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Airtel DTH HD Box FAQs

1) What is the Airtel DTH HD connection?

The Airtel DTH HD connection brings home your entertainment in high picture and sound quality. With our range of Set Top Boxes, you can subscribe to our pre-curated packs or make your own selection of channels at will.


2) Which DTH Is Best?

Airtel Xstream Box is the most feature-rich and technologically advanced DTH connection in India. The built-in Chromecast which provides the customers access to the OTT content. The Android TV OS also helps you install apps and games directly to TV making any TV set a Smart TV.


3) How to add or remove channel from your DTH connection?

  • With just few clicks smartphone user can add or remove channels through Airtel Thanks App click here.
  • Send an SMS with ADD to 54325 from your registered mobile number. Please keep your DTH setbox ON while sending sms.
  • You can also follow the following steps:
    Start the Airtel DTH set top box and TV & put on channel 998 a Code will come as a confirmation for success. Use your registered mobile number and send the Code as an SMS to 54325
  • Send an SMS with REM to 54325 from your registered mobile number. Please keep your Setbox ON while sending sms.
  • You will receive a confirmation message with the add or removal of the channel.

4) How to recharge Airtel DTH?

Visit airtel DTH recharge

  • Enter your DTH Subscriber ID
  • Enter the recharge amount or browse for plans
  • Confirm and pay through Airtel Payments Bank, Debit/Credit card or Netbanking

5) How to change Airtel DTH HD Plan?

You can easily Change the Airtel DTH HD plan by logging into your account on the Airtel website and choosing the DTH account. You can then go to the ‘Connections’ tab and ‘Change Base Pack’ option. You can then choose one of the preset plans or make your own pack.


6) How to select channels in Airtel DTH HD?

You can select channels for your Airtel DTH HD through the TV set itself:

  • Turn on Airtel Digital TV
  • Put on the Channel No. 998
  • The On-Screen instructions will guide you to make the choice
  • Confirmation code is displayed once done
  • The Code has to be sent to 54325 from your registered mobile

7) How to check Airtel DTH balance?

You can check the Airtel DTH Balance in the following 3 ways:

  • SMS ‘BAL’ to 54325 from your Registered Mobile Number
  • From your registered mobile give a missed call to 81300-81300
  • On the Airtel Thanks App on the Services page, the DTH account has the balance

8) Which Is The Best DTH HD Connection?

Airtel is considered the best DTH HD connection in India by customers and industry experts because of the cutting-edge features that are included in their offerings. Another reason to make Airtel DTH the best in the market is the attractive packages and pricing of its packs.


9) How can i talk to Airtel DTH Customer Care?

Airtel DTH CC has all the contact numbers according to the state that you are calling from. You can also call the toll free number 1800-103-6065 from any mobile or 12150 from an Airtel mobile.


10) How to change Registered Mobile Number in Airtel DTH?

To change the registered mobile number you can follow this link: https://www.airtel.in/airtel-update-rtn/digitaltv-rtnhome. You need to provide your customer ID and confirm a few details such as your plan and last recharge amount before getting the option to choose your new registered mobile number.


11) How to change display language on my Airtel DTH set top box?

This can be done through your Airtel Digital TV:

  • On your remote press menu go to ‘User settings’
  • In the Language setup, set your language preference and choose the language you want
  • Select and press Menu again
  • Select ‘Yes’ on the next screen to confirm.

12) How to refresh my Airtel DTH HD Set top box?

Give a missed call to 8448284708 from your registered mobile number to refresh your connection. OR Send an SMS from your Registered Mobile Number ‘HR’ to 54325. If you are sending the SMS from a mobile apart from Registered Mobile, send ‘HR’ to 54325. Charges are INR 3.00 from a non-Airtel mobile and free from Airtel Mobile.


13) How to activate channel in Airtel DTH Online?

It can be done in the following steps:

  • Start the Airtel DTH and TV
  • Put on channel 998
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • A Code will come as a confirmation for success
  • Use your Registered Mobile Number send the Code as an SMS to 54325

14) What is Airtel DTH customer care number?

Customers can call the 24x7 helpline number 1800-103-6065 toll-free or the helpline number from their region as listed here https://www.airtel.in/digital-tv/dth-contact-us/customer-care The Airtel customers can use their Airtel mobile or landline number to call 12150.


15) How to deactivate Airtel DTH channel?

Send Rem to 54325 from your registered mobile number. If sending from a non-Registered Mobile send Rem to 54325.


16) What is the monthly pack of Airtel DTH?

The monthly packs of Airtel DTH are a curated list of channels that are bundled together and priced monthly. You can customize it anytime and change it for the next month is you want.


17) Is Airtel Xstream Free?

Airtel Live TV is now Airtel Xstream and it is available as a part of Airtel Thanks Rewards to the Airtel Broadband, Airtel DTH, and Mobile customers. You can log in to the Airtel Thanks App to know if it is included in your rewards. Please note that you will incur charges for data consumption data providers.


18) What is the Airtel HD Media Player Set Top Box?

The Airtel Xstream Box is a new age DTH television box that enhances any television with brilliant HD picture clarity and Dolby Digital Sound. The Box allows you to Pause, Play, and Record live TV with our recording feature. What sets the HD Media Player Box apart is its ability to let you plug in a pen drive and watch your own content on your TV screen.


19) Why my Airtel DTH is suspended?

The Airtel DTH is suspended if you do not carry out the minimum recharge amount after the due date. To restart the services you need to do the recharge and call the customer care to restart the subscription.


20) What is covered in the price that I pay for a new Airtel DTH connection?

Included in the cost is the Airtel Set Top Box, the outdoor unit (dish antenna, wire), the remote, delivery and installation. We also give you subscription to linear TV channels in the same cost – you can choose monthly, six monthly, or annual subscriptions.


21) How many channels can I subscribe to?

Airtel DTH hosts over 550 channels on its platform – you can subscribe to as many as you wish.


22) How to check the last recharge in Airtel DTH?

The last recharge can be viewed in the Transaction History section of the Airtel Thanks App by choosing your DTH account from the Services tab.