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Things to consider before buying the Best DTH plans in India


The DTH services have progressed exponentially in India. As per Statista, the country has reported nearly 71 million active DTH users in 2020. Since the demand for DTH is increasing by the day, many companies are massively marketing the DTH services in India. There are many DTH plans available for the audience.

Although, DTH is becoming increasingly popular, one shouldn’t lose sight of what really matters while buying a new connection. It is important to consider some of the crucial factors of a DTH connection. Some of these include the prices and packages, the different types of set-top boxes, warranty period, and so on.

Thus, we’ve curated a list of the top seven factors you need to keep in mind before selecting a DTH connection for your home:

Set-Top Box

A set-top box is an important element of a DTH connection. Thus, analyse its nitty-gritty, right from its types to functionality before finalizing anything.

When it comes to the different types of a set-top box, here are the main ones:

  • High Definition (HD)
  • Xstream Box
  • Standard Definition (SD)

Thus, choose between the above-mentioned types based on your television. For instance, if you have a tube TV, you will need SD. In the case of either LED or LCD, choose HD. And, if your TV supports 4K image quality, select the Xstream Box without hesitating.


Now, the warranties of every DTH provider is different. For instance, some of them will provide a standard one-year warranty, while a few others will offer an extended period along with a maintenance contract. So, make it a point to understand the warranty duration before agreeing on anything.

Packages & Costs

Many people often make the mistake of comparing the initial cost of set-top boxes. When they solely prioritize the set-top box prices, they usually fail to understand the overall monthly costs. Thus, see to it that you consider the package prices along with the set-top charges before buying a DTH connection.


After considering the price and package, it is important to look at the number of channels that your DTH provider offers. Therefore, see to it that you check the free, interactive as well as regional channels that are offered to you under a DTH plan.


Here’s the thing. The installation charges of a DTH service usually vary from one provider to another. So, check with your company about their fees beforehand and then make a decision accordingly.


Many DTH companies usually provide huge discounts and offers on their annual packages. For instance, we offer one of the best DTH plans in India. We offer great discounts and perks to subscribers who directly purchase our Airtel Digital TV using their website. Therefore, keep an eye on such discounts to make the most of them. The DTH plans are available on the website. Make sure you check them out in entirety!


Now the last thing left to do here is to examine the DTH provider’s service. Why? It helps in understanding their service quality and efficiency.

To understand the services better, simply begin by dialing their customer care number to identify the waiting time. If the average waiting duration is short, the company is more likely to deliver better and quicker assistance. On the other hand, if the waiting period is longer, the company’s customer support can be questionable!

In a nutshell, the above-mentioned factors will help you in making the right decision. Besides, see to it that you select the DTH services only from the leading pioneers like Airtel. It is because we offer best DTH plans in India. We will make your life much easier with their prompt services, hassle-free installation, affordable costs, cashback offers, and discounts. Trust us, we will not disappoint you!

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