How Does International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) Work?

How Does International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) Work?

International Private Leased Circuit

Businesses with global ambitions must have a reliable and high-quality internet connection. Global businesses with any level of involvement with technology particularly require a dedicated internet connection between all regional offices, data centres and cloud servers. In this context, businesses can rely on international private leased circuits or IPLC.

What is an IPLC?

An IPLC is a private leased line between two or more points. Its establishment is a point-to-point architecture, and users get access to a private internet connection. The international private leased circuit provides businesses access to the internet, data exchange, and video and voice communication capabilities.

Users of an international private leased circuit do not share the leased line with other users. Thus, IPLC is not only private but also very secure. Businesses can confidently transmit critical business information between their offices, data centres and cloud providers without fear of leakage.

How to avail IPLC?

International private leased circuits have been around for several decades. Earlier, businesses had to work with separate service providers in every country it had an office. This meant separate billing for each carrier which led to difficulty managing the overall circuit.

However, the current IPLC market has evolved a lot. Today, businesses can engage in one-stop shopping or OSS. Under this concept, businesses can work with a single service provider to lease multiple private leased lines in different countries.

By getting all private leased lines they need under one roof, businesses can manage their international operations better. They can resolve all issues with their private leased circuit quickly with a single node of service.

Features of IPLC

International private leased circuits have these features generally.

  • Guaranteed bandwidth: IPLC ensures businesses access a minimum amount of bandwidth.
  • Guaranteed high-speed: Private leased lines guarantee a minimum level of speed at any time.
  • Flexible bandwidth and speed: Private leased circuits also offer businesses a range of bandwidth and speed options.
  • Supports all types of data: IPLC supports transmission of all kinds of data—video, voice, or Internet.
  • Dedicated private lines: The international private leased circuit is always a dedicated, private leased line that only the lessee business customer can access.
  • Security: Private leased circuits are very secure with minimal data loss or theft risk.
  • SLAs: IPLC is governed by service level agreements or SLAs executed between the service provider and the business customer.
  • Single window for support and management: The service provider is the single point of contact for support for issue resolution and management of private leased circuit infrastructure.

Benefits of IPLC

International private leased circuits offer several benefits for businesses.

  • Scalability of global operations: With the help of IPLC, businesses can rapidly scale their operations. They can seamlessly connect their international offices, data centres, and cloud providers with a single connection.
  • Privacy and security: International private leased circuits are highly secure by their architecture and offer complete privacy. Businesses do not have to share their private leased lines with other users. Consequently, businesses can confidently transmit data between various points without any fear of data loss or theft.
  • Flexibility for business operations: IPLC service providers, such as Airtel Global Private Line, generally provide a range of bandwidth and speed options for businesses. Businesses can thus use more bandwidth and speed during peak periods of operations. Similarly, businesses can use lesser bandwidth and speeds during lean periods. This way, businesses can optimise their usage of private leased circuits.
  • Reliable connection: It guarantees a minimum level of bandwidth and speed at all times. There is very low downtime risk and latency issues with IPLC.
  • Easy to get support: Even though businesses use the private leased line in multiple countries, they need to contact a single point, their service provider, to get support for any issue.
  • Cost-effective: IPLC enables businesses to work with a single service provider to lease multiple private leased circuits via one-stop shopping or OSS. OSS is significantly cheaper than leasing each circuit from separate providers.
  • Supports all types of data: IPLC supports all types of data transmission. With the help of IPLC, businesses can use all types of communication and run data-intensive applications critical for their businesses.
  • Infrastructure management and maintenance: The service provider is responsible for all infrastructure management and maintenance. The client is free from the headache of employing highly skilled personnel to manage their leased lines.

Alternatives of IPLC

IPLC is a popular choice amongst businesses for their international operations. However, few alternatives exist.

  • IEPL 

International Ethernet Private Line is an Ethernet circuit from one point to another. It is similar to IPLC in many ways. However, it is more expensive to deploy.

  • MPLS

Multiprotocol label switching or MPLS is a mesh type network that uses different protocols and packet labelling techniques for fast data transmission. MPLS is cheaper than private leased circuits but not as secure.

  • SD-WAN

Software-defined wide area network or SD-WAN uses software to manage the wide-area network.

What to look for in IPLC SLAs?

IPLC offers tremendous advantages for businesses looking to go global rapidly. Businesses can use SLAs with service providers to tailor services for their business. Here are a few factors that businesses can keep in mind:

  • Bandwidth flexibility 

Businesses get to choose from a wide bandwidth range. For example, Airtel Global Private Line offers a bandwidth range from 2 Mbps to multiple Tbps.

  • Reliable network 

Businesses should opt for providers with low latency rates.

  • Superior performance at competitive prices  

Businesses should go for providers with best in class speeds at competitive prices.

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