Airtel Broadband FAQs on New Connection

1. How to buy a new broadband connection?

Steps to buy Airtel new broadband connection:-

  • Visit Airtel Broadband webpage
  • Select best internet plan
  • Fill the form and submit it, after that you will get a new broadband connection installed at your preferred address.

2. How long does it take for new broadband connection to become active?

Within 48 hours new broadband connection becomes active.

3. How much to pay for the router?

It will be provided free of cost irrespective of any plan you may choose. (For Dehradun, router cost will be informed before the installation process)

4. How much is activation fee to pay?

Activation fee varies basis your exact location which will be confirmed before installation procedure. However, with Annual Rental Plans for 6/12 months you get waiver on activation fee & are eligible for assured discount.

5. For how long do I get free Netflix / Amazon Prime / Zee5 subscription benefit?

The complimentary content benefit are as follows:

Netflix - 3 months
Amazon Prime - 1 year
Zee5 - Till you’re on Airtel Broadband plan
Airtel TV Premium - Till you’re on Airtel Broadband plan
(In case of Dehradun, all other benefits extend except Netflix)

6. Should I choose broadband Internet or stick to dongle?

Broadband Internet will give you a better overall experience than a dongle. Dongles are normally portable Internet connections that you plug directly into your laptop or desktop computer. Meanwhile, broadband Internet connections are provided for multiple devices and are laid out over copper or fiber optic cables. I suggest you take up Airtel broadband for your home, because you will get a really good deal on the plan.

7. Will I get the maximum speed promised in the plan?

The speed of internet shall vary as per your exact location. It will be confirmed before installation process.

8. Will I receive landline/telephone/handset/receiver with the router?

While you shall receive unlimited Local and STD calls, the landline/telephone/handset/receiver instrument will not be provided from our end.

9. Will my data be carried forward?

Yes, for plans starting from Rs. 1099 you are eligible for data rollover feature. (For AP, Gujarat & Maharashtra (except Mumbai) it’s Rs. 1599)

10. What happens when data quota of plan gets over, Is this an unlimited data pack?

Post exhaustion of the data quota as allocated to your plan, you will be able to enjoy unlimited data usage at a speed of 1 mbps. 
(For Pack with Unlimited GB it’s capped at 3333 GB)