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Devotional channels

List of Devotional TV Channels available in India – Airtel Digital TV


Devotional TV channels have gained increased viewers over the last couple of years. The viewer base has improved in urban areas compared to rural areas. And why not? With all that’s been going on over a couple of years, the world needs to revisit their faith, whatever it may be to feel more at peace.

Devotional channels help exactly in that. The rise in viewership numbers show people looking to know more about their religion, its important practices, and teachings. In this fast-paced life, everyone can’t make time to read their holy books and try to understand their real-life teachings. Therefore, devotional channels come to the rescue.

Their shows like live darshan, scripture recitals, and others really engage the viewers and feel more connected to their faith. Currently, there are many devotional channels available to watch with your DTH connection. In this article, we will list all the devotional channels available in India and the devotional channels that you can watch with your Airtel DTH set top box connection. Let’s get started.

List of all Devotional Channels in India

Please refer the below list to know which devotional channels are available in India.

  • Aastha Bhajan TV
  • Aashtha Channel
  • Aastha Kannada Channel (Regional channel)
  • Aastha Tamil Channel (Regional channel)
  • Aastha Telugu Channel
  • Adhyatm TV
  • Anandam TV
  • Angel TV (Tamil)
  • Aradana TV (Telugu)
  • Arihant TV
  • Ashirwad Channel
  • Athmeeya Yathra TV (Malayalam)
  • Bhakthi TV (Telugu)
  • Bhaktisagar TV
  • Calvary TV (Telugu)
  • CVR Spiritual Om (Telugu)
  • Darshan 24 (English and Hindi)
  • Dheeran TV (Tamil)
  • Dish TV Ibadat Active (Urdu)
  • Disha TV
  • Divyavani TV (Telugu)
  • Fateh TV (Punjabi)
  • Garv Shree Swaminarayan TV (Gujarati)
  • God TV (Malayalam)
  • Grace TV (English)
  • Gyana Yogi TV (Telugu)
  • Hare Krsna TV
  • Harvest TV
  • Hindu Dharmam (Telugu)
  • iPlus TV (Urdu)
  • Ishwar TV
  • Jinvani
  • Kaatyayani TV
  • Khalsa Channel
  • Lord Buddha TV
  • Madha TV
  • Mahavira TV
  • MH1 Shraddha
  • Paras Gold
  • Paras TV
  • Peace of Mind TV
  • Power of God TV (Tamil)
  • Power Vision TV (Malayalam)
  • Prarthana (Odia)
  • Rakshana TV (Telugu)
  • Rose TV
  • Sadhana TV
  • Sai TV (Tamil)
  • SaiRam TV (Tamil)
  • Salvation TV (Tamil)
  • Sanatan TV
  • Sanskar TV
  • Sanskruti TV
  • Sarv Dharm Sangam
  • Satsung TV
  • Shalom TV (Malayalam)
  • Shiva Shakti Sai TV (Telugu)
  • Shri Navgrah Channel
  • Shubh TV
  • ShubhSandesh TV
  • Sri Sankara TV
  • SubhaVaartha TV
  • Surya Bhakti
  • SVBC (Telugu)
  • SVBC2 (Tamil)
  • Tata Sky Aradhana
  • Tata Sky Gurus
  • Tata Sky Darshan
  • Tata Sky Ibaadat
  • Transmedia Soham
  • Vedic TV
  • Zee Jagron
  • Kalash TV
  • Vardan TV
  • Dharisana TV
  • Krishna TV
  • Calvary TV
  • Blessing TV
  • Blessings Kids
  • Goodness TV
  • Divine TV
  • Satsung
  • Channel WIN (Urdu)
  • Sarv Dharam Sangam
  • Shubh TV
  • Sarthi
  • Shubhsandesh TV
  • Goodnews TV
  • Surya Bhakti
  • Subharti

These are a few devotional and regional channels available in India. There’s always addition of new channels and removal of old ones. You need to contact your DTH operator to know which devotional channels will be included in your DTH plan.

regional channels

List of FTA devotional channels

Here is a list of free to air devotional channels. Make sure you are not paying for these in your DTH plans. The number of FTA channels will differ according to the pack and operator. These are a few common ones. It is not an exhaustive list.

  • Aastha Bhajan
  • Adhyatm TV
  • Bhakti Sagar
  • Darshan
  • Divya
  • GOD TV
  • Jinvani Katyayani
  • Lord Buddha
  • MH1 Shraddha
  • Paras TV
  • Peace of Mind TV
  • Prarthana Bhavan
  • Sanskar TV
  • Sarv Dharam Sangam Satsang

Now, if you have our Airtel DTH connection, many of these devotional channels will be available for watching. Let’s look at devotional channels in Airtel DTH.

Devotional Channels in Airtel DTH

Following devotional channels are added in various Airtel DTH packages, which you can access on your TV with an Airtel remote:

Devotional Channel Names Channel Numbers
Jinvani 676
Sadhna TV 677
Peace of Mind 678
Sri Sankara 679
Disha TV 680
Sanskar 682
MH1 Shraddha 683
GOD TV 684
Paras 685
Channel WIN 686
Arihant 687
Kaatyayani TV 689
Sarv Dharam Sangam 690
Shubh TV 692
Sarthi 693
Shubhsandesh TV 694
Goodnews TV 695
Grace TV 696
Surya Bhakti 697
Subharti 698
Aastha Bhajan 699
Vedic 700
Satsung 701
Bhakti TV 942
Divyavani TV 943
Aradana TV 944
SVBC 940
Subhavartha 941
Goodness TV 870
Shalom 869
Angel TV 815

These are a few devotional channels available on Airtel DTH. It includes Bhakthi TV channel number in Airtel digital and details about Bhakti song channels in Airtel DTH.

We hope this article has helped you find more devotional channels on your television. You can talk to your DTH provider to add new devotional channels to your DTH plan. Many DTH recharge plans already have sufficient variety of devotional channels included.

Choose your best Airtel DTH recharge plan for 1 month, Airtel DTH recharge plan for 6 months or more and enjoy to your fullest!

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