What are the advantages of Fiber Optic Cable-based Airtel Xstream Fiber Internet?

advantages of Fiber Optic Cable-based Airtel Xstream Fiber

In a world where everything revolves around the internet – from work and studies to entertainment and even staying in touch with our loved ones – internet speed and reliability play a very important role. Now it is not enough to just have internet but to have fast internet because pretty much everything depends on it. Therefore, Airtel introduced fiber optic years ago to make sure its customers are ready for the future.

By bringing fiber to the home, Airtel is changing the way people use the internet. Fiber optics-based internet has given its consumers access to internet speeds as fast as 1Gbps, which was unheard of in India just a few years ago. But while fiber optics has brought super-fast download speed to us, that is not its only benefit. Here are some more.

Better Bandwidth

If there was one thing we need for a seamless work-from-home scenario, it would be bandwidth. Low bandwidth connections can result in slow page loading, audio lags and poor video quality on video calls and just a whole lot of annoyance. As compared to traditional copper cables, fiber optic cables have the ability to deliver a lot more bandwidth in the same diameter.

Faster Upload Speed

A fast download speed is not the only criteria that makes a wifi connection good. A good upload speed is just important because nobody likes it when a file takes ages to go, especially when so many of us are working from home. Studies state that slow internet connections cost businesses an employee’s one week's worth of productivity. So, with faster upload speed, fiber optic cable-based internet has multiple home as well as business benefits.

Improved Reliability

Unlike copper cables, fiber optic cables are much stronger and are temperature, weather, and moisture resistant. Since it is not susceptible to electrical or human interference unless it is forcefully cut, fiber optic internet is a lot more consistent and reliable. This means no sudden downtime, no fluctuating speed and no frustration. Its business benefit is one of the reasons office spaces prefer fiber connection.

Super-Low Latency

Besides offering better download speed and a host of business benefits, fiber optic-based internet also eliminates the issue of latency. A delay in processing data over an unstable internet connection plays on the experience of a user. Fiber optic internet lowers latency issues and thus:

  • Improves voice clarity online
  • Makes cloud access and management easier
  • Improves gaming experience substantially, and
  • Improves collaboration between remote employees

No Cost Difference to Consumers

While the initial cost of installing fiber optics is slightly more expensive than copper cables, the cost difference is not borne by the user. For example, Airtel brings fiber internet to the homes at no extra cost while offering all the above-mentioned benefits. In fact, the cost of fiber optics evens out in the long term as it needs less maintenance, and it lasts longer.

Airtel Xstream fiber aims to bring fiber to the homes of all its customers, so they can enjoy the hassle-free online experience like it is meant to be. Moreover, the advanced routers that come with the plan at no extra cost, cover a wider area and resolve dead-zone issues in the house. Along with the router, new subscribers also enjoy the benefits of landline connection, unlimited data with every plan, and subscription to a host of apps and OTT platforms.

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