Enterprise Applications
in Constant Danger

With advanced threats emerging from multifaceted sources, developers are looking to ensure inside-out and outside-in security of applications throughout its lifecycle. Approximately 70% of vulnerabilities persist for over 30 days, making applications with unpatched flaws easy targets for hackers. Through source code manipulation, perpetrators can access sensitive enterprise data. This can tarnish the organization’s image and even lead to legal proceedings.

Two Steps Toward Complete Application Security

Airtel’s Application Security safeguards applications from design to deployment stage. Our solutions ensure best-in-class security using a two-step process – embedding security codes during the development phase (DevOps) and providing security coverage (Application Firewall) after the application goes live.

With our association with f5 and Radware, we ensure that enterprise applications have all-round protection. Our services encompass proactive bot protection, vulnerability fixes, behavioral DoS and DDoS protection, flexible application deployment, fully-managed API protection, and cloud web application firewall.

Whether the application is hosted on the cloud, on-premise, or in third-party data centers, we ensure it is safeguarded from all attacks.

Why Airtel ?


Robust infrastructure with the third-largest automated self-securing telecom assets


Owners of the largest integrated SOC-NOC in the APAC region


Strict adherence to regulations with zero tolerance toward malicious threats


Dedicated end-to-end security services with 24x7x365 support


Globally certified in managing information security and ethical hacking by EC Council, ISACA, and ISC


Airtel's Application Security

Foolproofing the Entire Application Lifecycle

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