Postpaid - COCP Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions which govern the provision of telecommunication services by Bharti Airtel Limited (’Airtel’) are as mentioned below and your access and use of the Services (as defined below) shall be treated as your consent to be bound by the following appearing terms.

The words ‘you’ and ‘your’ as appearing in these terms shall refer to you, i.e. - the subscriber, availing Airtel’s postpaid mobile telecommunication services.

1. Provision of Telecommunication Services

a. Services: “Services” shall refer to the facility of (a) making phone calls, (b) sending short messages service(s)(“SMS”), (c) data services and (d) any value added services (“VAS”) that maybe provided by Airtel and availed by you basis your request and availability of such Service in a given location. These terms shall apply uniformly to all Services provided irrespective of the technology, methodology or mechanism used to deliver the Services.
Following services are activated by default at the time of subscription to Airtel’s postpaid mobile services – STD, ISD. For details on tariffs for ISD, data services, service availability and tariffs on International roaming please visit our website

b. All Services are subject to network availability. Airtel’s wireless telecommunication network used for providing the Services (’Network’) is made available on an as-is-as-available basis and Airtel makes no representation, guarantee or warranty regarding the availability, fitness, quality or reliability of the Network whatsoever. Please note that Airtel’s Network availability may be adversely affected due to technical reasons as well as force majeure circumstances, any acts of God and also due to limitations caused by topographical / geographic /demographic factors. Network and Services may also be affected in cases where interconnection with other networks is not available, or for routine maintenance works including any updates / upgrades / repairs etc. In no circumstance shall Airtel be responsible or liable, in any manner whatsoever, irrespective of the nature of damages, whether or not such damages could have been foreseen/prevented by Airtel and even if Airtel had been informed of the possibility of such damages, for any loss of data, Network unavailability, Service unavailability or any other claim whatsoever related to the quality or availability or sufficiency of the Network or Services. The aforesaid limitations shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law.

c. Services shall always be provided subject to applicable law as well as any applicable guidelines/instructions issued by any statutory or judicial authority (such as TRAI, DoT, Income Tax Department, CCI, TDSAT etc.) including, without limitation KYC requirements, lawful interception requirements and any other applicable law, regulation, UASL license condition or similar binding provision (‘Compliance Requirements’). Airtel reserves the right to take any action (including omission), including the suspension of Services (or part thereof), cancellation of Services (or part thereof) or the suspension / cancellation of any portion of these terms as may be necessary to meet any Compliance Requirements.

d. Service are provided for your bonafides use only.

2. Issue of SIM Card

a. A Subscriber Identity Module (‘SIM’) is being issued to you on a non-transferrable, non-alienable basis subject to the following conditions- (a) The information provided by you, including the information filled overleaf as well as documents provided herewith, are true, genuine and accurate and nothing material has been withheld; (b) Airtel reserves the right to have such information verified including by way of physical audit, tele-calling etc. For any compliance or service requirements; (c) you shall not obtain more than 9 mobile phone connections including this one from any and/or all Telecom Service Providers put together; (d) you shall provide such further information as Airtel may reasonably require to fulfill any Compliance Requirements; (e) Any change in the information provided by you should be intimated to Airtel in advance along with the requisite supporting documents; (f) You shall have no title and/or ownership and/or interest in the SIM and the ownership over the SIM shall always remain with Airtel.

–You shall provide the list of actual users of mobile connections and their designation at the time of subscription, and in case of any changes of user that shall be informed by the authorized signatory to airtel within a week of such changes. Airtel shall be entitles to periodically (every six month) inspect, as per the compliance requirements, our premises to check the bonfides of usage.

–You shall give the declaration at the time of subscription and at such intervals, not later than at the every end of three months, , as per compliance requirements containing summer of changes of names of users taken place during the month and in case of no change, a certificate mentioning that there are no change shall be provide to airtel

b. The SIM card is and shall remain the property of Airtel and is only being provided to you for use during the time your Services are active. Services to the SIM card will be discontinued if there is no usage, i.e. no Voice / Video call (Outgoing or Incoming) or an outgoing SMS or a Data session or usage of VAS Added Services for a continuous period of 90 days. You will not be able to use this number post disconnection. However, you may retain the said number by keeping it under ‘safe custody’ for an initial period of up to 90 days, upon payment of charges specified by Airtel from time to time, which, subject to Airtel’s sole discretion, may be extended on a monthly basis upon payment of the prescribed charges.

c. The unique 10-digit MSISDN mobile phone number associated with your SIM card- (a) shall be assigned by Airtel at its discretion; (b) may be changed by Airtel at any time if the same is reasonably required and; (c) may be reassigned by Airtel to any person at its discretion, post termination of Services.

d. If you are a foreign national, the Services shall be provided till the expiry of visa. The Services shall be deactivated without any notice on the expiry of visa.

e. You shall be responsible for any loss / damage / misuse of the SIM card or any unauthorized use of or access to the SIM card. Any use of the SIM card, including use of Services through SIM card, shall always be deemed to be used by you. In case of loss / theft /destruction of SIM card, you must please inform Airtel at the earliest so that Airtel may deactivate the SIM card to avoid any misuse. You may apply for a replacement of your SIM card subject to the then applicable requirements (including submission of KYC documents or such other process as may be prescribed by DoT’s instructions), and upon payment of applicable fees, if any. You shall be solely liable for (and indemnify Airtel against) any loss, damages or claims associated with such suspension of SIM card / Services or any delay in such suspension.

f. Services on a SIM card shall be activated within a reasonable time after completion of the Authentication process prescribed by DoT or any other competent authority from time to time and completion of any other prescribed requirements.

g. You agree that employees of airtel or its agents are entitled to visit the place of installation of fixed line and /or internet in order to ascertain usage bonafides and in case it is found that the usage is contrary of compliance requirement, airtel may disconnect the service.

3. Tariff and Charging

a. Tariffs associated with Services - (a) are available at; (b) are subject to change and, unless such change is warranted by a change in any Compliance Requirements or taxes, license fees, cess or similar increase in service costs, shall only be affected upon prior notice; (c) shall be charged in accordance with the tariff plan selected by you, or, in the absence of any such selection, in accordance with Airtel’s then default tariffs. Please note that calls or messages to some numbers may attract premium non-tariff rates. (d) Further, on certain days, no free or discounted voice call / SMS will be available to existing / new subscribers who subscribe to or have subscribed to voice or SMS packs / promotional offers on the customary / festival days (‘Blackout Days’). On these days tariff will be charged as per your tariff plan. For complete details, you may visit or your nearest Airtel Relationship Centre or send SMS to 121 (toll free) with text “TARIFF”

b. Charges payable by you for use of the Services may be in the nature of- (a) pro rata charges based on use; (b) subscription charges, either one time or recurring, for example- subscription of VAS services, subscription to special tariff plans etc. and/or (c) One-time to onboard the customer on network and/or (d) Service charges, monthly rentals, taxes, cess, license fees etc.

c. Certain applications like Facebook, Twitter etc. run on data even when they are not in use. Subscriber is cautioned to take an informed decision to keep using all such chargeable data applications while home / roaming.

d. Charging shall occur on the basis of information captured by the network. For pulse and charging mechanism please refer or your relevant bill plan. SMS charging is dependent upon character length in each message submitted. For SMS in English language, the charging for first 160 characters will be for 1 SMS. Any SMS greater than 160 characters will be charged up to next 153 characters and in multiples thereof as separate SMSs. For vernacular SMS, the character length is reduced variably depending upon language as per the Unicode text.

You shall, subject to payment of reasonable cost, as applicable, be provided with an itemized usage charges, which you have been charges for including calls made, SMS sent, VAS services, utilized etc. upon request.

e. You must maintain with Airtel an interest free “Security Deposit” for the duration of the services which may be used by Airtel to set off any outstanding liabilities you may owe Airtel under these terms or any other agreement. The amount of such security deposit may change, including revision during the services, depending upon your credit rating, nature of service availed, special service etc. Security deposit shall be refunded to you within 60 days of Termination of services after deducting applicable charges and/or outstanding dues.

Your bill and invoicing cycle shall be informed to you at the time of activation and you must clear all your dues within the time stipulated in your bill. Airtel shall not be responsible for any non-receipt of your bills and your liability to pay any amount due shall remain unaffected by such non-receipt for any reason. Unless you choose to receive an e-bill, all bills shall be sent to the postal address informed by you at the time of availing the subscription for the Services. Airtel shall take reasonable measures, in accordance with compliance requirement to protect the privacy of your billing information. Bill shall be inclusive of all applicable taxes, cess, etc. as applicable.

4. Billing & Payment

a. You may pay your bills online at, at your nearest airtel relationship center or by making payment at any other designated airtel post-paid bill collection agencies (each a “payment mechanism”). Please note that while you may use any payment mechanism to pay your bill, the date of payment shall always be the date when such payment is actually received by airtel

b. You agree that airtel has rights to prefix or refix the credit limit for the usage of services availed by you base on its internal credit rating. In the event of your usage exceeding the credit limit, you shall be liable to make interim payment forthwith for the services availed including rental, failing which airtel reserves the right to totally or partially disconnect / suspended the services.

  1. Airtel shall bill you as per the billing cycle which shall run on the frequency as may be decided by Airtel from time to time.
  2. Bills will be sent at your billing address as mentioned in the eCAF. Airtel shall not be responsible for non-receipt of bill(s), and in such an event, it shall be incumbent on you to enquire about the dues and settle the same.

c. All payments are to be made by the prescribed due date. All non-cash payments are subject to realization. Payment beyond due date shall entail late fees as prescribed by Airtel from time to time and taxes thereon. The same shall be payable from the due date till actual realization of payment. Outstation cheques shall not be accepted. All taxes, present and future, and additional taxes/cess/duties etc. levied by Government/local authorities etc. with respect to services provided under this form will be charged to the Customer’s account.

d. Customer must pay all the dues in full, without any deduction, set-off or withholding in respect of Services availed by him. However, in case of any disputes(s) regarding the change(s) levied, Customer shall intimate Airtel in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of the bill(s). Customer shall also pay full amount of disputed charges, if any, irrespective of any pending dispute(s).

e. Upon delay/non-payment of bills beyond the due date or non-deposit of any applicable fee, charge or deposit, or any increase thereof, Airtel reserves the right to totally or partially disconnect the Services. For restoring the Services, you shall have to apply for reactivation of the connection, after making the due payment and the applicable restoration charges.

f. Airtel will not be liable for Customer Equipment (or your equipment) being faulty/incompatible.

g. In case of customer opting for e-bill facility, ID, password and other information or details shall be exchanged through the medium of internet and Airtel shall not be responsible or liable for the secrecy or security of the same under any circumstances.

5. Legal Responsibilities

a. Services are used for communication. Airtel is a facilitator/medium for communication services and does not generate any content which form part of the Services. Accordingly you are advised to - (a) use prudent judgment while using Services and you acknowledge, agree and note that Airtel shall not be responsible for the content transmitted through the Services and (b) not use the Services in any manner and or transmit anything using Services, which violates any Compliance Requirements or is likely or violate any Compliance Requirements or prejudices social or national interest.

b. If Airtel has reason to believe, or receives instructions from any authorized agency, Airtel may suspend or terminate any Services and deactivate any SIM card used in contravention of the terms mentioned herein or likely to be used in contravention of the terms mentioned herein.

c. You shall be entirely liable for any Services accessed through your SIM card and any information/data transmitted or accessed using your SIM card and shall indemnify and hold Airtel harmless Airtel for any loss, claims and/or damages, howsoever caused, arising from your use of the Services or SIM card. Any data / information sent using any Services shall be subject to Airtel’s terms of service available at This includes, without limitation, any data /information transmitted /accessed using SMS, internet access or voice calls; or using any website or other electronic resource maintained by Airtel.

d. You shall intimate Airtel about change of address, if any, in writing within one week of such change along with such proof, as may be deemed necessary by Airtel.

e. You shall not use the services as an OSP (Other Service Provider) or for the purpose of telemarketing (transactional/ service/promotional - calling/SMS), directly or indirectly, without submitting to Airtel the required approvals/registration from relevant authorities.

f. Airtel shall be entitled to disconnect or suspend the Services without any notice at any time if so directed or ordered by DoT / security agencies or any other authority exercising jurisdiction over telecommunication services.

g. Your services must be disconnected in the event airtel has reasonable grounds to believe, at any time, that a particulars you have mentioned overleaf are inaccurate or if you are in the breach of these terms.

h. You must provide your PAN or GIR no. may be quoted till such time the PAN is allotted to you. If you have not been allotted a PAN or GIR no. you shall make a declaration in form 60. In case you have agricultural income and do not have any other taxable income , you will make a declaration in for 61. Non-residence should alternatively, furnish a copy of passport. If this information is not furnished airtel reserves the rights to disconnect the services, without any prior notice.

6. Confidentiality and Communication

a. Any information relating to you is used only to provide you Services, improve the Services or any other use that you may consent to. For a detailed overview of what kind of information we collect, how we store it and who all we share it please go through our privacy policy at

b. Please note that your use of Services and the confidentiality of your communication is subject to any lawful interception requirements/ directives as may be required/authorized under any Compliance Requirement.

c. Registration or preference change in DND registry can be done through our website or by calling at 1909 IVR (Toll free) or by sending SMS START DND to 1909 or by dialling USSD *1909#

– Registration of preference change in the NCPR (Do not disturb registry) can be done through our website or by calling 1909 IVR (toll free) or by ending SMS “Start <option>to 1909 for preferred base communication, or SMS “Start 0” for fully blocked category, The option “1” for banking/Insurance/Finance products/Credits cards, “2” for Real Estate, “3” for education, “4” for Health, “5” for Consumer Goods and Automobiles, “6” for communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT and “7” for Tourism and leisure. Registration of preference change in NCPR shall be effective within 7 days from the date of request. This will apply only to mobile services.

– You agree that airtel may be required to disclose any information of particulars pertaining to you to debt collection agency or credit reference agency.

d. We may communicate with you for Service related matters using your information including by way of calls, SMS, WAP, USSD, e-mail etc. except where such communication is prohibited by Compliance Requirements.

e. You accept that any change in tariff or related terms and conditions, schemes etc., communicated inter alia through SMS or USSD etc., shall be valid and proper intimation.

f. Information submitted by you for availing the Services or information submitted by you while using the Services, can be shared with Airtel’s business partners and service providers, including but not limited to call centre service providers, associates, subsidiaries (including but not limited to Airtel Payments Bank Limited – Airtel money) which provide services that run on an Airtel SIM.

7. Roaming

a. ‘Roaming’ refers to the act of accessing Services while outside your home territory or the Service area to which your Services extend. Airtel provides national roaming as well as international roaming subject to applicable terms and conditions as available at

b. Please note that roaming- (a) may not be available in all countries/states/places;(b) requires a compatible handset; (c) attracts its own tariffs and charges and may also require you to pay an additional fee to use international roaming services. Please note that all services, especially VAS services and services such as CLI etc. may not be available/ may not be fully functional while roaming.

c. Roaming services are contingent upon a variety of external factors including relationships with other telecommunication operators as well as other factors including technical feasibility and compatibility. Accordingly, Airtel does not guarantee and makes no representation that Roaming services shall always be available or that roaming services are fit, sufficient or appropriate for any purpose. Roaming services are offered on a best effort basis and Airtel shall not be liable for any failure to provide the same or any deficiency in the provision of Roaming services.

8. Mobile Number Portability

a. Mobile Number Portability is offered in accordance with Compliance Requirements. It shall continue to be governed by the applicable Regulations promulgated by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and as amended from time to time.

b. Presently, the activation of port-in mobile number will be done within a time frame of approx. 7 days (except 15 days in case of Assam, J&K and North East). You may cancel a port-in request within 24 hours from the time of request submission. However, the porting fee will not be refunded.

c. Presently, once a mobile number is ported-in, it cannot be ported out for the next 90 days. Airtel may reject the port-out request if the subscriber is not eligible basis the following ‘Grounds of Rejection’ (a) The porting request has been made before the expiry of 90 days from the date of activation of new connection / network; (b) A request for change of ownership of the mobile number is under process; (c) as Authorized / required by Compliance Requirements (d) The unique porting code mentioned in the porting request does not match with the unique porting code allocated by the donor operator for the mobile number sought to be ported; (e) There are subsisting contractual obligations with respect of which an exit clause has been provided in the subscriber agreement but the subscriber has not complied with such an exit clause. Please note that the Unique Porting Code is valid only for 15 days from the date of generation.

d. You agree that upon porting of mobile number, the balance talk time and other benefits shall lapse. You declare that all dues have been paid and shall also be bound to pay all dues to the donor operator pertaining to the mobile number sought to be ported till the date of its eventual porting. You agree that in the event of non-payment of such dues to the donor operator, your connection is liable to be disconnected by Airtel.

9. General Terms

a. Airtel’s maximum liability under these terms or otherwise, in relation to the Services shall be limited to a refund of the amount charged by Airtel (if any) for the transaction which gave rise to the dispute. Under no circumstances shall Airtel be liable for any indirect, special, consequential or punitive damages or any damages for loss of data, loss of Services, loss of goodwill or any other similar loss even if Airtel had been advised of the possibility of such losses. The limitations on Airtel’s liability as set forth here are an integral consideration for Airtel offering the Services and shall apply to the maximum extent permissible by law.

b. Any increase or addition or introduction of taxes and or levy of any taxes, duties or any other statutory charges (present/future) shall be charged to your (customer) account (‘Subscriber Account’) without any notice and shall at all times be deemed to be part of the tariff.

c. If any part of these terms are adjudged illegal, invalid or unenforceable, such part of the terms shall be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability only without in any way affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining parts. Such unenforceable or invalid part of the terms shall be replaced with enforceable and valid terms most closely resembling the intention of the unenforceable or invalid terms.

d. The courts at New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to the subject matter of these terms.

e. These terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India.

f. You may please note that these terms are subject to change and Airtel may, from time to time, make suitable changes / amendments to these terms in accordance with compliance requirements or for any other reason. Such changes / modifications shall be applicable to the Services from the date mentioned in the change notification and an updated / latest version of these terms shall be available at

10. JK circle advance MRP plans

a. The postpaid plan is available only on advance rental basis and no security deposit will be applicable inclusive of applicable taxes.

b. For outgoing usage, post activation, its mandatory to opt for any of the available booster pack on recurring basis

c. The Postpaid tariff plan can be availed by any customer and is applicable on all mobile handsets/devices.

d. In the absence of monthly rental payment, all services will get barred.

e. International roaming is not allowed with this plan

f. This Plan is intended only for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial activity. In case of misuse/ fraudulent use/ unauthorised and commercial use, Airtel reserves the right to discontinue the services offered as part of this Plan

11. Family Connections

The family connection is an integrated plan wherein add-on/ child connections are linked with the primary connection. If the customer seek to disconnect/ port-out their primary mobile number from Airtel’s network, then it is mandatory for the customer to delink all add-on/ child connections linked with primary number to be migrated to other available plans before port-out/ disconnection.

12. Valid Documents which need to be enclosed

a. Proof of identity : Passport, Arms license, Driving licenses, Income Tax PAN Card, Photo Credit Card/Debit Card (with Photo), Smart Card / Dependent card (Issued by defence).

b. Proof of Address : Password, Arm License, Driving license, Water Bill (Not older than 3 months), Telephone bill of fixed line (not older than 3 month) IT assessment order, Sales/Lease (Rent Agreement-Registered, Vehicle Registration Certification.