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Why you don’t need to visit an Airtel store to port your postpaid number

Why you don’t need to visit an Airtel store to port your postpaid number

Are you tired of the constantly fluctuating network? Is your 4G data crawling at a 2G speed? Do you spend half of the call time screaming at the top of your voice to be audible to the next person? These signs point out the faults of your mobile network. Your present mobile network is giving you serious trouble, and the best option here is to port your number immediately. Thankfully, mobile number portability (MNP) is a great option provided by multiple network providers to ensure your convenience at all costs. Airtel is one of the top telecom companies of India, providing this service with extreme ease and the fastest procedure.

Airtel understands that your comfort, safety and convenience is the most important (of course, after the best telecom services). Hence, if you intend to port from Vodafone or Jio to Airtel, you need not step out from your house at all. They cover all the essential procedures through a seamless and smooth process within the least possible time. This makes MNP with Airtel a breeze for you.

How is Airtel providing the fastest number porting without visiting the store?

Earlier, if you wanted to port number, you searched for an Airtel store near me. Then you would visit those stores to provide your details, get the KYC verified and get a new Airtel SIM. This procedure, though very convenient, also included loads of waiting hours, the hassle to commute and even time consumption on your part. However, now Airtel has introduced a simple and quick online procedure. Selecting your preferred plan, checking your porting status, submitting the KYC details and even receiving the SIM all happen via an online procedure. Please read about it in detail to know how is MNP possible without visiting a store physically.

Number porting option to Airtel is available online — No need to visit a store to port your number because you can avail of this service by visiting your Airtel website. There you can select your preferred postpaid number plan. You will see many incredible benefits under each plan, but, of course, as per your convenience and usage, you should pick the one that suits you the best.

Requesting for porting is a matter of minutes — Requesting for mobile number portability (MNP) also takes the least time, and you can do so by just sitting on your couch! You have to confirm your preferred plan by sending an SMS to 1900. This leads to the generation of your Unique Portability Code (UPC) by the company. After this process, a dedicated Airtel executive is appointed to visit you for further formalities.

You get the fastest delivery — Getting an Airtel SIM without visiting the store is just as convenient as it used to be when you headed over to the gallery previously (in fact, a lot easier). The SIM is delivered by an executive from the team in a day or two in most cases. But yes, you have to remember to keep your identity proof and other documents ready for the KYC. You will be guided about the requirement by the team in advance. The very same executive will also show you in detail about the MNP process, and you can hand over your documents on a one-to-one basis.

Checking the MNP status is efficient, too — The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India allows for mobile portability through any company to take a maximum of 4 days. Airtel makes the journey of porting your number super easy. During these four days, you don’t have to worry about any issues in the MNP process. You can now go through the MNP status check by clicking a few buttons. Yes, you have to download the Airtel Thanks App on your mobile phone and start following the simple guidelines provided in the application. Once you log in with your existing mobile number and Unique Port Code, you can quickly get access to your MNP status.

Insert your new SIM for a seamless experience on Airtel — The last step for porting your number to Airtel involves inserting your new SIM after it is active. Now you are an existing and privileged Airtel user and can enjoy a super seamless experience on this network without changing your number or hitting the stores at all.

The incredible benefits you get after porting to Airtel.

Now that you have successfully ported your number to Airtel, you should know the advantages of this service. Read about the multiple benefits you enjoy below:

No downtime with Airtel portability — Downtime is the period wherein the SIM stays inactive while porting to another network. But considering your convenience, Airtel provides the porting service with zero downtime, and you immediately get the new network activation after the previous one deactivates.

Minimum documentation required for MNP — If you are hesitant to port your present number because of the hassle of documentation and lengthy formalities, then Airtel makes this process easier for you. You are required to submit the least number of documents, including your address and identification proof and your existing number. To this process, that’s it!

The convenience of the Airtel Thanks App — From tracking your MNP status to getting all your doubts cleared about using this network and even paying bills and changing plans, every kind of help is at your disposal with Airtel. Thanks, App. By porting to Airtel, you get 24/7 support from this application handy on your mobile.

MNP in as least as 48 hours — You would want to prefer porting your number to a network that does the needful within the minimum time. With Airtel, you can stay assured that your MNP is estimated to be completed within 48 hours.

Airtel Black service — Airtel proudly introduces the Airtel Black service that helps you get a centralized plan for your entire family for an improved experience and smoother process. In this plan, you enjoy the first month of fiber-free with your existing Airtel Postpaid or DTH connection. Join Airtel Black with a new fiber plan for entertainment that reaches seamlessly with the best network in your place.

Porting to Airtel is all about enjoying a seamless network with a great mobile data speed and limitless downloads. And with the quickest and easiest mobile network portability plans even without visiting the stores makes it all the more preferable. Naturally, when there are so many perks attached to a network, considering it as a preference for your future telecom provider seems a wise idea. Not to forget the added benefit of Airtel Black, thus making it a holistic network with entertainment and efficiency at its best.

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