Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Airtel Love is in the Air”?

“Airtel Love is in the Air” is an interactive program recently launched on Airtel Thanks App. It gives all app users an option to send valentine wish stickers to their loved ones. Collection of stickers entitles users to collect points on every successful wish sent or received. Accumulated points can be redeemed against unlocked milestone on rewards page on the app. It is valid across all services of Airtel.

It will be available on App from 07-Feb-2020 till 18-Feb-2020.

What are “Airtel Love is in the Air” Stickers?

“Airtel Love is in the Air” stickers can be used by all our App user to send well wishes to their loved ones. User can wish their friends using these stickers. For each successful sticker sent or received, sender and receiver will earn 5 points each.

How can I share Stickers?

Stickers can be shared via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and SMS

How can I collect “Airtel Love is in the Air” Stickers?

To collect a sticker, user needs to:

  • Go to Home page
  • Tap on any sticker to read the description
  • Each sticker description drawer has a “wish now” button
  • You can choose to send any one sticker by “wish now” button
  • Select any one of the stickers and click on wish now
  • Opt for any preferred mode (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and SMS) to start to send your wishes

Is “Airtel Love is in the Air” Contest open for iOS users?

“Airtel Love is in the Air” is currently open only for Android users on Airtel Thanks App. Users will not earn any sticker if it is shared with any iOS user.

Can I send multiple stickers to same person?

No. One sticker can be sent only once to the same receiver. The receiver cannot use the same sticker to wish back. To collect more stickers, wisher needs to send stickers to different people.

What happens if I collect 5 different stickers?

Once you have collected 5 unique sticker you are eligible for a scratch card which will entitle you to win rewards. Also, you will earn bonus 25 points.“You can earn a maximum of 1000 points per day”

How many scratch cards can I earn during the contest period?

You can earn only 4 scratch cards during the contest period.

I am not eligible for earning more scratch cards, what will happen if I complete a set of 5 unique stickers now?

You will get bonus 25 points as per game rule but will not earn any scratch card.“You can earn a maximum of 1000 points per day”

What if my recipient is not Airtel Subscriber whom I am wishing?

If the recipient is Airtel subscriber but not using App, he/she will be redirected to Play store to download the Airtel Thanks App.

A non-Airtel subscriber is not entitled to earn any stickers upon Airtel Thanks App download.

Who all are eligible for this offer?

This offer is valid for all Airtel Prepaid /Postpaid / Broadband & DTH Customers using an Andriod OS phone.

What if I forward the WhatsApp link to my friends who are Airtel subscriber?

For every sticker forwarded via link, the sender is entitled to earn stickers. So to earn stickers, sender should share the sticker via Airtel Thanks app.

What happens if I don’t redeem a scratch card?

You can access your Unredeemed scratch card under “Airtel Love is in the Air” offer banner on the Airtel Thanks App which is applicable till 18th Feb 2020.

Till when is my scratch card valid?

Scratch card will be valid till the last day of the campaign i.e, 18th Feb 2020.

What are Points?

Points are currency that you can earn by collecting stickers during the contest period. You can accumulate points and can redeem points whenever you wish to redeem during the contest period, provided you have sufficient points to unlock the reward.

How can I earn Points?

You can collect stickers to earn points. For each successful sticker collected, you will earn 5 points.“You can earn a maximum of 1000 points per day”

I had sufficient Points to unlock the reward at Milestone X, but inventory of reward stocked out. How can I get the reward?

Rewards gets redeemed on first come first serve basis. Refer to T&C (23)

I have sufficient points but I am unable to redeem reward?

Please check if they have already redeemed reward from a particular category. You cannot redeem reward from same category. Refer to T&C (22)

I have unlocked milestone 1 with 100 reward points. I am eligible to buy two Amazon vouchers of worth 200 points each but I am able to redeem only 100 Points.

Participant can redeem points against eligible reward category only once from each milestone. For example, if you have already redeemed a voucher from milestone 1, you cannot redeem another voucher from this milestone.

How to claim reward?

To claim the earned reward, user needs to click on CLAIM tab under “My rewards” and fill necessary details. Upon receipt of details, Airtel will notify the respective reward within 72 hours.

What if I do not receive my reward?

All winners would be notified within 72 Hrs once they have won the award. User will need to confirm the address to dispatch the rewards (except vouchers), if required.

Disbursal of the rewards will happen till 10 days after the last day of the contest. It is advisable to the winners to claim the rewards as soon as they can as these are available on ‘first come first serve’ basis.

I have won Amazon Voucher, how will get the voucher code?

You need to claim reward by visiting “My rewards” section. Upon clicking claim button, you will be redirected to claim form. You need to furnish the required details. Upon receiving your submitted details, voucher code will be sent through SMS within 72 hours.

I have submitted the details in claim form for Amazon Voucher, still I did not get the voucher code.

Please note that you will get voucher code only if you have entered the mobile number through which you were playing contest.

Also, if you have entered the correct details, voucher code is sent to you through SMS within 72 hours.

How can I know about my reward status?

You can check rewards status under “My Rewards” section of the “Airtel Love is in the Air” offer.

What are the rewards?

  • Bookmyshow Rs 500 voucher-Milestone reward
  • Compact Bluetooth Speaker- Milestone reward
  • Rs 100 Amazon Voucher- Milestone reward
  • Noise Tune Sport in-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones – Milestone reward
  • MMT Gift Voucher worth Rs 20,000- Milestone reward
  • Bookmyshow Rs 200 voucher-regular rewards
  • Big Basket Voucher- regular rewards
  • Ferns & Petals Voucher- regular rewards
  • PVR Voucher- regular rewards
  • Zoomin Voucher-regular rewards