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Easy guide to pair DTH Set top box remote with TV remote


As we all know, when cable lines were replaced by the set top boxes, we had to get accustomed to two different remotes. One is assigned for the TV and other remote provided with the set top box is used to control the DTH box. It is quite confusing and irritating sometimes to switch between remotes all the time. Therefore, the new generation set top box remotes come with a learning mode function. This function allows you to control a few of the important functions of your TV using the set top box remote. Remotes which come with a learning mode and have the control TV are called Universal remote. Before addressing the questions with Airtel remote pairing, such as – how to pair Airtel remote with TV remote, let’s understand a few basic pointers.

If you wish to pair your set top box remote to your TV remote, you need to have a universal remote. Fortunately, your Airtel set top box is a universal remote which can be paired with your TV remote to perform a few functions.

In this article, we will specifically talk about how to pair Airtel remote with TV remote. The steps can differ for other brands. If it’s a new DTH connection for you, this is the right time to pair your Airtel remote with TV remote.

How to pair Airtel remote with TV remote?

For Airtel remote pairing, you need to diligently follow the below steps.

Bring your Airtel DTH remote into learning mode for Airtel remote pairing

Keep your TV and Airtel DTH remote with you. The first step involves bringing your DTH remote to a learning mode. The learning mode allows the remote to catch certain functions from the TV remote using the IR frequency.

Steps to bring your DTH remote into a learning mode

You can bring your Airtel DTH remote to the learning mode by pressing the ‘OK’ and ‘Number 2’ button together for at least 3 seconds. You can stop pressing the buttons once the LED light in front of the remote blinks red twice. The blinking of the LED light says that your DTH remote has finally entered the learning mode and is now ready to pair with your TV remote. Your Airtel remote pairing will be done soon.

Position your TV and DTH remote for IR frequency transmission and D2H remote pairing

This is the most important step of the process. You need to position your TV and DTH remotes opposite to each other or basically facing each other. The top parts of the remote should be facing each other like this > <. The positioning helps in transmission of the frequency needed for D2H remote pairing.

Pair the Power key first using these steps

Now you can start with the pairing process. Click on the Power button on your Airtel remote and then simultaneously click on the power key on your normal TV remote. This helps your Airtel DTH remote to understand the IR (Infrared Rays) frequency of your TV’s power key option. Remember to hold both the remotes facing each other at all times. Once a certain key, in this case, the Power button is paired, the red light on the Airtel DTH remote will blink.

Repeat the process to pair other functions

You can repeat the same process for other functions too. For example, if you wish to control your TV’s volume using your Airtel DTH remote, click on the volume up button on DTH remote and click the same button on your TV remote. Do the same with volume less button. Also, pair other important functions like source (AV/TV) buttons.

Confirm your changes and end the learning mode

Once you have paired all the keys you wished to, press the ‘OK’ button to confirm the changes and end the learning mode on your Airtel DTH remote.

Your Airtel DTH remote has learned the IR frequencies of your television. You can test the same by using the DTH remote to power off and on your television. Try out if other functions are working or not. If some functions are not working, the pairing must have stopped due to a technical issue.

Important points to consider while Airtel remote pairing with TV remote

  • Press the ‘OK’ and number ‘2’ button together till the red light on your Airtel DTH remote lights up and blinks.
  • Don’t make it late to start the pairing process post the learning mode has begun. Immediately, start pairing the keys.
  • If you make it late, the learning mode will turn off automatically and none of the keys will be paired.
  • If your Airtel remote blinks 4 times between the pairing process, it means that the learning mode has failed or ended. You will need to start over with ‘OK’ and number ‘2’ to enter again in the learning mode.

With the above steps and pointers in mind, you can easily pair your TV remote with Airtel DTH remote. You can use your Airtel DTH remote to control your Airtel Android set top box and your TV easily without needing two different remotes!

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