What Is Group Hospital Cash?

Group Hospital Cash is a fixed per day cash benefit paid to the Scheme Member. This cash benefit takes care of all incidental expenses for each day of hospitalisation. This is a fixed amount and not linked to the actual expenses incurred during hospitalisation.

Hospital cash insurance can come in handy, especially to take the burden of hospitalization expenses over and above your existing medical insurance policy and even to compensate on loss of pay. Below, we have elaborated further on this insurance.

Why Should You Buy Group Hospital Cash?

Group Hospital Cash Benefit:

This benefit offers a fixed amount on a daily basis. This amount is paid to the Scheme Member for each day of hospitalization. You can use this amount for paying the hospital bills or meeting daily medication needs.

Over your Medical Insurance:

You can get added benefits with the policy during hospitalization over your regular medical insurance.

Tax Benefit:

Apart from the hospital cash benefit, with this insurance you will also be eligible for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961 as amended from time to time.

Enrollment as a Scheme Member in Real Time:

Policy will be issued in real-time after the prospective Scheme Member completes the transaction, subject to other terms and conditions of the policy.

No Documents Required for Enrollment into the Policy:

Unlike other health insurance policies, for Bharti AXA Group Hospital Cash, you do not require any documentation or identity proof to be submitted to enroll as a Scheme Member under the policy. However, it is advised that you keep valid proof of identity handy as it may be requested by Insurer i.e. Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited.

Group Hospital Cash Plans available on Thanks app

Group Hospital Cash Plans available on Thanks app

SectionsPlan 1Plan 2Plan 3Plan 4Franchise
Hospital Daily Cash INR. 2,000/Day. Max 30 days INR. 3,000/Day. Max 30 days INR. 5,000/Day. Max 30 days INR. 10,000/Day. Max 30 days 2 days
Pre-Existing DiseasesCovered after 12 Months
Sp. Condition waiting periodCovered after 12 Months
Initial Waiting Period - 30 Days Applicable
Premium( incl GST) 5997991299 2499

How to enroll into Bharti AXA Group Hospital Cash?

To enroll into Bharti AXA Group Hospital Cash, user needs to log onto Airtel Thanks app

Visit bank section of Airtel Payments Bank

Select the plan you want to enroll into amongst the options available by agreeing to terms and conditions in a few clicks

Group Hospital Cash Plans available on Banking Point

Group Hospital Cash Plans available on Banking Point

Sections Plan 1 Plan 2 Deductible
Hospital Daily Cash
INR. 500/Day
10 days Max
INR. 1000/Day
10 days Max
Enhanced ICU Cash
INR. 1,000/Day
10 days Max
INR. 2000/Day
10 days Max
Pre-Existing Diseases Covered from Day One
Sp. Condition waiting periodCovered from Day One
Initial Waiting Period - 30 DaysApplicable
Policy Inception DayT+1
Premium (incl GST)199399Nil

How to enroll into Bharti AXA Group Hospital Cash?

To enroll into Bharti AXA Group Hospital Cash policy, prospective eligible customer needs to visit nearest Airtel Payments Bank banking point.

Select the plan you want to enroll into amongst the options available by agreeing to terms and conditions with the assistance of the banking point.

Please use following link to locate nearest store.


Please refer to the terms and conditions and policy schedule for more details.


As the name suggests, the hospital daily cash plan is a health plan which provides a fixed allowance for each day you are hospitalized.The amount paid is fixed at the time of policy issuance.The plan is a defined benefit plan in the sense that it pays a fixed amount irrespective of the actual amount of expense.
No you don’t require to take any medical tests. You just fill the form on the App, complete the payment and your coverage starts from the next day.
Coverage under this policy will be extended for a period of 1 year from the coverage inception date. The coverage start & end date is stated in the COI.
Anyone between the age group of 18-60 can opt for this policy.
Yes, there is an initial waiting period of 30 days from the inception date.
You may visit APB banking point or Airtel Payments Bank app to opt for this product.
You may submit your request on APB customer care or vide email on apbsupport@bhartiaxa.com or any other touch points visiting branch or calling our toll free no. 1800 103 2292.
The sum insured can vary from Rs 500/day to Rs 10000/day basis the plan opted.
Definitely. You can claim full amount irrespective of your actual expenses. If your policy coverage is Rs 2,000/day then in this case you get Flat Rs 6000 for 3 days.
Franchise means the company is not responsible for claim under the policy if the Hospitalization stay does not exceed 48 completed Hours, but is responsible to cover the risk from the first day if the hospitalization exceeds 48 hours subject to policy terms and conditions.
Our call centre no. is 1800 103 2292
Absolutely not. While you can claim benefits of this policy on top of your existing personal or corporate health plan, you don’t need to have any existing policy to avail these benefits.
Any request raised will be catered within T+2 Working Days ( T been request received date ).
This policy covers pre existing diseases after 12 months of waiting period.
Policyholder/ Insured has a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the Policy document.