Airtel Rewards FAQs

1) How does the Airtel Rewards programme work?

Airtel Rewards is an offering by Airtel for its Airtel Thanks app users where users can earn rewards in the form of scratch cards, for a whole host of activities which they perform on the app. This activities includes but is not limited to updating profile, recharging and bill payments.

The users can visit the ‘Rewards’ section on the Airtel Thanks app, to view their earned rewards and unlock them to reveal surprise offers and gifts from Airtel. Users may also earn third party coupons as surprise offers in the scratch cards. Users can check the eligible list of activities that can earn them rewards on the ‘Earn Rewards’ section on the Airtel Thanks app.

2) Where can I check my earned rewards?

Users can login to the Airtel Thanks app and visit the menu screen where they will find a ‘Rewards’ menu item. Clicking on this item will lead them to the Rewards page where they can check their earned rewards.

3) Will I get rewards for every action performed on the Airtel Thanks app?

The Airtel rewards program is a surprise reward program. The user will win rewards for performing certain actions on the Airtel Thanks app however, a reward is not guaranteed on every action. The users will be notified through sms and/or other forms of communication when they win a reward.

4) How can I earn more rewards?

Airtel Thanks app users can perform various activities on the Airtel Thanks app including recharges, bill payments, selecting language preferences etc. to win rewards (scratch cards). Users can check out more details on eligible activities on the ‘Earn Rewards’ section on the Airtel Thanks app.

5) Is there an expiry date to the rewards I win?

Yes, all scratch cards which are not unlocked, 30 days from the date of issuance, will expire and cannot be unlocked.

6) I won a discount coupon from a brand in the reward card, how can I use it?

You can copy the coupon code by tapping the ‘Copy’ button on the unlocked scratch card screen or the coupon details screen, and click on the ‘Redeem’ button to visit the partner website on which the coupon can be applied.

Coupon validity information, T&C and steps to redeem information is provided on the coupon details screen to guide you further on its usage.

7) I don’t have an Airtel number, can I participate in Airtel rewards?

All Airtel Thanks app users can participate in the Airtel Rewards programme. No restrictions Re applied for non-airtel users.

8) Is there an upper limit to the number of rewards that I can win?

There is no upper limit on the number of rewards that a user can win presently. This is subject to change as per Airtel’s discretion.

9) Is there an assurance or guarantee of winning surprise gift/offer on unlocking scratch card ?

There is no guarantee of a user winning a gift/offer on unlocking a scratch card. The Airtel rewards programme is a surprise reward programme.