At Airtel Confluence, we take a moment to express our gratitude towards all our partners for their phenomenal contributions and support that have made us who we are. It is a celebration of our storied past, exciting present and even brighter future ahead of us.

It is about reveling the excellent work that our partners have delivered and recognizing their passion, commitment and dedication for Airtel.

It is about applauding the extraordinary partners who’ve helped us become competitive and nimble, who’ve helped us deliver our products to the market faster and who’ve helped Airtel win over the last year.




    Keynote address by Gopal Vittal


    Address on vision for Airtel Africa by Raghunath Mandava


    Q&A session


    Strategic direction for the year ahead by Sunil Bharti Mittal

  • Award ceremony


    Dinner & Cocktails

‘Airtel Confluence gives us the opportunity to say thanks to all our partners’

This is one day where I get to say thanks to all my partners, for supporting us through thick and thin. For us, our life depends on how well you do. Our customers depend on what you do for us and how well we can deliver your technologies, products and services at their doors. We look forward to our continued collaboration, our partnership. We can assure you that here's a company which will be coming to you again and again for more business and equally, you should step up and show us better ways to do our business. We are completely intertwined and interlinked in our fortunes.

It's the passion not just in our own teams, but it's the passion in our extended teams which gives us the competitive advantage.

Our partners have been an incredible part of Airtel’s journey and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing company that we've built together. This is the team that makes it happen: our partners and our people. If there is one competitive advantage that we have, it is the passion. It's the passion not just in our own teams, but it's the passion in our extended teams, which is all of you.

‘Airtel intends to build scale and invest heavily in Africa’

The market is massive and opportunities are great. We intend to build scale and invest heavily in Africa. We are among the fastest growing in the continent and our profitability is improving. We are open to large investments and actually believe that we should, but we need you all to help us get our model right and get speed there. Look forward to meeting you, away from the studios and on the ground in Africa.

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  1. New ideas that have created value for our customers
  2. Brought a fresh perspective to challenging problems
  3. Restructured the value chain to increase system effectiveness


New innovations that have delivered:

  1. Sales growth
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Customer satisfaction
  1. Winner Tekzenit – Intuitive Ui/Ux design for Airtel self-care portal
  2. Mycom osi - Future focused container based performance management solution in the NOC
  3. Aerospike - Pioneering In-cache memory database for high performance applications


  1. Displayed speed to bring new offerings to the market
  2. Flexibility to respond quickly to the changes in the market


  1. Time taken from product development to launch in the market
  2. Compliance to promised delivery dates
  1. Winner ZTE – Virtualized Core including the SBC, HLR/HSS in Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Zambia, Gabon and Niger
  2. Torry Harris – Rapid implementation of the Enterprise Service Bus
  3. Tata Business Support Services Ltd. – Swift resumption of customer service operations in flood-hit areas


  1. Developed a Win-Win commercial model
  2. Restructured the joint supply chain to remove waste
  3. Championed a cost conscious culture


  1. Value delivered through commercial structure
  2. Unique business model
  3. Strategic importance of business and value generated
  1. Winner Ciena – Novel design of the link budget with the lowest regenerator points and adaptive modulation cards
  2. CISCO – Blade and rack compute and storage hardware
  3. Eastcompeace – Supplied 100M+ SIM cards to enable the 4G rollout


  1. Grown rapidly with Airtel in 2017
  2. Significant partner with strategic importance
  3. Has started delivering value and driving key projects


  1. Share of business growth in 2017
  2. Supplier positioning in Airtel portfolio
  3. Strategic importance of business and value generated
  1. Winner Amdocs – MS and application partner driving automation across the BSS ecosystem
  2. Arista – Cutting-edge soft switches for the data center
  3. Siae Microelettronica - MW partner in Niger and Gabon


  1. Stellar all-round performance across all functions
  2. Exceptional operational delivery on projects
  3. Continuously driving value to Airtel with new ideas


  1. Best-in-class metrics on Agility, Value and Innovation
  2. Senior stakeholder engagement
  1. Winner Huawei – Cloud Air solution for spectrum efficiency enhancements and operational deliveries in KK, TNC, UPW and Rajasthan
  2. Indus Tower - Exceptional support for record network rollouts in the last 12 months across India
  3. ECI - Next-gen packet solutions and strong execution support