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Find electricity bill consumer number


Electricity bill payment is one of the most important and basic utility bill payment you need to take care of every month. In case you miss the deadline, you will get a certain period of grace time to pay your bill. If you still lapse on the payments, the electricity department will cut your electric connection. Given that almost everything in a household runs on electricity, this can be an extremely difficult situation for you and your family. Therefore, always try to pay your bills on time. Now you can do electricity bill payment online easily by installing payment apps like Airtel Thanks.

To ensure you do not face any problems while making the payment,

always try to keep yourself updated on the terminology and various sections of the bill. One such term to be absolutely aware of is consumer number in electricity bill. Consumer Number or an account number or ID is a unique account ID assigned to each user. Each consumer number is unique in nature and different from other users.

Keep in mind that CA number in electricity bill can differ in number of digits and pattern in accordance with the electricity board or state.

How to find electricity bill consumer number?

  • Identifying the Consumer number is quite easy. You can look for the number on your previous bills or the current one.
  • If you don’t have access to your current or previous bills, head over to the official website of the electricity board. Login using your User ID and password. If you are a new user, click on register here to sign up with the portal. Fill in the relevant details and you will become a member of the portal. Use the same credentials to login and find your old or current bill.
  • You can head over to the Bills and transaction history to find your bills. Download the PDF version of the bill. Right on the top, you can find the consumer number. It can also be called as account ID or account number. As mentioned before, it depends on the state or the board.
  • You can also check the consumer number by just conducting a Google search of sample bills (mention the electricity board name). You will easily get pictures indicating the consumer number in electricity bill.

Why do I need to know the Consumer Number?

A consumer number is a unique account number assigned by electricity board to a particular user. It is like an identification number for your account. Therefore, you need to know the number.

Here’s why you need to know the consumer number:

For online bill payment

If you pay your bills using apps like Airtel Thanks, the consumer number is required to pull up your records. As an Airtel Thanks app user, you need to head over to the Pay section and electricity tab.

  • Select the state you reside in and pay your electricity bill.
  • Moving forward, depending on the state, you will be either asked to choose an electricity board or fill other relevant details.
  • Here, you will have to fill in your consumer ID or Account ID to proceed.
  • Only when you provide these details, you can move forward to pay your electricity bill online using the Airtel Thanks app.
  • Just locate the customer number in electricity bill Use Airtel Thanks app to pay your bill online and earn cashback of Rs.20 for payments of Rs.500 and above.

Save consumer number in electricity bill for future use

Once you fill in your consumer number in the Thanks app, you can check you bill amount and pay your bills with ease on our app.

What are some other names for the consumer number in electricity bill?

The consumer number differs depending on the state and Board. It has different names too.

For example:

  • CA number in electricity bill is used for Bihar boards
  • Service number for Andhra Pradesh Boards
  • USCNO (Unique Service Number) for Telangana State Southern Power Distribution
  • Consumer code for Jammu and Kashmir
  • Account ID for BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited)
  • BP (Business Partner) Number (CSEPDCL – Chhattisgarh)
  • Account Number for Chandigarh Electricity department
  • Contract Account Number for Goa Electricity Department
  • Service Connection Number for DNH Power Distribution Company Limited (Dadra and Nagar Haveli)

Irrespective of the names a unique identification code has, it serves the same purpose.

We hope now you know how to find electricity bill consumer number on your bill. Keep it handy and save it in your Airtel Thanks app. Pay your electricity and other utility bills with us to earn cashbacks and exciting rewards!

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