Do you pay multiple bills for DTH, Mobile, and Wi-Fi? Here’s what you need

With the digital boom, there has been a seismic shift from the physical to the virtual realm. Professional endeavours and personal establishments are now conducted online, thus calling for faster and better cybernetic networks.

To keep up with these hyper-connected times of today, it has become indispensable to own a reliable DTH, Mobile, and Wi-Fi connection. However, with this need for more networks, keeping track of bills and payments has become even more cumbersome than before.

Each service further comes with a different due date that can easily slip your mind if you don’t keep track of it correctly. The result? You are left hankering over deadlines and paying multiple bills each month. If you are looking for a solution, consider Airtel Black - India’s first converged plan for premium homes.

Combine DTH, Mobile, and Wi-Fi Bills Under One Common Plan

Introduced to offer premium bundled services to customers, Airtel Black is the latest offering by Airtel. It aims to provide convenience and a range of privileges to Airtel customers, such as free access to OTT platforms, discounted international roaming, improved content offerings, and more.

However, one of its most exciting features is the option to receive one bill for more than one connection. Simply put, it enables bundling of multiple Airtel services -including DTH, Mobile, and Wi-Fi under one common bill or as a single account. Customers are thereby liberated from the hassle of making multiple payments or keeping track of numerous bill cycles.

The functionality comes at the back of customer feedback demanding a single bill for all Airtel Services and aims to extend convenience and more value to users. The feature is exclusively available to Airtel Black members as of date.

Other Airtel Black Features to Look For:

Besides the convenience of a single bill for all services, Airtel Black offers a range of additional features as mentioned below:

  • Premium Customer Support: With the Airtel Black plan, users access premium customer support via a single call centre. Customers can get in touch with an Airtel advisor within 60 seconds or less or receive an instant call-back.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager: No more waiting endlessly to get through customer service! The Airtel Black package comes with a dedicated relationship team who are well-trained, well-informed and proficient, ensuring instant handling and priority resolution of queries.
  • Priority Resolution: With the WFH routines, downtimes can be a nightmare. However, the Airtel Black plan features proactive and priority resolution for all services with faster restoration and service request management.
  • Free Service Visits: Resolve connection errors or upgrade your plan with ease. With Airtel Black, users can enjoy free service visits any number of times. The feature also ensures network resolution at the hands of Airtel trusted technicians.
  • No Switching or Installation Charges: Want to upgrade your existing broadband/postpaid plan or switch to another? Do it for no charge with Airtel Black. The plan comes with zero switching or installation charges and zero activation fee, making it easier for you to explore multiple offerings.
  • Airtel Xstream Box at No Extra Cost: On buying the subscription, you get an Airtel Xstream Connection worth Rs. 3999/- at no extra cost. The plan also provides access to top streaming apps such as Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5, and the Airtel Xstream App. The box comes with a Rs 1500 refundable security deposit that can be claimed while returning the box, post 1 year of staying active. So enjoy unlimited entertainment without any bounds!

Become an Airtel Black Member Today

Now that you know what Airtel Black is, let’s understand how you can subscribe to it. You can get the Airtel Black plan by getting two or three out of the DTH, Fibre, and Postpaid services. Yes - it’s that simple!

At present, Airtel Black offers four fixed plans and extends the option of customisation. You can pick from any of the pre-existing plans starting at Rs. 899/- or opt for the ‘Make your own plan’ functionality. And what’s more, you also get 30 days free on adding a new fibre or postpaid connection to your Airtel Black plan!


Do away with the hassles of multiple bill cycles with Airtel Black. Enjoy cohesive bill payments for DTH, Mobile, postpaid and Wi-Fi with the single bill functionality. Bundle different Airtel services under one common bill and save up on time as well as energy! Additionally, enjoy a range of other discounts and privileges by becoming a member! Do you still wonder why the Airtel Black is the best Airtel plan ever?

Introducing Airtel Black

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