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PM cares fund account details

What is PM Cares Funds Account Details & Tax Benefits?


India is a massive country, both by geographical size and by population. Therefore, in times of public emergencies or crises, the Government and the people need to come together to ensure the damage can be minimised and avoided in the future. The PM Cares Fund has been devised exactly for that. The fund is a public charitable trust, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of India. In addition, the other members of the fund also include the finance minister and the defence minister of India.

The PM Cares fund will look after the citizens, provide any form of support or assistance that might be needed in the face of an unprecedented crisis. Furthermore, the fund will also provide financial support wherever needed to build healthcare facilities, or any other infrastructure services that the public might need in trying times.

In this blog, we will take you trough the multiple PM Cares fund account details that you might be interested to know about. We have also included a section on PM Cares fund details for ITR that could be helpful for you to get tax deductions.

Can I donate to the PM Cares fund?

Any person, individual, firm or a company can donate to the PM Cares fund. There are no limits towards that – completely open to the public. Furthermore, the minimum limit of the donation has also been set at just ₹10. The minimum amount has been kept incredibly low, so that no matter which line or field of work that you maybe from, you will still be able to donate an amount, however small it might be.

To donate to PM Cares, you will have to make the payment electronically. Otherwise, you can also make use of UPI apps to make the payment. There are multiple UPI applications in the market, to help you to donate to PM Cares. But we would suggest getting the Airtel Thanks app, since it provides the perfect platform for you to make online transactions and mobile recharges.

PM cares fund details for ITR

Tax deduction – PM Cares fund 80G details

You will be delighted to know that the amount that you donate towards the PM Cares fund can be claimed for tax deduction. This tax deduction will fall under the section 80G, of the Income Tax of 1961. The Government has paved the way for a 100% tax deduction under this scheme. However, you need to know these deductions can be applied just once. If you have provided PM Cares fund details for 80G tax deduction already in the FY 2021-22, then you cannot apply for it again in FY 2022-23.

Furthermore, once you have claimed for the tax benefit under section 80G, you cannot ask for a deduction under other provisions of the income tax. In case, you are a corporate entity which is willing to donate, then the donation can be clubbed under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) spending.

What are the PM Cares Fund account details so that I can donate?

If you are willing to donate to the PM Cares fund, then follow these steps below:

  1. Open the website: https://www.pmindia.gov.in/en/?query
  2. On the website, you will be able to see the complete bank account details of the PM Cares fund.
  3. Name of the Account: PM CARES
  4. Account Number: 2121PM20202
  5. IFSC Code: SBIN0000691
  6. SWIFT Code: SBININBB104
  7. Name of Bank and Branch: State Bank of India, New Delhi
  8. Main Branch UPI ID: pmcares@sbi
  9. The website will also provide you with a QR code, which can be scanned by your online payment app.

These account details have been provided so that you can make your donation in the preferred method. Credit or debit cards, online banking platforms, UPI, RTGS and NEFT – the choice is all yours.

Download the Airtel Thanks to make payments easy

If you want an easy and simple to handle UPI app to make your online payment to PM Cares, then Airtel Thanks is the way to go. Airtel Thanks is the one app that you will ever need, for everything that is Airtel, and more. By using this app, you will be able to make regular payments, send money to loved ones, recharge for yourself and others.

Furthermore, Airtel Thanks will also provide you with a host of exclusive offers and benefits that will only sweeten the deal for you. Download the app today itself and start exploring its features.

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