What is Airtel IQ?

Build Digital Experiences that your customers love

Airtel IQ is the world’s first network integrated CPaaS ecosystem designed to drive customer engagement to the maximum level and help businesses become more profitable. This unified cloud communications platform lets businesses deliver unparalleled customer engagement across voice, SMS, WhatsApp and video channels programmatically, with minimal investment.

Leading companies are transforming customer experiences with Airtel IQ


Decrease in marketing expenditure


Increase in Call Answer Rates


Uplift in customer’s sales


Decrease in complaints

Omni-channel customer engagement

Deliver unparalleled customer engagement across Voice, SMS, WhatsApp, and Video and with Omni-Channel Contact Centre Solutions

Build an engaging voice experience for your customers, at scale

Enable high-quality voice engagement with your customers and watch your business grow. Airtel IQ Voice allows you to streamline and enhance your customer interactions with features such as click-to-call, IVR solution, call masking, intelliphone solution and much more.

Delight your customers with an omnichannel, cloud contact centre

Reimagine your customer and agent experience without any hassle. Airtel IQ’s cloud-based contact centre enables your business to intelligently improve customer services through features such as conversation analyser, customised dashboards, communication APIs and more.

Engage with your customers on their preferred messaging applications - SMS, WhatsApp

Create a perfect customer experience by interacting with them on their preferred messaging applications. Airtel IQ Messaging lets your business expand its reach with impactful features such as rich media messaging, vernacular support and much more.

Deliver a differentiated video streaming experience, at scale

Make your customer more content with a seamless video streaming experience. Airtel IQ video supports hassle-free launch and management of your video products with features such as layout tool, payment gateway integrations, smart analytics and more.

Industries we cater to

Drive Profitability by delivering intelligent customer engagement with solutions customized to your needs

Personalise banking experiences to grow customer loyalty

Deliver secure, tailored and omnichannel engagement to your BFSI customer with Airtel IQ. Enhance sales productivity and meet customer expectations with our customer-centric communication platform. Now, integrate enterprise-grade security, personalised messaging, smart analytics, proactive contact centre solutions and more to delight your customers.

Build engaging, meaningful customer interactions

Deliver a seamless, omnichannel retail experience that your customers will love with Airtel IQ. Automate and optimise customer interactions and services with robust communication APIs, customised dashboards, AI-powered chatbots/voicebots and more. Also, create highly personalised campaigns for your customers with Airtel IQ products to boost your revenue streams.

Deliver faster and always-on care experience for your customers, every time

Build a highly-personalised and refined care experience for your patients with Airtel IQ. Now, address every concern of your patients by enabling them to book video consultations services in your own app or website, without any hassle. Our unified multi-channel platform is also designed to ensure patient-centric engagement, reduce customer wait time and more.

Build superior logistics customer experience with real-time communications

Combine customer convenience with unforgettable logistics experiences with Airtel IQ. Ensure your customer’s privacy with features like number masking, your team’s efficiency with virtual numbers, IVR solution, and increase in answer rate of calls using CNAM feature. You can also benefit from our cloud-based contact centres, AI-powered chatbots/voicebots and other products to build a robust communication strategy.

The Airtel Advantage

Telco Advantage

Telco-grade reliability, security, & robustness, with a global resilient pan-India connectivity network.

Seamless Integration

Integrates intuitively with your business using flexible, low-cost, easy-to-use API development tools.

Network Reliability

No additional hop – offering reduced call set-up time and lower resolution time. No dependency on connectivity with DC.

Airtel Scale

Transparency through CNAM technology, mobile number as intelliphone, faster turnaround time for feature integration as a Telco

Support and Expertise

Leverage Airtel’s existing infrastructure, scale, engineering expertise, & intelligent technology support.


  • Calling Flows and Click-to-call
  • Intelliphones and Call Masking
  • IVR (Inbound / Outbound)
  • International Bridging
  • Toll-free on Cloud


  • SMS Campaigning
  • WhatsApp API & Bots


  • Fintech Module- E-KYC
  • Healthcare Module- Engagement
  • Edtech & Retail Interactions Module

Contact center cx

  • Automatic/ Agent-based Calls
  • VoIP with Softphone

Connect. Engage. Personalize

Enterprise grade solutions backed by World’s first Network-Embedded Communication Platform as a Service

Customer Testimonials

Integrate any application in minutes with our full-featured IQ APIs

  • Secure, Robust & intuitive APIs for every use-case
  • Comprehensive documentation with sample codes in popular language
    • Free of cost, pay only for use
    • Fetch call recording, call stats, pass runtime configuration & more!
  • Expert team always at hand to help you with integration & support
  • Call report UI
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Question on Airtel IQ?

Airtel IQ is the world’s first network-integrated CPaaS ecosystem that allows Enterprises to easily embed Voice, Messaging (SMS, WhatsApp), Video in mobile/web applications using flexible, robust APIs and comes with a host of Omnichannel Contact Centre Solutions

Airtel IQ provides you with the following benefits:
- Hosting telecom infrastructure by incorporating a robust set of restful HTTP APIs that allow you to activate call and SMS functionality inside your application.
- Developers can use protocols and technology they are already familiar with like HTTPS.
- Reduces complexity and provides an efficient way to implement communication services inside the mobile and desktop applications for you.

Airtel IQ is built for the future. We have developed rich and deep capability in calls, IVR, and SMS. We also have capabilities inLocation, Email, and Identity with many customers using them. We are continuously working to evolve our offering so that a customer can easily combine them to drive the experience they want for deeper engagement with their customers. Plus we are adding workloads beyond these to address our customer needs.

Platform will support Voice, Video, Messaging (SMS, WhatsApp) and Omni-Channel Contact Centre Integration