Terms and Conditions:

  • Under the Airtel Love is in the Air contest, all subscribers of Bharti Airtel Limited (“Airtel”) in India are encouraged to participate for a chance to win exciting prizes (“Contest”).
  • This Contest is open to all subscribers of Airtel residing in India.
  • The Contest shall open on 07/02/2020 00:00 hours (IST) and shall close on 18/02/2020 23:59 hours (IST). (‘Contest Period’).
  • Airtel Love is in the Air is open for only Android players and is not applicable for IOS players.
  • To avail a chance to win the Contest, an Airtel subscriber needs to participate in the Contest within the Contest Period, through the Airtel Thanks application, available for download on the Android Play Store. The above is necessary to participate in the Contest for a subscriber to qualify as a Participant.
  • To participate, the participant will need to click on “Airtel Love is in the Air” icon in their Airtel Thanks application, which would redirect them to the homepage of the game.
  • This contest involves points accumulation for every sticker successful collection. Each collected sticker fetches 5 points to the player. Contest has point based rewards redemption upon successful achievement of that milestone.
Sticker Collection:
  • On homepage, player will see a rail of 5 types of stickers with “Tap to start” pointer. Player needs to collect all five stickers to earn a scratch card. A player can avail maximum “4” scratch cards during the contest period.
  • If player arrives on the homepage of the campaign for the first time, player will see frozen images of stickers, which implies that player has not collected any sticker. Stickers will remain frozen if player doesn’t receive a sticker upon successful wish sticker sent.
  • To collect a sticker, player needs to click on any sticker on homepage. Upon clicking, sticker description drawer opens up with a “wish now” button. Player can choose any one of the stickers and click on wish now, which takes the player to their respective whatsapp/facebook messenger/facebook/twitter/SMS contacts. Player can choose any mode to send/share wish sticker.
    • If the recipient belongs to Airtel Family (prepaid/postpaid/DTH/Broadband subscriber) and has Airtel App, he/she can successfully receive your sticker.
    • If the recipient belongs to Airtel Family (prepaid/postpaid/DTH/Broadband subscriber) and does not have Airtel App, he/she will be redirected to playstore to download the Airtel App. Upon successful download, recipient will get the sticker.
    • If the recipient does not belong to Airtel Family (prepaid/postpaid/DTH/Broadband subscriber) and does not have Airtel App, he/she will be redirected to playstore to download the Airtel App. But recipient cannot earn any sticker upon App download as he/she is not Airtel Subscriber.
  • If player’s recipient received his/her wish sticker successfully, player (wish sender/wisher) also earns that sticker. Sender and receiver receive the same sticker. For every sticker earned, sender and receiver get 5 points
  • A player can send/receive a sticker from one contact only once. Recipient (wish receiver) cannot wish the player/wisher back in any scenario.
Scratch Card:
  • Player needs to collect all 5 different stickers to earn a reward scratch card. A player can avail maximum 4 scratch cards during the contest period.
  • Available scratch cards will be available above the points rail. Player can redeem scratch card. Player can scratch the rewards scratch card as and when they feel during the contest period. They can accumulate all the earned scratch cards and redeem them later within the contest period.
  • Player can accumulate limited number of scratch cards during the contest period.
  • To redeem a reward, player needs to scratch the scratch card to view the reward earned.
Points accumulation and redemption:
  • The Participant can earn 5 points for each successful collection of stickers. Player can accumulate points and the same can be redeemed against eligible rewards.
  • If player completes a set of five types of stickers, he/she will get bonus 25 points along with a scratch card. A player can avail maximum “x” scratch cards during the contest period.
  • If player has exhausted the limit of scratch card collection and if he/she completes the set of 5 types of stickers, he/she will get bonus 25 points but will not get scratch card.
  • The participant can earn a maximum of 1000 points per day.
  • The airtel points scored by any participant will keep getting accumulated upon successful collection of stickers. A Participant gets to collect stickers daily where the airtel points will be recorded and the corresponding rewards will be milestone-based. The player gets a choice of claiming a reward on achieving milestone. On claiming, the effective number of points will be deducted from the player’s accumulated airtel points.
  • The Rewards will be visible on the Rewards page. There will be different slabs/milestone of rewards. Player can redeem airtel reward points against any eligible reward. For example, if player has earned 550 points and becomes eligible to redeem rewards at first slab (say at 500 Airtel Points) then, he/she can redeem airtel reward points against that reward (=500). Upon redemption, player’s airtel points gets revised to 50 points (550-100=50).
  • Participant can redeem airtel points against eligible reward category only once from each milestone. For example, if player has redeemed a voucher from milestone 1 already, he/she cannot redeem another voucher/reward from this milestone again. For another redemption, he/she needs to redeem reward from other milestone provided he/she has sufficient airtel points for redemption from another milestone.
  • The rewards at each milestone will be limited and will not be available for redemption in case of stock out.
Reward Claim:
  • To claim an earned reward, player needs to click on claim to fill necessary details. Upon receipt of details, Airtel will dispatch the respective reward within 72 hours
  • All earned rewards will be visible in “My rewards” section. Claim can be done either from scratched card or they can claim respective earned rewards from “My rewards” section
  • All winners would be intimated within 72 hours to confirm the address to dispatch the rewards (except vouchers), if required.
  • It is the responsibility of the winner to submit correct details in the claim form to receive a reward. Also, claim process will be open till 25/02/2020 23:59 hours. Disbursal of the rewards will happen till 28/02/2020 18:00 hours. It is advisable to the winners to claim the rewards as soon as they can.
  • If due to faulty logic, non-Airtel subscriber earns a reward then reward will not be given to the winner as the contest is only open for Airtel subscribers [Refer to TnC 1].
  • By entering into the Contest and accepting these Terms & Conditions, the participants acknowledge and consent to disclosing of their contact details to the gift logistics partner in order to be eligible for a prize under this Contest.
  • In case of any ambiguity on rewards and winners, decision will be finalized at the discretion of Airtel. This decision is at the sole discretion of Airtel and shall be final and binding on the participants of the Contest.
  • The winners confirm and consent to submit their latest photographs which may be used by Airtel for promotional activities pertaining to this Contest.
  • Products and Rewards depicted in photographs may be different from actual rewards received.
  • In the rare case of non-availability of rewards detailed in scheme description, reward with a similar value from comparable brand may be offered.
  • Income Tax liability for the Gift Tax would be with the recipient.
  • The prizes given shall be the their MRP/ ex-showroom costs only, and Airtel or the logistics partner shall not be responsible for any costs/ charges/ fees applicable or imposed upon the winner in order to use the prizes.
  • These terms and conditions shall constitute an agreement between Airtel and each individual participant / winners of the Contest, and these terms shall be binding on the participants and the winners.
  • Airtel will be entitled to postpone, suspend, modify or cancel the Contest or any aspect thereof, across the entire territories of service or any part thereof, at any time before or during the Contest with or without notice, for any reason, including, but not limited to, acts of God, force majeure, technical difficulties, or any other reasons beyond Airtel’s reasonable control. If Airtel suspends or cancels the Contest in the interim, all aspects of the Contest shall be null and void. Airtel will not be liable to compensate any participant or winner for any postponement or cancellation or for any reason directly or indirectly arising out of this Contest.
  • Any dispute or claim (contractual or non-contractual) arising out of or in relation to this agreement, including disputes as to its formation, will be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian laws. Subject to the point above, Airtel and the Participants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at New Delhi alone.