End-to-End Identity and Access Management Solutions

Airtel's Identity Access Management (I&AM) solutions are secure, scalable, and cloud-based. Our single sign-on console provides secure access to cloud and on-premise applications, while intelligent authentication processes block risky login attempts without affecting the user experience of employees. Biometric fingerprinting, proximity login capabilities, and push notifications also bolster network protection. A broad range of one-time password (OTP) options, embedded two-factor authentication (2FA), and mobile app risk detection ensure further protection for sensitive data. Our intuitive self-service portal and comprehensive third-party integration minimizes the need for IT or administrator intervention.

Detecting invisible threats

As cyber-attacks grow more sophisticated, safeguarding organizational assets and perimeters has become a pressing concern.

Hackers are abandoning the use of obvious threat vectors that can be thwarted by existing security systems. Instead, they are turning to legitimate system administration tools to compromise enterprise networks. Breaking in using the cover of compromised identity and access management (IAM) architecture has become a worryingly common phenomenon.

Reports indicate that close to 53% of organizations have no plans for dealing with IAM-related vulnerabilities and fewer than 10% believe they are prepared to deal with similar threats1. In an ironic twist, a leading global consultant in cybersecurity had their databases hacked into a couple of years ago2. More recently, a news aggregation service had user information stolen when attackers gained unauthorized backend access3. As data breaches continue to increase in numbers, the effective management of people and machines is becoming a business imperative.

Current challenges relate to:

  • “Event fatigue” induced by false incident triggers
  • Ineffective privileged access/identity management (PAM/PIM) due to low visibility
  • Weak login systems lacking multi-factor authentication
  • Changing regulations governing IAM

Why Airtel ?


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