Boost Wifi Broadband Speed

Q.1) Is Internet Speed affected by router location & technology?

The Router Technology (dual band vs single band) & location plays a very important role in ensuring the Wi-Fi signals properly reach the device and offer optimum speed.


The farther one moves away from the router, the weaker the signals will get and slower the speed. Try to stay in 6-10 meter radius for 2.4GHz, and within 5metre for 5GHz. It is best to place the Router at a central location and a higher point. However, the thing to focus on are the objects coming in-between the device and the Wi-Fi Broadband signals. Although Wi-Fi signals can easily penetrate through most objects with little to no drops in speed, there are some objects that are really hard or impossible for Wi-Fi signals to pierce through. For example, Wi-Fi signals have a hard time penetrating metals, cement or concrete so if the device is behind a wall with such material in it, the Wi-Fi signals will be affected.


Furthermore, microwave and cordless phone work on almost same frequency as Wi-Fi (i.e. 2.4 GHz), so they also interfere with the signals.


Airtel Tip: Most Operators deploy single band ONTs, but Airtel Provides Dual band ONT Routers as default for all its FTTH plans. Dual band ONTs, like their name suggests support two frequencies, the standard 2.4GHz, which has a slightly higher home coverage range, but is highly interfered and supports lower speed (upto 50 Mbps). The second frequency is 5GHz, which has range of about 5-7 meter, but provides much better speeds & faster data connections (upto 400 Mbps).


Q.2) What are Mesh and Extenders?

Use of Extenders to improve the coverage & Mesh solutions for a seamless coverage in larger homes enhances the WiFi experience. Mesh solutions come with Apps to configure & monitor the WiFi performance.


Airtel Tip: Airtel provides state of the art Mesh devices with their High end wifi Plans, which ensure seamless in home Wifi experience to their users.


Q.3) What to do if ISP is throttling?

Typically all plans come with a fare usage policy quota and on exhausting the quota the speeds are throttled as per the plan.


Airtel Tip: Top up with unlimited Rs 299 plan


Q.4) How to protect your home wifi network?

If no program or device is using the bandwidth then there could be a chance some neighbour is stealing the bandwidth. If the WiFi isn’t secure enough or not secured at all, then someone may connect to it and use the bandwidth. We should use WPA2 security and AES encryption with a strong password.


Airtel Tip: Airtel APP provides easy way to change passwords


Q.5) What happens if many devices using same WiFi SSID?

A WiFi networks total bandwidth is divided between devices that are currently connected to it and any bandwidth heavy program running on one device will affect the internet speed of the other devices. Normally, tasks like browsing the web do not have a major effect but if someone is playing games or streaming videos or downloading huge files on a device, it could drastically affect the network bandwidth of the other devices. Need to make sure that no one uses the WiFi network for bandwidth heavy content.


Furthermore, we can disconnect inactive devices like smartphones that are not in use, as background apps may still be using the bandwidth without our knowledge even when the screen is turned off.


Airtel Tip: Download the airtel XStream Fibre APP to easily identify the devices latched


Q.6) How to change Wi-Fi Channel to remove interference?

Wireless signals work on different channels similar to radio signals, and all routers in an area are connected to these channels. If there are loads of routers connected to the same channel, they may interfere with each other’s signals. Thankfully, we can manually change this channel and choose the one that has lesser load.


Sometimes the device connected to the WiFi could be the cause of issue as well.


Airtel Tip: Download the airtel XStream Fibre APP to easily detect and mitigate interference issues


Q.7) How to close background programs that affect internet speed?

There is a chance that some background programs may be using up the bandwidth without our knowledge. For instance, Windows & Google app updates are notorious for downloading updates in the background and there are other programs (check on task manager-processes tab) that are connected to the internet and take up bandwidth in the background or even a malware can cause slow speed.


Q.8) Why does restarting a router solve speed problems?

The popular restart of the router fix works in many situations and it could be a fix for slow WiFi due to router being hanged-high memory /CPU usage. All we have to do is turn off the router for 10-15 seconds and turn it back on which lets the router to radiate in a non-interfered channel. Most routers have a turn off switch at the back, but we can also unplug the adaptor to cut the power and turn it off. Once restarts is complete (wait for at least 1-2min for FTTH/ADSL to 3-4mins for Vector), try using it again and see if the problem persists.


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