Brand Security
A Critical Linchpin

With cyber-attacks routinely catching organizations off guard, organizations can no longer take brand reputation for granted. Apart from compromised enterprise data security, the end result of such attacks is a severe loss of customer trust. In fact, nearly 75% of customers refrain from purchasing products from companies that cannot assure data protection1.

Hacking tactics have evolved from just selling sensitive information. In the current online landscape, fraudsters can manipulate company data and divert its consumers to enter illicit sites and buy counterfeit items. Some hackers even hide in the Dark Web and lead customers to believe that their trusted company was responsible for the abuse. As a result, the organization loses the consumers’ trust and revenues.

Efficient and All Round Brand Protection Solution

Airtel Secure is a turnkey threat protection solution that offers 24*7 Dark Web monitoring combined with identity theft prevention. Our tools and services safeguard organizations from both known and unknown online threats. We proactively monitor and mitigate phishing and rogue activities in emails, mobile applications, social media sites, and other digital channels. Through real-time visibility into attacks originating from the Dark Web and other cybercrime zones, we prevent potential company reputation damages and revenue leaks.

Our brand security solution is backed by industry leaders – RSA, Mark Monitor, and VOLON.

Why Airtel ?


Industry-wide experience in implementing cutting-edge security infrastructure


Owners of the largest integrated SOC-NOC operations in the APAC region


Owns one of the largest automated self-securing telecommunications assets


Expertise in working in a highly regulated environment with zero tolerance toward cyber threats


Strategic partnerships with multiple security OEM leaders


Dedicated round the clock professional support