions by continuing to use the FASTag.

AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK FASTag Cashback is applicable only for those customers who made successful trips through NHAI plazas. Currently cashback is not applicable for trips made at State plazas. Cashback for FASTAG program is provided by NHAI, kindly refer or to get more details on the list of eligible plazas for Cashback along with applicable cashback percentage for the given financial year.

FASTag would be delivered through courier service to the delivery address provided by the user while purchasing FASTag online. Airtel Payments Bank will endeavor to deliver the FASTag within 14 working days unless the same is delayed due to unavoidable reasons or circumstances. Order once placed, cannot be cancelled.

Save up to 80 hours of time using FASTag. The calculation is based on NPCI data as quoted by Economic Times article dated Feb 27, 2016 published on their website. It assumes 10 minutes saved at tolls twice a day for 6 days a week acrossthe year. Vehicle mileage will drop 4%. If average speed is 40Kmph and petrol price is 73rs/ltr and average distance travel is 40Kms one side every day the saving will be Rs. 8.8 (216.85 – 208.05).

Cashback benefit of up to Rs. 250 takes into assumption the cashback trip of 2.5% of toll amount as per NHAI forFy 2019-20 and average toll charge is assumed to be Rs. 20 only. Cashback is applicable only for successful trips made through NHAI plazas. Currently cashback is not applicable for trips made at State plazas.