What is Airtel Black - Why is it the best Airtel programme ever?

Managing several bills every month is indeed a task - remembering the due dates for each bill, making individual payments and whatnot. Plus, the amount varies every month and sometimes, you may even have to pay a late fee if the payment slips your mind. Not only is it stressful, but a task to keep track of. Airtel Black, a new programme, takes user experience to a whole new level.

Not just limited to postpaid users, the Black programme also extends to Airtel's DTH, Fiber, and Landline users. It is India's first four services programme by a telecom provider and is one of the most awaited offerings in the market today. So, what exactly is the Airtel Black plan? Let's find out:

What is Airtel Black?

Airtel Black is India’s first converged plan for premium homes. It is a new programme for premium users that aims to offer higher value to customers with more benefits and value-added services.

Designed as part of the 'Airtel Thanks' programme (that gives valued Airtel customers access to a host of exclusive rewards, perks, and privileges), Airtel Black offers users an opportunity to enjoy a range of exclusive services at discounted rates or zero cost. For this and more, it could possibly be rated as the best Airtel plan to date.

If you’re looking to enjoy the convenience of mobile, DTH, fiber, and landline under one plan, you can pick and choose from the following types, based on your needs:

1. Fixed plan at Rs. 2099 per month

Under this plan, you get:

  • • Postpaid - A postpaid plan with 3 connections, 260 GB data and unlimited calls (local/STD)
  • • DTH - Rs. 424 worth TV channels and Xstream Box
  • • Fiber + landline at 200 Mbps and unlimited data

2. Fixed plan at Rs. 1598 per month

This plan includes:

  • • Postpaid - A postpaid plan with 2 connections, 105 GB data and unlimited calls (local/STD)
  • • Fiber + landline at 200 Mbps and unlimited data

3. Fixed plan at Rs. 1349 per month

With this plan, you get:

  • • Postpaid - A postpaid plan with 3 connections, 210 GB data and unlimited calls (local/STD)
  • • DTH - Rs. 350 worth TV channels and Xstream Box

4. Fixed plan at 998 per month

Your options with this are:

  • • Postpaid - A postpaid plan with 2 connections, 105 GB data and unlimited calls (local/STD)
  • • DTH - Rs. 350 worth TV channels and Xstream Box

Alternatively, you can either upgrade the existing plans or choose to create your own plan where you can pick a service of your choice plus, get 30 free days when you add a new fiber, DTH or postpaid connection.

Key Features of Airtel Black:

It isn't just the same old predictable offers that you expect with Airtel Black package. The programme lives up to the hype and provides services that are not just new but also extremely practicable and useful. Here's a peek into the key features of the Airtel Black plan:

1) One bill and one call centre

Managing different bills and keeping track of payments is a real hassle. However, making it a lot easier for users, the Airtel Black plan features a 'one bill and one call centre' functionality. With the help of this, users will be able to pay for their Postpaid, DTH, and fiber connections cohesively. Similarly, they can raise complaints or ask queries regarding multiple connections with a singular customer service number.

2) Priority resolution

Don’t have a good network at home? Fret not! With Airtel Black, you can have access to priority resolution within shorter timeframes. The plan features a dedicated system to resolve downtimes or any other issues, ensuring a premium user experience for all the customers.

3) Dedicated relationship personnel

Whether you want to upgrade your existing postpaid plan or need to customise a fiber or DTH plan, help is just a call away! The Airtel Black plan comes with a dedicated relationship team, who are well-experienced, knowledgeable and adept to manage user requests and allows customers to avail timely support at all times. So, no more waiting endlessly to connect to the customer service executive!

4) Free service visits

Airtel Black offers free service visits to customers in case of unresolved problems with DTH or broadband connections. Generally, site visits are haphazard and are heavily chargeable. However, with Airtel Black, you can enjoy multiple service visits at absolutely no cost!

5) Zero switching and installation costs

In case of a new connection, the Airtel Black plan ensures hassle-free installation at no added cost along with zero activation fee. Similarly, users can also upgrade their existing connections for free with zero switching costs. Talk about premium benefits!

6) Airtel Xstream Box at no extra cost

In addition to the standard Airtel Black services, you will also get an Airtel Xstream Box worth Rs. 3999 with the subscription at no extra cost. The smart TV box is powered by Android 9 Pie and allows seamless streaming for OTT platforms along with integration with Amazon Alexa-enabled smart devices. The box comes with a Rs 1500 refundable security deposit that can be claimed while returning the box, post 1 year of staying active.

7) Subscriptions for top streaming apps

Why miss out on top-ranking OTT content when you can view it for free with the Airtel Black? The plan provides you with free subscriptions to top streaming apps such as Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5, Airtel Xstream App and much more.

How to Get the Airtel Black Plan?

Enthralled by the Airtel Black benefits? Become a member today by getting any two or three Airtel services from DTH, Fiber, and Postpaid. Starting at only Rs. 998, the Airtel Black plans can also be customised as per your convenience. You can further make your own plan and get 30 days free for the addition of every new fiber or postpaid connection.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and become an Airtel Black member today.

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