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Why buy Digi Gold with Airtel Payments Bank?

24K 99.50% pure gold | Airtel Payments Bank

24K 99.50% pure gold

  • Get pure-gold offered by Safegold with 100% secure storage in brinks vault.
Start with Rs.1 | Airtel Payments Bank

Start with Rs.1

  • Buy gold as per your convenience.
Real Time Confirmation Alerts | Airtel Payements Bank

Internationally competitive price

  • Get the best price on your purchase.
No Exposure to Primary Account | Airtel Payements Bank

Buy & sell anytime, instantly

  • Buy, sell, gift or get gold coin delivered, instantly.

How can I buy Digi Gold?

Enable Airtel Safe Pay
Step 1

Open the Airtel Thanks App

Step 2

Tap on the banking section

Initiate Net banking or UPI
Authorize Alert on Phone
Step 3

Tap on the Digi Gold icon

Step 4

Tap on Buy Gold Icon

Authorize Alert on Phone
Transaction Complete
Step 5

Select to buy Digi Gold in grams

Step 6

Or enter the amount of your choice

Authorize Alert on Phone
Transaction Complete
Step 7

Enter your Mpin to complete the transaction

Step 8

Avail transaction receipt with details

Authorize Alert on Phone
SafeGold is an organised and transparent method of buying 24 carat gold in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. SafeGold is neither a financial product nor a deposit but a method of purchasing gold for your personal needs. You can buy the gold under this plan according to your wish and have complete freedom to seek physical delivery of gold anytime and on as many occasions as you want. Since it is not physically possible to deliver a fractional quantity of gold, minimum quantity for which the delivery is proposed to be made has been kept as low as 1 gram and in multiples of 1 gram. Gold will be purchased on your behalf on the basis of clear funds being made available by you for the transaction. Gold in grams up to 4 decimal places shall be credited to your account.
Digital Gold India Private Limited is institutionally owned by InVent Capital with the World Gold Council as a minority investor (through World Gold Council (India) Private Limited). SafeGold is a product of Digital Gold India Private Limited.
Safegold offers 24 Karat Gold of 995 fineness (99.5% pure).
SafeGold has entered into a relationship with IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited to act as a Security Trustee for all our customers. The Security Trustee is entitled to act on your behalf and ensure that your interests are protected. The Security Trustee will have a charge on the gold associated with accumulations held by you.
The gold associated with the accumulations in your account is separate from the other assets of the SafeGold. IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited, an independent trustee, acts for and on your behalf. The gold purchased by the Company associated with the accumulations in your accounts is held with the Custodian. When you ask for delivery, the requisite quantity of gold will be removed from the Custodian and delivered to you through a reputed courier service. Since the Security Trustee has a charge over the gold, any unlikely adverse event happening to Company will not affect the gold associated with the accumulations in your account. Further, the title of the gold clearly rests with you and the physical gold stored with the Custodian on account of SafeGold customers is not an asset of SafeGold in any way.
You are not obligated to make any fixed or periodic payments.
The secure storage provider (Brink's) has a comprehensive, global insurance policy that includes the insurance cover on your gold stored in their vaults. In addition, SafeGold has an additional insurance policy to cover gold in transit.
Any Indian resident who has an Airtel Payments bank SBA can purchase gold for SafeGold.
The minimum amount of purchase is Re. 1 and Maximum balance that a customer can hold is 25grams.
Digital Gold India Private Limited (the "Company") provides a sell price quote on the platform app. You can choose to sell any amount starting with a minimum of Re. 1 to a maximum of the amount of gold that you own. The sell quote may be temporarily unavailable in the unlikely event of a disruption in the bullion market. Customer would have to select the gold he/she wishes to sell in amount or grams. Then add an account in which they wish to redeem the gold. Once the account is added the customer can go ahead an place the sell order.
SafeGold will publish a live buy-sell quote for you which will be derived from the wholesale bullion market plus a commission to cover operating costs. The actual purchase price paid by you will always be transparently published so that you have a chance to compare with all other sources before entering into a transaction.
If your email address has been provided, an invoice shall be emailed to you as an attachment after each successful transaction. It is also available on the platform, by clicking on the invoice button.
An online statement will be available at all times on the platform.
The gold purchased on your behalf is stored with Brink's the leading safe keeper of precious metals across the world. The gold is insured, both for storage and transit when being delivered to you. Further, IDBI Trusteeship has a charge on all gold stored in the vault in your favour. This ensures that your gold is protected at all times regardless of any external events.
You can store your gold with SafeGold for a period of 7 years from the date of purchase. The custody shall be without charge for the first 24 months, and thereafter, will continue to be stored by SafeGold for a nominal fee to cover storage costs. You will be intimated in advance of being charged the fee, and will have the option to sell or request delivery of your gold at all times.
No, there is no lock-in period from the date of purchase. You can choose to sell any amount of gold at the live sell price starting with minimum of Re. 1/- to maximum of the amount of gold that you own.
No, you cannot have a joint account for SafeGold.
No, you cannot cancel the order once it has been successfully placed on the platform.
In the event of your death, if specifically allowed by SafeGold subject to the required due diligence, the title to your Gold lying in the vault and your account shall transfer to your legal heir.
We will always endeavour to provide you with immediate access to your gold. If, however, your account has been suspended for any reason, we would request you to get in touch with the platform’s customer service centre, in order to reactivate your account and access your gold once again. Customers may get in touch with our customer service centre as a secondary recourse.
You can request delivery for all or part of your gold holding, starting from 0.5 gm, and multiples thereof. You can select the quantity and denomination of the gold you wish to withdraw from the available options of coins. Each coin will have different making charges, based on the weight and design of the coin. You must confirm the transaction by paying the additional making and delivery charge. The coins will be delivered at your notified address by a logistics provider arranged by SafeGold, and you will receive a confirmation on your registered mobile number. The delivery can be tracked at any time by logging into the platform.
Once you place a delivery request, you have to accept the delivery made to you. It cannot be made at a later date.
Yes. you can enter a different address; however, verification of the address change request shall be subject to the platform’s norms. In the event that the new delivery pin code does not fall in our serviceable area, you may have to enter different address.
No, your address on the delivery request, once accepted on the platform, cannot be changed.
No, you cannot cancel the purchase order of gold once it has been successfully placed on the platform.
Once you place a delivery request, you must accept the delivery made to you. It cannot be cancelled or delivered at a later point in time.
In case of delivery of coin/ bar, the shipment will be mandatorily delivered to your registered address as provided by you and confirmed at the time of delivery request. SafeGold maintains a list of serviceable pin codes, and prior to making any purchase. You will be informed whether their pin code is serviceable by the us.
Yes, you will be required to pay the minting/ making charges, delivery charges and applicable taxes. All coins are independently assayed to certify purity and delivered in tamper proof packaging. Charges are as per the table below:
Coin Weight (gms)Minting Charge (₹)
0.5 319
1 360
2 410
5 510
10 699
20 899
No, only you can request for the delivery of physical coins from your SafeGold balance. However, in the event of your death, your legal heir will be able to collect the gold coins by showing their proof of identity of along with the original / notarized copy of the death certificate and proof that the person is your legal heir.
All our coins are hallmarked to certify purity and delivered in tamper proof packaging and are dispatched directly from our premises. The coins are also insured through transit, and checked before delivery to avoid any risk of fraud. However, in case of any discrepancy, please get in touch with our customer service centre.
At the time of deactivation, you will be offered the option to withdraw your SafeGold balance or request for delivery of your gold.
SafeGold is neither a Collective Investment Scheme nor a Deposit. Thus, this plan doesn’t fall under the purview of SEBI or RBI, and there is no regulator for this product offering. To ensure that your interest is of foremost importance, a Security Trustee has been appointed for SafeGold. For any grievances specifically in relation to your gold purchase and related transactions, you can approach the Security Trustee.
Please raise a ticket or get in touch with the platform’s customer service centre, and we’ll respond to any queries you have on your gold account. The platform is available to provide the first level of support and SafeGold shall be available to address any questions/issues that may be escalated.

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