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Learning Initiatives

Experienced Professionals

At Airtel, we understand that business growth is a result of talent growth and hence we are committed towards building a talent pool which is constantly learning and evolving. Following a 70:20:10 development principle, whereby we believe that 70% of learning is gained on field while 20% is driven through mentors, managers, peers and subordinates and only 10 % is through traditional learning formats like workshops, sessions, e-learning etc.

  • Continuing Education Program (CEP)

    Our employees are our biggest assets and their continued development is always our top priority. Hence, we encourage our employees to identify and pursue relevant academic opportunities which not only add value to their existing skill sets but also greatly enhance their chances to aspire for future roles in the organisation.

  • Enhancing Functional Capability

    In our endeavour to build the capabilities of our employees, we have partnered with the best-in-class learning partners and institutions to develop and deliver learning interventions. Leveraging online learning mediums aids us in enhancing the learning experience by making learning available anytime, anywhere and at the convenience of our employees.

  • Leadership Development

    An effective leadership culture defines the future trajectory of any organisation. Therefore, inculcating leadership behaviour within our employees is a chief focus area for us to ensure a long-term business performance. At Airtel, the stages of leadership inputs given to an employee are:

    icon Operational Leadership is aimed at equipping new managers with fundamental leadership insights to be able to interact effectively while balancing the task, people, processes and systems. It enables them to take full ownership and accountability of all aspects of their work, learning about Airtel culture & values.
    icon Personal Leadership is targeted at providing crucial leadership experiences which shape young leaders to conquer adversity, value authenticity and emerge as extraordinary leaders. They are skilled to flex their leadership style as per changing situations within the existing ecosystem.
    icon Transformational Leadership is meant for the middle and senior leaders of the organisation. Following the looking glass methodology in a classroom format, coupled with one on one coaching helps increase inner awareness and better understanding of external forces. This group is enabled to think strategically and inspire their teams and align them to the bigger business agenda.


Campus Connect

airtel was born free, a force unleashed in the market with relentless and unwavering determination to succeed. We come closer to your campus in search of souls charged with energy, creativity and ambition. At airtel we believe in nurturing young talent, and campus forms a key part of the overall talent strategy. In line with our talent philosophy of 'Jobs Never Done Before', we empower campus hires with surprisingly large amounts of responsibility. And to realize all space & opportunity that we promise, we're carefully planning the initial months to ensure focused learning inputs, guidance, plenty of interactions with Business heads and lots of opportunities to assimilate culture, people, the organization and folklore! As a young organization where innovation is a way of life, we're constantly seeking out fresh talent that we can take big bets on. When you join us from campus, you can expect to gain diverse experiences that give you an almost multi – industry flavor and prepare you to take on leadership roles early in your career.

  • Young Leader Program

    We recruit top talent from premium B-Schools around the world for Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management and General Management. Under this program each Young Leader (YL) goes through a 12 month structured program. This includes various stints including sales, cross function and home function stints. Each YL is assigned a mentor during their stints, who is the custodian of professional learning for YLs and is responsible for grooming them for destination roles. The airtel Management Board often takes direct ownership of mentoring these young vibrant minds. At airtel interestingly many times the tables turn with reverse mentoring, where young leaders dawn the mantle of a guide for senior leaders by bringing on board challenging insights and breaking barriers of conventional ways of doing business. The YL's are also provided specific development inputs through various leadership development interventions which enable them to fast track their growth. A young leader at airtel thus sees phenomenal growth in terms of the volume & revenue handled and span of control as compared to his/her counterparts from campus.

    The one year YL program includes:

    icon Corporate Orientation - An 8 day program hosted at airtel Center where the young leaders get an opportunity to interact and learn about airtel and its lines of businesses from the leaders themselves.

    icon Cross Functional Stint - The cross functional stint is aimed at training young leaders for general management roles within the organization. This stint helps young leaders in getting sensitized to other functions and also helps them develop the ability to understand the inter-linkages with their own core function. The projects in this stint are designed in such way so as to give the young leaders hands on experience in that function. (4 months)

    icon Corporate Social Responsibility Project - Giving back to the society is what airtel believes in and this is manifested in the CSR stint in association with the Bharti Foundation schools, where young leaders take charge of these schools in deep rural areas of Punjab, Rajasthan & Haryana and get involved in community work. This is also a step towards building sustainable talent and bringing us closer to our roots that the 2 week Bharti Foundation Stint is incorporated as a part of the YL program

    icon  Functional Stint - Post the corporate orientation, the young leaders embark upon the journey of the core functional stint. The stint helps them gain an in depth understanding of their function and its linkages to various sub functions through a number of target based assignments and project work. YLs are expected to be familiar with key verticals in their core function by the end of this 4 month functional stint

    icon Global Stint - An 8 weeks global stint is given to each YL for broadening their horizon regarding our business. This also gives them an opportunity to understand best practices in diverse geographies .

  • Young Technical Leader

    Our YTL program aims at building a continuous pipeline of talent that brings in fresh perspectives by learning new technologies and delivering beyond customer expectations in our network business. For this program, we identify talent from premier engineering institutes across the country. These young technical leaders go through 12 months of extensive on the job training, where they are provided with exposure to various cutting edge technologies along with mentoring inputs that facilitate them to take up challenging leadership roles in the organization. YTLs are given on the field exposure to help them build a strong foundation for ear marked destination roles that they will be taking up in the future

    The one year YTL program includes

    icon Corporate Orientation (1 month)- A one month day program hosted at airtel Center where the young leaders get an opportunity to interact and learn about airtel and its lines of businesses from the leaders themselves. This also includes e –learning programs and workshops for the Young technical leaders

    icon Functional Stints (10 months) - Post the corporate orientation, the young technical leaders undergo various stints in different work areas of the home function (Networks/ IT /Supply chain/ Customer service) The in depth stints help them gain an in depth understanding of their function and its linkages to various sub functions through a number of target based assignments and project work.

    icon Cross Functional Stint (2 months) - The cross functional stint is aimed at wholesome learning and development of young technical leaders by giving them an exposure to other key functions in the organization such as Sales, Marketing etc. This stint helps them to appreciate the cross linkages with between their home and other functions. The projects in this stint are designed in such way so as to give the young leaders hands on experience in that function.

  • Airtel Big Break

    Airtel's Big Break program is designed to build a strong talent force in our frontline roles. Through this program onboard talent in our frontline roles in Sales, Customer Service and Retail functions. The Big Breakers undergo a structured 3 month induction to successfully take on challenges in the respective roles.

    Induction program will comprise of learning through one week classroom learning: focusing on basics of our key functions sales, marketing, customer service and networks. The Big breakers will understand the working, team structures and key KPIs in each of these functions.

    This learning will be followed up with in depth 8 week details market shadowing with peers and supervisors where trainees will gain the practical exposure to function's ways of working and will appreciate the relevance of key market drivers.

  • Post Graduate Trainee Program

    For our entry level positions in Finance, we hire young minds from post graduate colleges/MBA colleges in Delhi University and other popular universities in the country. Upon joining this Program you will undergo 2 weeks of cross functional induction followed by 3 months of on the job learning across verticals of Revenue Assurance or Shared Services. Our graduate trainee program provide a very strong foundation for students looking at long term career in finance function with a global organization.

    3 months induction includes a week long class room training to understand the process in Revennue assurance/Shared Services verticals of finance function

    The class room learning is put to application though two 6 week long on the job projects in key work areas of RA/Shared services

  • Airtel B-School Lateral Hire Program

    Airtel visit the top B-schools to hire experienced professionals with over 4-5 years of work experience for mid-level management positions across all our functions and businesses.
    These students will typically have prior experience or expertise in the functions/work areas where we have opportunities. The relevant experience makes the transition to leadership positions much easier for them.
    Lateral hires also undergo a structured 3 month intensive cross functional learning program after which they are ready to take on respective roles.

    As part of this program, we have been recruiting from premier institutes such as IIMA (PGPX program), IIMB(PGPX program) and ISB for some of our critical mid management positions across functions.


Enabling Environment

The right environment is the key to a healthy and progressive development of an organisation. We at Airtel believe in providing our employees with an inspiring and motivating environment.

  • Employee Friendly policies
  • Facilities
  • Exciting Career Paths

    Our policies are designed keeping the needs of the young workforce in mind.

    Flexible work options

    Today's workforce need flexibility to take care of their responsibilities towards their family, work and other areas of personal interest. To enable them to give their 100% at work we offer flexible work options. The employee can avail this in consultation with his/her supervisor

    Sabbatical Policy

    Life is unpredictable and we believe that our employees should be able to take their personal and professionals live forward in a wholesome manner. An employee may take a sabbatical for personal exigencies or enhancing their qualification.

    Promoting entrepreneurial spirit

    We have a formal policy to extend guidance & support by the company to employees who want to explore their risk taking side. We encourage budding entrepreneurs to take charge of the business opportunities that go beyond the organization. This policy is aimed at bringing our employer brand promise of "jobs never done before" to life.

    Paternity & Maternity Leave

    Birth of a child is the most memorable time for new parents. We support our employees during this joyous phase by providing leave to both male & female employees.

  • Day Care Center

    Home away from home for little bundles of joy! airtel has created this facility of fun and safe environment for children of employees working with us. The brightly decorated daycare center is a safe play area, designed for both kids and babies with fully qualified and trained staff. It is managed by an external agency, The Banyan, which has expertise in core operations of Daycare Centers. The center has dedicated areas for playing and craft time, quiet reading and nap time. It is equipped with toys, art supplies and other entertaining and education items. There are regular activities planned with kids during the day – reading time, play time, snack time, nap time and also a lot of seasons, holidays and special events are celebrated with kids.

  • Employee Fitness

    We have regular sessions of Yoga, Aerobics, Pilates, Zumba for our employees. To create awareness regarding health amongst our employees we conduct expert-led discussions, seminars, sharing regular health tips, etc. while also conducting regular health check-up camps. Our office premises are equipped with a medical room with a certified doctor and nurse to provide the basic medical help in case of an emergency.

  • Gymnasium

    A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. And thus, our employees have access to a fully equipped in-house gymnasium with trained coaches, with locker rooms and shower facility. The employees have the flexibility to exercise before or after their work shifts or during their breaks.

  • Grocery Stores at Office Premises

    With our in-house Easyday grocery store and Del Monte outlet, our employees can buy grocery items at discounted prices and rise above the hassle of shopping after work hours.

  • Multi Cuisine Cafeteria

    Treat your taste buds at our cafeteria which serves a display of tasty and healthy food. The employees can also grab a delightful cup of coffee at the Costa Coffee outlet within the premises.

  • Other facilities

    Our campus houses an ATM machine for quick use of plastic money. Concierge Desk – that supports bill payments, arranging for painter/ plumber, etc Travel Desk – that takes care of ticket booking for professional and personal visits. We also have shuttle services for employees who travel through metro. These buses are stationed at metro stations near the office to make it more convenient for employees to reach airtel Center.

We believe in providing challenging and exciting experiences to our talent to become a generalist or a specialist based on personal interest, skills and passion. This is facilitated through myriad of opportunities across various businesses, functions and geographies. At airtel, each of us is responsible for having a clear vision of what success looks like within our career and understand the importance of building skills and experience to activate this progression.

Our career path philosophy is guided by the following core principles:

• Focus on developing skills and gaining critical experiences, not roles
• Build breadth and depth of experience through movements across different verticals and geographies
Promote flexibility and ensuring that Career Progression is a matter of performance, potential and opportunities available in the organization

Inspiring Women at Work

Diversity in a workplace drives innovation, inspires growth and stimulates the ability to understand, comprehend and deliver on the consumer insights.

At Airtel, we strive continuously to nurture workforce diversity, with particular focus on 'gender'. We make constant attempts at understanding the specific needs of women, and execute practices and support systems to address these needs. Being an equal opportunity employer, we design our workplace practices to provide an inclusive environment where women can participate, contribute and develop freely and equitably.

  • Safe Working Environment

    Special provisions are made for women employees providing them with a safe and protected working environment where they can give their best while feeling secure at the same time.

  • Flexible Work Hours

    Our family-friendly work options allow employees to opt for flexible work timings, work from home/remote location or part time work. Such accommodating work options have helped our women employees immensely, especially during situations involving pregnancy, young children or aged parents.

  • Health Camps for Women

    Frequent discussions are conducted with industry experts, prominent doctors and women-achievers on health and lifestyle issues that affect the daily lives of women.

  • Maternity & Post-Natal Benefits

    Airtel provides 22 weeks of maternity leave to all its female employees. The employee can avail of other facilities like flexible work options, reduced hours of work etc upon return.

  • Day Care Centre

    The Day Care Centre is a fun facility for the children of employees working with us. Managed by an external agency, The Banyan, the centre has fully qualified and trained staff to take care of your little bundles of joy.

  • Power Issue

    Power Issue is a compendium of stories about the grit, the determination and the never-say-die spirit of women leaders at Airtel. These stories bring to the fore their wealth of wisdom with personal examples and practice of setting high standards, which will inspire professionals across generations, gender and industries alike.

    Read the stories here


Satya Bharti Foundation

Bharti Foundation was set up in 2000 as the development arm of the Bharti Group of Companies to make quality education accessible to underprivileged children in rural India.

The Satya Bharti School Program is the flagship initiative of Bharti Foundation, focusing on primary, elementary and senior secondary education; providing free quality education to underprivileged children with a special focus on the girl child, in the deepest rural pockets of the country. Currently 249 primary/elementary schools and five senior secondary schools are operational across Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal reaching out to over 40,000 children.

The Foundation’s commitment to quality education is being extended through partnerships with the Government; illustrated both through the mainstreaming of out of school children into Government Schools through the Satya Bharti Learning Centres as well as the substantial support provided in improving the quality of education at Government schools through the Quality Support Program. In addition to this, on 18th August 2014, Bharti Foundation launched Satya Bharti Abhiyan, an initiative to improve sanitation facilities in rural Ludhiana.

Airtel provides wholehearted support to all the education initiatives of Bharti Foundation thereby fulfilling its mandate of creating a real and sustainable impact in society.

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Fun at Work

All work and no play isn’t how we do things at Airtel. A fun, youthful and vibrant work culture is also a defining characteristic of the life at Airtel. A dynamic and a friendly environment helps our employees strike a healthy work-life balance.

Take a sneak peek at the wonderful life at Airtel:

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