Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh FAQs

Q1. What is Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh?

Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh is a smart Wi-Fi system that is made up of nodes that work seamlessly together to ensure that you receive uninterrupted and wholesome coverage in the area chosen by you. The intelligent design ensures that you always remain on the fastest and strongest network to experience superfast Internet. From a hardware perspective it consists of family of nodes that coordinate amongst themselves to enhance Wi-Fi coverage and reduce dead-spots in your home.

Q2. How is Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh different from repeaters/extenders available in the open market?

Due to its intelligent design the Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh system is able to dynamically recalibrate itself according to your requirements and environment. This helps deliver optimal speed and coverage experience at all times and in all corners of your house. Further, as a result of its multi-band technology, it is not limited by the constraints of backhaul which may impact the speed for user.

Q3. What all mesh nodes are available with Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh?

Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh is currently available with Linksys Velop Triband devices.

Q4. How many units of device do I get?

Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh units come in package of 3, which are only sold as a bundle.

Q5. What range is covered by the Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh Router?

The area covered by the Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh devices is ~3500 sq. ft.

The area covered by each node also depends on the type of house, layout of house or number of walls, construction materials and various others local factors.

Q6. I have a big home, and I may require more Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh nodes to completely cover it. How do I get the extra nodes?

Yes, you can purchase Linksys Velop Triband Mesh system (i.e. not bundled with ARP Plan) from the market.

Q7. How can I avail the product?

The user will have to subscribe to the 24,999/- Annual Rental Plans (ARPs) to get the device.

Q8. Is this product covered under warranty?

Yes, the product will be covered under warranty against any hardware and/or software media damages, for a period of two year from purchase. This warranty shall be applicable only on units purchased from Airtel.

The warranty stands annulled in case the device has been tampered with, or altered or modified by someone other than Airtel or its partner. Warranty also does not apply if the product has been subjected to abnormal stress (physical or electrical), negligence or accident. Further, altering, defacement or removal of serial number will result in the warranty becoming void.

Q9. Will I be charged separately for the Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh device and data?

No, you will only have to pay for the chosen device that will be clubbed with Xstream Fiber plan with host of benefits like data, unlimited calls and more.

Q10. Do I need to make the Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh expenditure every year?

A: No, this payment will be made only in the first year, with a freedom to choose the plan you wish to move on from next year, or continue to be on same Xstream plan.

Q11. Can I move to a different rental plan post installation?

No, once subscribed, you will have to continue on the same plan.

Q12. How long will it take for the Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh to be installed in my home?

We will be able to complete the installation at your home within 48 hours from the time of lead generation. Our engineer will take two visits to your home –

  • To explain to you the coverage and how much improvement can you expect in your home
  • To complete the installation

Q13. How will I set up the Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh device?

It is very easy to install your Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh device. However, to help set you up our engineer will visit your site, make recommendations for the optimal locations depending upon your house layout and will help you set up the units as per your preference.

Q14. What all benefits can I get from the Mesh App?

Powered by the smart technology, the Mesh App serves as a one point solution to all your issues. It shows if all the devices are properly set up and are up and running, the devices connected to the system, parental control, speed check, guest access etc. The complete functionalities of the App will be explained to by our representatives during the scheduled visit.

Q15. Is Airtel Xstream Fiber Mesh device available for non-Airtel customers?

Only Airtel customer is eligible for the service. We encourage you to immediately switch to Airtel Xstream Fiber to enjoy the superior network.

Q16. I am placing multiple router-nodes in my home, do I need to be concerned about safety?

You can be rest assured that the transmit power of all our device is under regulation of each country. And because the radio energy is actually degrading very fast even through the air, there is no need of any concern about the radiation being emitted.