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Airtel DTH TV remote – How to use it & features – Digital TV


The Television box is quite an important piece of technology that lies in our living rooms, or bedrooms, and is often the primary source of entertainment for a lot of people at home. Sure, you do have laptops or smartphones as substitutes, but the memories attached to the idiot box are aplenty. Just like the TV, the remote also plays a very key role. Without the TV remote, you would have a really hard time controlling your TV channels. If you have an Airtel DTH connection, then an Airtel remote is surely something that you would need.

Well, you can still control your TV when there is no remote, with the buttons on the TV. However, we all know how that turns out to be. It is difficult, and you always have to get up, stand right next to the TV to figure out which channel to turn to. In layman terms, your TV remote inadvertently translates to maximum convenience.

How to use the Airtel DTH TV remote?

Here are some of the functions that you might need help with while operating your Airtel DTH remote or your Airtel TV remote.

Connect set top box remote to TV remote

To connect the Airtel set top box remote to the TV, these are the steps:

  1. You need to begin with the pairing process first.
  2. Click on your Airtel TV remote’s power button. At the same time, click on the power button of your normal TV remote.
  3. During this time, make sure both the remotes are facing each other too. The positioning helps with pairing the two remotes.
  4. Once the power button has been paired, the light on the Airtel DTH remote will start to blink.

Furthermore, you can do the same to connect your TV remote’s key to any other key on the Airtel DTH remote. For example, follow the exact same steps for the volume up, volume down, AV/TV buttons and more.

Teach your Airtel DTH TV remote by using the Learning Mode

One of the first things that you should remember while setting up the Airtel remote is that you have to put it in the learning mode. By enabling the learning mode, pairing all the remote keys becomes much easier. These are the steps you have to follow to enable it:

  1. Take your Airtel TV remote and press the Ok button simultaneously with the numeric 2 button.
  2. Make sure you hold these buttons together for at least 3 seconds.
  3. Also, now you can stop pressing these buttons together once the LED light of the remote blinks twice.
  4. This blinking ensures that the learning mode has enabled. Hence, you can now proceed with the pairing process that is mentioned above.
  5. Once all the pairing has been completed, it is time to disable the learning mode. Pressing OK on the remote makes sure that the learning mode is turned off, and the changes are now confirmed.

These are the steps that you need to follow when you have an Airtel DTH connection. Now, if you have an Airtel Xstream Android box at home, then the process is a little bit different.

How to use Xstream smart remote?

Pairing your Airtel Xstream smart remote

  1. Place the Airtel Xstream smart remote and the regular TV remote in front of each other.
  2. Press the Home key and the numeric 2 on the remote simultaneously now. You will see a light blinking on the Airtel remote.
  3. In the next step, press the power key on your Airtel remote and then the power key on the other remote.
  4. This pairs the power key of both remotes. Similarly, pair all the keys on the Airtel Xstream box remote and your pairing process will be complete.

Download the Airtel Xstream smart remote app

On the other hand, you can also download the Airtel Xstream smart remote app to control the Android box via your smartphone.

Airtel Set Top Box troubleshooting tips

If the remote control doesn’t operate:

You can always turn on the learning mode once again, and make sure the Airtel DTH TV remote is operating properly. On the other hand, if it is not a pairing issue, you could try checking the batteries of the remote. They might not be correctly aligned or may have run out of energy as well.

If the remote control works with TV but not set top box

Ideally, the remote control should work perfectly with both the TV and the set top box. However, if you are seeing any issues, then try fixing the wires again to the set top box.

Reach out to Airtel customer support

Regardless, if any of the problems are bothering you way too much and you can’t find a solution, reaching out for help to the Airtel customer service center is the best way. Our executives are well-trained to help you with all kinds of situations. Furthermore, if needed, an Airtel service agent could also visit your residence to figure out your Airtel DTH connection.

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