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DD Free dish channels list 2022

2023’s list of Free DTH Dish Channels available in India


Over the past couple of years, more and more devices have taken over our lives. Their rise and influence in our lives has been quite relentless. Now, it is almost impossible to think of a day without our smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Although, these are some of the newer devices, there is one device that still reigns supreme when it comes to bringing the entire family together in the living room. Yes, we are talking about the television that sits in our homes.

Television has seen a lot of evolution. It started off as a big box that could only show everything in black and white. But now, it has evolved into a Smart TV with features that could rival any other modern day tech. In addition, the TV is still an extremely well-loved piece of technology by all. With its help, everyone in the family can catch up on the latest news events, watch sports, enjoy tv serials, movies and more. Hence, it is only appropriate that you would love to get the very best channel packs on your TV. But, did you know, thanks to Doordarshan, you can watch free channels? Well, you cannot watch all Indian tv channels for free, but there is a DD free dish channel list 2022 which can help you watch TV shows by paying absolutely nothing.

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Why does DD provide free dish channel list?

DD (Doordarshan) is a Government of India owned entity. As a result, customers can get it without any additional subscription charges. Plus, it is the only DTH service that doesn’t charge anything. All you have to do is invest in a set top box and some other technical equipment for the first time, and you are good to go. This initial one-time investment is about ₹2,000 per connection.

How can I learn more about DD free channel list?

Here is some additional information about the DD free dish channel list:

  1. In total, there are 167 channels that are available in DD free dish tv channel list. Customers need not pay any additional subscription charges per month to watch these channels. They are available completely free of cost.
  2. The DD free dish channel even provides an additional 48 radio channels
  3. Out of the 167, there are 91 channels that belong to Doordarshan. Moreover, out of these 91 channels, 51 are co-branded educational channels.
  4. There are 76 private TV channels, which combine with DD channels to make up the total of 167 channels.

Moreover, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also made it clear that they are eager to add further free channels. For instance, ‘Food Food’ has been one of the newest additions to the DD free dish channel list. It is a channel that is loved by the food aficionados. Additionally, it features renowned Chef Sanjeev Kapoor churning out gastronomical delights in the kitchen.

In addition, a new sports channel known as ‘MyCam’ has been added to the list of free DD channels as well.

List of private channels that you can get for free

Here is the breakdown of the private channels that you can get on DD, starting April 2022, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting:

  1. 8 general entertainment channels in Hindi
  2. 15 movie channels, once again in Hindi
  3. 6 channels for playing music
  4. 22 news channels that will cover what’s happening in India and the rest of the world
  5. 9 channels in Bhojpuri
  6. 4 devotional channels
  7. 2 foreign channels

Here is the complete list of DD free dish channels and their channel numbers

DD News 1
DD National 2
DD Retro 3
DD Kisan 4
DD India 5
Sun Marathi 6
Showbox 7
DD Girnar 8
Ishara TV 9
ABZY Movies 10
Vedic 11
B4U Movies 12
Good News Today 13
B4U Bhojpuri 14
Dhinchaak 15
Big Ganga 16
Goldmines Bhojpuri 17
Manoranjan Prime 18
Manoranjan Grand 19
Shemaroo Marathibana 20
DD Podhigai 21
DD Punjabi 22
DD Sahyadri 23
Fakt Marathi 24
MyCam 25
Sansad TV 26
Sansad TV 27
Shemaroo TV 28
Dangal 29
Bhojpuri Cinema 30
Zee Biskope 31
ABZY Cool 32
Dhinchaak 2 33
The Q 34
Colors Cineplex Bollywood 35
Goldmines Hindi 36
Enterr 10 37
Rishtey Cineplex 38
 Movie Plus 39
Manoranjan Movie 40
Big Magic 41
B4U Kadak 42
Manoranjan TV 43
TV9 Bharatvarsh 44
Aastha 45
Filamchi Bhojpuri 46
Zing 47
Zee Anmol Cinema 48
NDTV India 49
Azaad 50
Enterr- 10 Movies 51
Goldmines Movies 52
Popcorn Movies 53
Sanskar TV 54
Star Utsav Movies 55
News 18 India 56
9XM 57
Sony Wah 58
Zee Hindustan 59
India News 60
MTV Beats 61
Mastii 62
B4U Music 63
India TV 64
News Nation 65
Times Now Navbharat 66
Republic Bharat 67
Aaj Tak 68
ABP News 69
Zee News 70
Zee Chitramandir 71
Zee Punjabi 72
 News 24 Think First 73
 Food Food 74
 DD Yadagiri 75
 DD UP 76
 DD Bharati 77
DD Rajasthan 78
DD Sports 79
DD Bihar 80
DD Jharkhand 81
DD MP 82
DD Tripura 83
DD Chhattisgarh 84
DD Kashir 85
DD Chandana 86
DD Uttarakhand 87
DD Saptagiri 88
DD Malayalam 89
DD Assam 90
DD Oriya 91
DD Arun Prabha 92
DD Bangla 93
Home Channel 94
Astha Bhajan 95
Chardikala Time TV 96
DD Goa 97
DD Haryana 98
DD Himachal Pradesh 99
Samay 100
India News UP/UK 101
Sudarshan News 102
News 18 UP/UK 103
DD Meghalaya 104
DD Manipur 105
DD Nagaland 106
DD Mizoram 107
News State UP/UK 108
News India 24X7 109
Bflix Movies 110
BTV World 111
KBS World 112
DD National HD 113
DD Urdu 114
Swadesh News 115
Raftaar Media 116
DD SWAYAM Prabha 1 117
DD SWAYAM Prabha 2 118
DD SWAYAM Prabha 3 119
DD SWAYAM Prabha 4 120
DD SWAYAM Prabha 5 121
DD SWAYAM Prabha 6 122
DD SWAYAM Prabha 7 123
DD SWAYAM Prabha 8 124
DD SWAYAM Prabha 9 125
DD SWAYAM Prabha 10 126
DD SWAYAM Prabha 11 127
DD SWAYAM Prabha 12 128
DD SWAYAM Prabha 13 129
DD SWAYAM Prabha 14 130
DD SWAYAM Prabha 15 131
DD SWAYAM Prabha 16 132
DD SWAYAM Prabha 17 133
DD SWAYAM Prabha 18 134
DD SWAYAM Prabha 19 135
DD SWAYAM Prabha 20 136
DD SWAYAM Prabha 21 137
DD SWAYAM Prabha 22 138
DD eVidya 1 139
DD eVidya 2 140
DD eVidya 3 141
DD eVidya 4 142
DD eVidya 5 143
DD eVidya 6 144
DD eVidya 7 145
DD eVidya 8 146
DD eVidya 9 147
DD eVidya 10 148
DD eVidya 11 149
DD eVidya 12 150
DD Vande Gujarat 1 151
DD Vande Gujarat 2 152
DD Vande Gujarat 3 153
DD Vande Gujarat 4 154
DD Vande Gujarat 5 155
DD Vande Gujarat 6 156
DD Vande Gujarat 7 157
DD Vande Gujarat 8 158
DD Vande Gujarat 9 159
DD Vande Gujarat10 160
DD Vande Gujarat11 161
DD Vande Gujarat12 162
DD Vande Gujarat13 163
DD Vande Gujarat14 164
DD Vande Gujarat15 165
DD Vande Gujarat16 166
DD DigiShala 167

Now, while free DTH and DD channels sound very attractive, they aren’t half as fun when compared to what you get from a normal DTH connection. Therefore, for the best television-viewing experience, it is ideal that you switch to a DTH operator with a good reputation who promises great quality.

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