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Recurring deposit vs fixed deposit

Best DTH plans checklist for you


Regardless of the matter in question, decision making has always been a relatively hard process. You must consider every aspect of the subject matter to make an informed decision. Because once that decision is made, you could either be extremely happy about it or utterly disappointed based on your outcome. The same applies to the decision of buying a new DTH connection for your home. Therefore, you need to consider multiple factors before getting the best DTH plan for yourself.,

After all, it is a long-term commitment between you and a brand that promises to keep you entertained. But with so many competing brands, how do you know which DTH has best plan for you? That’s what we’re here to help you with!

Keep these factors in mind to buy the best DTH plan for you

Although you can change your DTH plans anytime, it’s definitely one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing your new DTH connection. However, this decision is also affected by several other factors listed below:

  • Best DTH Plans

The most important factor to consider while choosing a DTH provider is the kind of plans and packages they offer. Do they offer monthly, bi-annual and annual plans? What genres and regional languages do they offer?

The best DTH plan would differ from person to person. What might be perfect to you may not be the same for someone else. This is because it depends on your requirements and preferences. So, choose your ideal DTH plan wisely.

  • Display Resolution

While some customers might prefer to save some bucks and stick to an SD or HD resolution, others might want to get an upgraded visual experience with 4K resolution. So, decide what your preference is and accordingly choose a service provider. In fact, some brands like Airtel also provide 4K resolution boxes at an unbelievable price of Rs 1,500.

  • Set-Top Boxes

There are 3 types of set-top boxes in the market currently. The SD set-top box, which is currently the least popular one. The mid-range one, i.e., the HD set-top box. And then comes the newest one, the smart TV box or the android box. The set-top box you choose will depend on the kind of display resolution you prefer and will also affect the plan you choose for yourself. With smart TV boxes like the Airtel Xstream box, you can also watch OTT content along with your normal TV channels.

  • Additional Benefits

Who doesn’t like some free perks, right? Several DTH providers offer additional benefits along with their DTH subscription. For example, Airtel has the Airtel Black plan which combines all your DTH, Mobile and Fiber bills into one, absolving you of any hassle of managing multiple billing cycles. So, choose the offer that interests you the most and you’ve made your decision.

  • Customer Support

A dedicated customer support team is extremely important when buying a DTH connection. After all, who will you ask for help if you face a problem with your DTH plans, set-top box, satellite connection or more.

Checklist To Help Buy The best DTH Connection For You

  • Wide variety of regional channels
  • Want sports, kids or other specific genres
  • All-inclusive channel packages
  • Additional top-ups available
  • Allows switching of DTH plans very easily
  • Offers free installation
  • Whether you can get HD resolution
  • If 4K resolution is available
  • Stream OTT content
  • Transform TV into Smart TV

If you’ve checked most of these boxes, then Airtel Digital TV is the perfect choice for you as it fits in all of these criteria. However, the last 4 points are the deciding factors in whether you want an HD connection or an Airtel Xstream connection. Get the Airtel DTH HD box at just Rs. 1,000 or go for the smart Xstream Android Box at just Rs. 1,500. Make the switch to an Airtel DTH connection today!

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